Best CS:GO StarLadder Berlin Minors Betting Sites, Interesting Facts, and Betting Tips

The biggest CS:GO event of 2019 starts in roughly a month. However, while we do know most of its participants, there are still eleven names that have to be decided via qualifiers.

To be precise, they’ll be decided through the upcoming regional Minor Championships that start in less than 24 hours.

That said, we’re proud to present you with our comprehensive take on StarLadder Berlin Minors betting tips. This guide features a bunch of betting-related information that should help you make informed decisions throughout all four of these events.

First things first, though — let’s check out the best Berlin Minors betting sites and tournament facts before moving on to the format, StarLadder Berlin Minors betting tips, and all that good stuff!

Where to Place Bets | Best StarLadder Berlin Minors Betting Sites

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It’s not the biggest article in the world, that’s for sure, but the information it consists of ought to help you make your baby steps in the world of esports betting online.

Berlin Minor Championships Preview |Interesting Facts

  • For those of you who don’t know, there are four regional Berlin Minor Championships, each yielding two Challengers Stage teams, with solid chances of an additional ticket through the 3rd Place Play-In event.
  • In addition to the Major tickets, these Minor Championships also have a solid amount of money on the line. Each of them has $50,000 in prize money, meaning a total of $200,000 will be awarded before the StarLadder Major has even begun.
  • As far as rivalries go, there’s a whole bunch of top-tier sides competing on each end of the Minors’ spectrum. The likes of NRG, Fnatic, and Mousesports are the biggest names here, and I’m sure they will make a proper name for themselves in Berlin!

Tournament Format

Don’t worry, guys. This section of our StarLadder Berlin Minors betting tips post won’t be that long. That’s because all four of these StarLadder Minor Championships have the exact same two-phase format, prize pools, and number of participating teams.

All four Minor Championships feature eight teams scrambled in two double-elimination groups. All initial matches are Bo1 while all remaining ones are Bo3. As always, the top two teams from each group advance to the playoffs.

As far as overall qualifications are concerned, the two best teams of each Minor Championship advance to the Challengers Stage of the upcoming StarLadder Berlin Major. Third-place teams, on the other hand, will have to battle their way through the 3rd Place Play-In tournament.

Finally, the 3rd Place Play-In event hosts the third-place teams of all four regions. Last time out, only the two best teams went on to the Major.

This time around, there will be three participants marching on. It’s set to be played as a double-elimination bracket with initial Bo1 matches followed by Bo3 series in the final two rounds.

StarLadder Berlin Minors Betting Tips

As far as the initial fixtures are concerned, they are all scheduled for Wednesday, July 17th, and will pan out as Bo1 matches. As stated in the tournament format section, all following matches will be Bo3, and only the top two teams of each group advance to the playoffs.

That said, make sure you pay close attention to the group standings after the initial round of matches. Knowing the current state of affairs of all participating teams ought to improve your shots of nailing down informed predictions.

When it comes to actual StarLadder Berlin Minors betting tips, I don’t want to go into too much depth. After all, there are four regions, and going through all the matches individually would take way too much time.

Instead, I’ll just give you the names of the teams I believe will qualify for the StarLadder Berlin Major Challengers Stage. These are the teams you should bet on during your StarLadder Berlin Minors betting endeavors.

StarLadder Berlin Minors Betting Tips | Europe

As always, European Minor Championships are packed with great teams. Just like last year, the likes of North, Mousesports, and Valiance (now CR4ZY) will be fighting for their tickets to the Major.

As you all know, neither of these top European teams managed to do so. Let’s not forget about Fnatic, a team that failed to remain in the chosen bunch and has to battle their way through the EU StarLadder Minor.

This time around, these top European teams will be going up against Ancient, Sprout, BIG, and NoChance, so their odds might be a bit higher. I’m not trying to belittle any of these teams. I’m just being realistic — Mousesports, Fnatic, CR4ZY, and North are the main contestants here.

But since there are just three tickets up for grabs, I reckon the latter team will go packing a bit earlier.

In my book, Mousesports is going to win the $30,000 and qualify straight to the Major as the #1 EU Minor seed. Second place should go to Fnatic, and CR4ZY ought to overcome North to get another crack at the 3rd Place Play-In.

StarLadder Berlin Minors Betting Tips | The Americas

There’s a lot of action to be seen in the Americas Minor Championship. Even though Cloud9 failed to qualify for the Minor (a new low for Clown9, tbh), I’m sure their fans will find another team to support.

As for the favorites, NRG is the obvious first choice. Currently ranked as the fifth-best CS:GO team in the world, second in NA, it’s a real miracle we’re seeing them compete at the Minor.

But then again, their Katowice Major performance was absolutely atrocious, so in a way, they deserve the extra qualification step.

Obviously, FURIA should be the second team that qualifies straight to the StarLadder Major in Berlin. These Brazilian youngsters have been showing off a lot of flair in recent months. They might not be at their peak yet, but if they keep their track record packed with great performances, they’ll be usurping MIBR’s precious title in no time.

And finally, eUnited or Luminosity should be the American 3rd Place Play-In contestants. Call me crazy, but I really believe this ticket will be decided in their initial Bo1 group stage match.

StarLadder Berlin Minors Betting Tips | Asia

Asian CS:GO is slowly (but surely) coming up in the world. Perhaps this region still isn’t as big of a powerhouse as it is in other esports, but it’s definitely taking steps in the right direction. With teams such as TYLOO, MVP PK, and Grayhound, the Asian side of the table looks pretty packed. Much more than CIS, to be honest.

There’s a lot of experience in all three of these teams, but I have to give a slight advantage to TYLOO and Grayhound as far as recent international events go. Xeta and stax are in good form, though, meaning they could give Grayhound and TYLOO a run for their money.

Basically, these are the top three teams that should either qualify for the Major or the 3rd Place Play-In. In which particular order… well, I guess we’ll find out in a matter of days.

StarLadder Berlin Minors Betting Tips | CIS

There’s not that big of a competitive spirit in CIS anymore. I’m being totally realistic when I say Team Spirit is going to grab their ticket without breaking a sweat.

Sure, the likes of forZe and Nemiga are solid contenders, but they’re no match for somedieyoung and COLDYY1. In other words, Team Spirit ought to qualify for the Major straight through the Minor.

ForZe and Nemiga, on the other hand, will most likely end up fighting for the second spot and potentially the final one too, as I really can’t see them doing anything noteworthy against European or American teams in the 3rd Place Play-In tournament.

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