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The International 2019 is going to bring forth another spectacular Dota 2 festival. There’ll be 10 days of pure competitive thrills, featuring the world’s greatest Dota 2 teams. There will be a lot of betting involved, too. Need I remind you, The International 2018 had roughly 55 million viewers in total. And a solid portion of them were involved in betting, one way or another. But there’s still one more tournament left before the mid-August spectacle, the last Major of the Dota Pro Circuit 2018/2019 season, EPICENTER! In fact, EPICENTER Major betting sites will be the focal point of this article.

Even though this is not TI 2019 we’re talking about here, nine days in Moscow ought to bring proper closure to the season. With a bunch of teams still in the race for the Top 12 DPC spots leading to The International, there will be a lot of drama until the end.

And all that drama is bound to increase the betting side of the deal, too. Drama means interesting matches and interesting matches mean more business for the bookies. If you are currently on the lookout for proper esports betting sites, here’s everything you need to know about them:

Where to Place Bets | Best EPICENTER Major Betting Sites

There’s still a lot of commotion in the world of online esports betting. During the past few years, we’ve had an influx of esports betting websites that have been causing headaches for beginners. And that makes complete sense. If there are too many options to choose from, chances are many will end up choosing the wrong one.

By the wrong one, I’m referring to relatively new and lesser-known bookies with fishy odds and no customer support. And trust me, the market is packed with such sites.

That’s why it’s of utmost importance for newcomers to stick to the well-known and highly reputable players in the industry. Since these are EPICENTER Major betting sites we’re talking about here, the ideal options can be found on our best Dota 2 betting sites page!

EPICENTER Major Preview | Interesting Facts

  • EPICENTER Major is the final Major of DPC 2018/2019 season. It holds the final 15,000 DPC points which are, for some teams, worth more than gold at the moment. The TI qualification marathon ends soon and we’re bound to see thrilling contests all across the board.
  • The event will be held in Moscow, Russia, at the CSKA Arena (formerly known as the VTB Ice Palace), to be precise. It starts on Saturday, June 22, and ends on Sunday, June 30.
  • EPICENTER Major will feature 16 teams battling for the last DPC points available this season. There will be a total of 42 matches on display, with $350,000 in prize money for the winning team. As usual, the total prize pool amounts to $1,000,000.
  • Theoretically, there are still four The International 2019 tickets up for grabs. However, there are 10 teams battling for the tickets. And eight of them will get a chance to actively fight for it in Moscow. Keen Gaming and EHOME have no such luxury and they’ll be hoping the likes of Secret, EG, and VP wipe the floor with their direct competitors.

Tournament Format

It really is the business end of the 2018/2019 DPC season. With just the EPICENTER major left to go, the team sheet for The International 2019 will finally be complete. Dota Pro Circuit format might seem overly complicated at first. However, once you get a closer look at it, you’ll realize it’s the perfect system for drafting the best and most consistent teams to compete at the world’s most lucrative esports event.

The tournament starts with the group stage. The double-elimination system is in place and there are four groups with four teams in each. Keep in mind, there are no group stage eliminations here. All 16 teams will advance to the playoffs. So, what’s the point of the group stage? Well, the top two teams from each group go to the upper bracket where they have the luxury of losing a match and not being eliminated. Instead, they’ll go to the lower bracket where they’ll have to square off for their place in the next round.

As far as the actual fixtures are concerned, all group stage matchups are set to be played as Bo3. The same goes for the playoffs, but with two exceptions. The first one is the lower bracket round which will be a Bo1 contest. The second one is the grand final match which is scheduled for a grandiose Bo5 spectacle, a spectacle that could decide the final TI ticket holders.

EPICENTER Major Teams Overview

Now, let’s dive into the fun stuff. After checking out the best EPICENTER Major betting sites, exploring the most interesting facts, and going through the format, it’s time to dig deeper into the competing teams! No worries, this won’t be a huge list. I’ll focus on the four teams that, in my books, have the most interesting stories leading up to this event.

Team Secret

Let’s start off with Team Secret, the best Dota 2 team at the moment. Their 2018/2019 DPC season has been a proper blast. They got two Major titles and have looked absolutely dashing winning them. In fact, their 2018/2019 DPC season is probably the best season of all time for any Dota 2 team on the competitive esports scene. Yep, their domination is real!

With four titles in their hands (two Major and two ESL One events), Team Secret players will be looking to further up their tally in 2019. And, of course, the biggest occasion is the upcoming The International 2019. However, there’s still the last Major of the 2018/2019 DPC season to conquer, hopefully making it their third Major title in a single season. Crazy, huh?

I believe that says enough about their EPICENTER Major aspirations. Team Secret will probably be going into this one guns blazing. However, with several teams still trying to grab a TI ticket, Team Secret will have to give their best if they want the third Major crown.

Obviously, their biggest threats are and Evil Geniuses. These two teams seem like the only proper competitors that can deal the killing blow to TS. And even that is an overstatement since hasn’t been up to their usual brilliance. That leaves us with only one team that, at least in my books, has what it takes to take Team Secret off the throne in Moscow.

Evil Geniuses

Even though they were struggling at times, EG’s overall performance this season was pretty solid. They had their ups and downs but they’re already safe as far as the TI qualification is concerned, and that’s a big plus coming into this event. As if there were any questions regarding their qualification, right?

Unfortunately, Evil Geniuses have yet to break their curse… You know, that semifinals obstacle they can’t seem to overcome. However, with ESL Birmingham ending with the grand finals’ buzzer beater, things are looking bright for Arteezy, Suma1L, and the boys.

Coming into this tournament, Evil Geniuses are, once again, overshadowed by Team Secret. Realistically speaking, TS is the best team at the moment, and Evil Geniuses have a lot of work to do if they want to take their place, even for a single tournament.

Luckily for them, the current meta works great for their main stars, Arteezy and Suma1L. We’re seeing more and more lengthier matches which is exactly the type of environment needed for these two beasts to thrive. If everything aligns correctly and they manage to get to the upper bracket playoffs, I reckon Evil Geniuses will be proper title contenders.

Who knows, perhaps this time around, the fifth map against Team Secret goes in their favor!


Let’s face it, the Cinderella story that happened at the last year’s TI had OG written all over it. A total underdog managed to climb up the ladder and take the big W right in front of the heavy favorites, PSG.LGD. It’s been almost a year since TI 2018, and OG is not looking nearly as good as on that mesmerizing night in Vancouver.

Their lackluster DPC 2018/2019 season performance means their The International 2019 ticket still isn’t secured. True, they are the number one contender for one of the last four remaining spots, but they still need a proper result in Moscow to cement their position.

The best way to do exactly that is to clinch the upper bracket playoffs. They will have to win two group stage matches though, and that won’t be an easy feat. Especially if they lose the opening round against TNC Predator. That’d mean they have to win against PSG.LGD and NiP in order to clinch the UB. Even if they fail to clinch it, one win in the LB should be enough to secure them a spot on the upcoming TI9, unless we see major upsets coming from their direct competitors.

Team Liquid

Huge news coming in from Team Liquid’s headquarters: Just five days ago, Team Liquid parted ways with MATUMBAMAN. The 24-year old Finnish star had been with the team from its inception in 2015 and cemented himself in their golden roster. At the moment, MATUMBAMAN’s replacement hasn’t been announced yet.

With that in mind, Team Liquid’s chances of winning the EPICENTER Major have dropped down significantly. From the current perspective, I reckon they’ll use this tournament to sync up with their new teammate. It will be sort of like a training session, hopefully, a successful one.

As for their 2018/2019 DPC season, Team Liquid had its fair share of ups and downs. Their worst performances were in Birmingham and Stockholm, where they failed to win a single playoffs match. With such bad performances in recent months combined with MATUMBAMAN’s departure, I’d strongly advise against betting on Team Liquid in Moscow.

Outright Betting on EPICENTER Major

We went through the best EPICENTER Major betting sites. We went through the most interesting facts as well as the tournament format. We even went through some of the most interesting teams that’ll be competing in Moscow. However, there’s still one more thing left to discuss here… And that’s the outright betting side of the deal.

Obviously, Team Secret is the main favorite to take this one home. As stated above, they are the first name on the tournament sheet and have looked incredible throughout the last few months. However, their only motivator is the trophy itself (it would be their third Major this season), as well as the $350,000 in prize money. In other words, they’ve already qualified for the TI a long time ago.

That said, there are few potential dark horses that could have that extra bit of motivation, dark horses that still haven’t snatched their tickets to this year’s The International and will give everything they have to steal those precious DPC points.

At the moment, Team Secret is at +250 and, quite honestly, that seems like an okay deal. It’s not a high-stake one, though. Perhaps placing it in one of your EPICENTER accumulators would be the ideal choice. While Team Liquid (+1000) might seem like a good deal at one of the EPICENTER Major betting sites, I advise you not to bet on it. And just as a quick reminder, MATUMBAMAN has been moved from the starting roster (a rather drastic move just before the Major) and it ought to shock the players coming into this tournament.

However, if you want a bit of a riskier single, I’ll give you a few teams for consideration.

First up, OG at +1000. Needless to say, this is a much better bet than Team Liquid. As you all know, OG still doesn’t have a TI ticket and a good performance in Moscow is a must. It’s a long shot, I know, but it yields solid value on a small stake.

For those of you who aren’t that fond of high-risk singles, Evil Genius seems like a great compromise. They are currently sitting at +550 and ought to give Team Secret a run for their money. Evil Geniuses took Team Secret to five maps in Birmingham, a feat that reflects their recent spell of excellent performances. Regardless of who you bet on for the EPICENTER Major, this tournament is bound to be an exciting one!

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