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The 2020 NFL Draft represents one of the few events connected to the world of sports which has a shot of taking place as scheduled in the coming weeks. As such, it figures to draw some intense betting interest from gamblers looking for something kind of action. Along those lines, we’re here to take a look at the best 2020 NFL Draft proposition bets.

Each year, the NFL Draft captivates football fans who are anxious to see and talk about anything related to their favorite sport. The football offseason lasts about half the year, and that’s a long time to go without NFL action for the sport’s biggest fans. But the Draft is like an oasis in the desert of the offseason.

2020 NFL Draft Still Scheduled for April 23-25

The NFL Draft is an interesting event, in that it is purely a speculative exercise. Even though pundits and experts like to let their opinions be known about every single pick, there’s no way of knowing how it will all turn out until the players actually hit the field. In fact, you can’t really make much of a judgment on a Draft for years down the road.

Another big part of the speculation is trying to guess what player each team is going to pick. For months leading up to the NFL Draft, mock drafts show up in an effort to guess what might transpire. It’s become a cottage industry of sorts.

Along those lines, proposition bets about who is going to get drafted when and other aspects of the NFL Draft have become extremely popular. And the truth is that they offer a pretty good moneymaking opportunity for those who do a little research. If you do the legwork and really look at how the draft might occur based on team needs and the players involved, you might be able to find some value.

The key is in finding the right proposition bets on the 2020 NFL Draft to make. If you dive headlong into it and just bet on every last thing, you’re likely to run into some cases where the oddsmakers simply had it pegged better than you. Instead, you should be trying to pick and choose which bets you have a good feel for and can provide you with the advantage.

In the following article, we’re going to give you our selections for the best 2020 NFL Draft proposition bets. You should make sure to do the research yourself to see if you think we’re on the right track. But we believe that these wagers will let you turn a profit after all the picks have been made.

2020 NFL Draft Picks

1st Offensive Lineman Drafted

It seems most likely that the team that goes for linemen first is Arizona at Pick 8. On the odds board, Willis trails both Tristan Wirfs and Mekhi Becton. Wirfs is actually an odds-on favorite here, which seems a bit odd considering how tightly these three figure to be bunched on most draft boards.
Jedrick Wills
Of the three, Willis has the best value at 3 to 1. Perhaps more than any other position, offensive line seems to be one where each team has its own specific idea of what it needs out of the position. As a result, it seems like the right play is to go for the one of the three with the most lucrative odds and hope that Willis fits what the Cards have in mind.

1st Offensive Lineman Pick –Jedrick Willis (+300)

1st Running Back Drafted

The Wisconsin wonder just completed a stunning collegiate career. What’s been most encouraging is that he has shown in the run-up to the draft more receiving ability than he was given credit for while he was with the Badgers. And he comes from an offense that much more resembles an NFL setup than some of the other top running back candidates.

DeAndre Swift is the other big possibility here, a guy who some think has more explosion than Taylor. But Taylor might just project as a three-down guy at the position, which is what you should be looking for in a first-round running back. Look for him to go to the Dolphins at pick #26 ahead of Swift by a few picks.

1st Running Back Pick –Jonathan Taylor (+175)

Draft Position – Third Overall Pick

This is not a knock on Young as much as it is a reflection of the rising status of Tua Tagovaiola. Most mock drafts have Young going at #2 to the Redskins. But with so many teams still in need of a solid option under center, it seems more and more possible that somebody will trade up into that position to go for one.
Chase Young
In that scenario, there is no way that the Lions let him get past them. Even though Detroit has been tied to defensive back Jeff Okudah in most mocks, that was based on the assumption that Young wouldn’t be available. Look for Tua to go for the team that trades up to #2 and Young to slot in right after, which would provide a nice 5 to 1 payoff.

Third Overall Pick –Chase Young (+500)

Where Is Tua Tagoviola Drafted?

For all the reasons above. The most recent news about Tagovaiola’s health has been very positive. Some team looking to make a splash won’t be able to pass up the chance at what could be a generational player at the position.

Tua Tagoviola Draft Spot –2nd (+450)

Where Is Jalen Hurts Drafted?

Hurts proved a lot last year as he made the move to Oklahoma. He demonstrated that he could do damage outside of the Alabama bubble, and that he was an outstanding quarterback in his own right. He answered a lot of concerns about his passing ability as well.

The worry is that there are a lot of quarterbacks ahead of him on most draft lists. That would mean that a third day selection seems like the likeliest outcome. There are just too many people that he would have to climb over in order for him to be considered a selection on one of the first two days.

Jalen Hurts Draft Spot –Rounds 4-7 (+300)

Running Backs Drafted in Round 1

There was a stretch there for a while were the standby line was to say that the running back position has been devalued in the NFL. And there is also a bit of a consensus that the running back class in the 2020 NFL Draft isn’t that strong. But there still is a scenario where two go in the first round.

We already told you about Jonathan Taylor as a possibility in the late first round. What about DeAndre Swift as a sneaky pick by Andy Reid and company for the Chiefs at the end of the first? That would put the total at two first-round running backs and turn the over into a winner.

Number of RBs Drafted in Round 1 –Over 1 1/2 (+375)

Total Wide Receivers Drafted in Round 1

There are some stellar wide receivers available in this year’s class. Guys like Tee Higgins, Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs all have the ability to be immediate game-breakers right off the bat. You can deeper than that into talents like Laviska Shenault and Justin Jefferson, reliable types that could catch a boatload of passes right from Day 1.

But there is so much depth that it could actually depress the number of wide receivers taken in Round 1 of the 2020 NFL Draft. What could happen is that GM’s could assume that a guy of comparable talent to the top names will be available on Day 2 or even Day 3. As a result, you’d be looking at some of the potential first-rounders falling a bit, making the under the way to go.

Number of WRs Drafted in Round 1 – Under 5 1/2 (+120)

Total Players from SEC Drafted in Round 1

Even money isn’t the biggest value on the board, for sure. But it’s still doubling your money, and this pick seems like a sure enough thing to make that plunge. For the over to come in here, it would mean that half of the 32 players picked in the first round would have to belong to one conference.

Granted, the SEC was its usual dominant self last year, with LSU simply ascending to another level during their run to the national championship. When you add up the Bayou Bengals with the typical contingent from Alabama expected to go early, you’re probably already in double figures. But look for the final total to come in at around 14, giving the under a relatively safe cushion.

SEC Players Drafted in Round 1 –Under 15 1/2 (+100)


We hope that this preview of the Best 2020 NFL Draft proposition bets helps you out as you prepare to make your picks at top-rated sports betting sites. Keep an eye on the developments leading up to the draft (assuming there is one), because a lot can change between now and then. But there are definitely some great values on the board to be had, so don’t be afraid to take your chances.

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