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We have looked far and wide to seek out the best gambling sites 2018 to offer cryptocurrency bonuses. More and more people around the globe are becoming interested in the expanding world of cryptocurrency. As a result, the list of top gambling sites that cater to cryptocurrency users by offering bonuses and incentives is growing so fast that both recreational and avid gamblers can take advantage.

Let’s face it: Such a list five years ago would have been pretty small. After all, not many people outside of some diehard enthusiasts and speculating investors (who are probably pretty rich right now) likely knew too much about cryptocurrency. It is only in the past couple years that Bitcoin, the first of the cryptocurrencies, made its incredible jump in value.

That was followed by a whole host of coins which followed in its wake, many trying to improve the formula that Bitcoin had created as a stable, trusted way to pay for things and receive payments online. What gambling enthusiasts found was that many of the characteristics that cryptocurrency was able to deliver were perfectly attuned to online wagering. As a result, the sites catering to cryptocurrency soon began to grow.

Alas, not every site that promises to accept deposits in some form of cryptocurrency is worth your attention. And it can be extremely hard to navigate this realm because of how many gambling sites there are on the internet. If you are in a hurry to get started wagering and just pick one without much forethought or planning, you could come to regret it.

That’s why we’re here to help. We can promise you that the sites listed in this article and in the banners are indeed the best gambling sites 2018 to offer cryptocurrency bonuses. You can rest assured because we applied our strict criteria for this process, the same criteria we use to show you the best gambling sites in general.

In this article, we’ll also give you the details on what cryptocurrency is all about if you’re still a novice. We’ll talk about which individual coins are ideally made for the cryptocurrency world. And, of course, we’ll show you how to pick a site that both works for you in terms of its gambling offerings and its cryptocurrency acceptance.

Cryptocurrency Basics

You might be thinking that this article doesn’t really apply to you because you either don’t understand cryptocurrency or just don’t think it makes any sense for you to use it. Well, if you are on this site, it means that you likely have some affinity for gambling. And gamblers who spurn cryptocurrency are making a mistake.

First of all, from the title of this article you should be able to tell that there are gambling sites out there who actively want cryptocurrency business. That means that they are going to go out of their way to court those who have the digital coins. They might even give those people more incentives than they would those who are using more traditional means of payment.

At its core, cryptocurrency is a payment system, something that you can use in lieu of a bank or credit card online. When you pay somebody cash or receive payment in cash, there are no middlemen interfering on this process. Essentially, cryptocurrency replicates this process in the digital sphere.

It does so through something known as blockchain technology. You can check out the link here if you want to know technically how of all this works. But for the sake of this article, let’s just say that you can trust your transactions with cryptocurrency.

When you do use cryptocurrency, whatever coins you end up choosing, you don’t have to go through a bank or a credit card company to make it happen. It is a peer-to-peer process, which means no extra added fees or red tape. No one can stop your transaction from going through, and no one has any control over your funds but you.

Sounds pretty good, right? But wait until you hear what it can do for gamblers. Because the very qualities that cryptocurrency touts for its users are the very things that gamblers want from their wagering experience.

Advantages of Using Cryptocurrency for Gambling


Unless the site in question requires your personal information, you can go about your gambling with cryptocurrency without revealing your identity. Gamblers usually aren’t the type to want to advertise their wagering activity to the world at large. Cryptocurrency allows you to conduct your gambling business without prying eyes.


When you reveal your credit card or bank card number to someone, you are essentially revealing to them all of the money and personal information attached to your account. In the case of cryptocurrency, nothing changes hands or is revealed but the amount that you want to pay. The remainder of your funds and personal information stays out of the view of third parties.


If you are using a credit card, you can often be at the mercy of the company to have a payment go through in a timely fashion. In the same manner, gamblers know how difficult it is to get a withdrawal from your gambling account. Cryptocurrency streamlines this entire process and permits withdrawals and deposits to go through in a fraction of the time they would if you were using traditional payment methods.


Some credit card companies might restrict the use of their cards for gambling websites. Others might impose unnecessary fees. None of that comes into play with cryptocurrency since it is unregulated and there is no overseeing company or organization with any say in how you spend your funds.

Types of Cryptocurrency

Now that you know why you might choose to use cryptocurrency, it’s a good idea for you to check out the coins that you might be interested in using. We can break these down into three distinct categories: Bitcoin, Bitcoin competitors, and second-generation coins, all of which come into play with the best gambling sites 2018 to offer cryptocurrency bonuses.


Bitcoin is the one cryptocurrency offering that even novices to this technological revolution have likely encountered, at least in the news. That’s because it was the first cryptocurrency. It was also the first to break through as a lucrative investment.

Because Bitcoin is so popular, its value is high compared to other cryptocurrencies. That means that it is relatively expensive to purchase (more on how to acquire Bitcoin below.) But it is also good for gamblers because, as the most well-known of the cryptocurrencies, it is accepted at more sites than any other coin.

Bitcoin Competitors

One of the reasons that compiling a list of the best gambling sites 2018 to offer cryptocurrency bonuses isn’t so easy anymore is that there are so many cryptocurrencies from which to choose. Many of these coins take on many of the same tasks as Bitcoin, only they attempt to accomplish these tasks in ways that are better for users. Chief among these are Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, all of which are widely accepted by gambling sites.

These sites do hold many advantages, including the fact that they are cheaper to acquire. In addition, they are generally fastest than the Bitcoin network, which is occasionally logjammed with activity. The drawback for these coins is that there may be sites which don’t include all of them as payment options.

Second Generation Coins

At some point, developers realized that the blockchain technology could be leveraged for more than just payment systems. That’s when coins were developed to fund all sorts of projects beyond simply monetary functions. The Ethereum network, with its proprietary coin Ether, is the most popular of these networks.

Ethereum is notable for its use of smart contracts, which can be entered into and enacted without any help from third parties. Gambling agreements, such as what you would make with your local bookie back in the day, are among the tasks that a smart contract can accomplish. That means that you can use Ether to gamble on the Ethereum network, or take it and use it separately to fund your accounts on other gambling sites.

Understanding Gambling Bonuses

When moving through the list of best gambling sites 2018 to offer cryptocurrency bonuses, you have to understand first what types of gambling bonuses might be available. Gambling websites want to get into the cryptocurrency business, because they know that the coins can potentially rise in value down the road, making them richer in the process. Therefore, to get involved, they will reach out to potential customers with excellent offers like these:

Free Play

It’s just what it sounds like. You might get to make a bet or two in a sporting contest or do some online casino gambling before even putting a cent in your account. Just keep in mind that, in most cases, the sites won’t allow you to withdrawal your winnings without first depositing money.

Deposit Bonuses

This is a great way to get some extra value for your gambling capital. In most cases, sites will offer a percentage on top of your deposit, whether you are gambling with them for the first time or refilling your account. Again, there may be restrictions on withdrawals for these bonuses, usually in the form or a requirement on how many bets you have to make at the site.

Activity Bonuses

The more you play, the more rewards you reap. This is a simple concept that brick-and-mortar casinos have enacted for a long time by issuing players’ cards and basing comps off of them. In an online casino, your VIP rewards will generally come in the form of extra incentives and bonuses to which the average player would not have access.

In all cases, make sure to read the fine print before choosing a site that are offering these bonuses. This is especially true with cryptocurrency since there might be restrictions in terms of the types of coins that are included and whether or not you receive cryptocurrency when you withdraw your funds.

A Note on Cryptocurrency as An Investment

One thing that online gamblers who plan to use cryptocurrency as a way of funding their gambling need to know is that the value of cryptocurrency is far from stagnant. All currencies tend to rise and fall in value; that’s why we have to exchange currencies when we try to spend money in a foreign country. But so-called “fiat” currency like the Dollar or the Pound doesn’t change value as wildly as cryptocurrency often does.

Cryptocurrency tends to rise and fall in value as a stock might. You have to take this into consideration when you make a deposit with specific coins while using the best gambling sites 2018 to offer cryptocurrency bonuses. Otherwise, you could end up on the short end of the stick.

For example, you might put a certain amount of coins into your account that are valued at $1,000 when you make the transaction. If the value of the coins goes up to $2,000 after you make the deposit to your gambling account, you won’t be the one to see the windfall. That’s because the site in question will have possession of it.

Of course, the coins might drop in value after you deposit them, which means that you are making out on the deal. You can take the view that it will all even out and not worry about it. Or you can actively scout the values of cryptocurrencies, as an investor might, to make sure that you time your deposits in your favor.

The Basics of Using Cryptocurrency on Gambling Sites that offer Cryptocurrency Bonuses

Acquire A Digital Wallet

A digital wallet allows you to store your cryptocurrency and can either be downloaded as software or purchased as hardware. Make sure that the wallet you get is one that is compatible with the digital coins you wish to use. The hardware wallets offer safer storage, while the software types might be more convenient if you plan to only be using small amounts of cryptocurrency for gambling.

Get Some Crypto

You can buy cryptocurrency through a coin exchange by using cash or other cryptocurrencies. Many of these exchanges will also store your coins for you. Barring that, you can sell something to someone online and request cryptocurrency in return.

Deposit to The Website

Simply go to the payments section of the website that you choose and follow the instructions. It’s just a matter of synching up with their address for the coins that you are using and entering some passwords. This process is extremely easy and can be handled by even a cryptocurrency newcomer.

Three Top Legit Sites to Offer Bonuses for Cryptocurrency Users


Bovada is among the gold standard sites for online gambling, with sports book and casino entertainments, from slot machines to table games, of every type included. Among the strongest incentives for cryptocurrency users that Bovada offers is a 50 percent boost on the first Bitcoin deposit for a player. That’s a great way to get started and should encompass a lot of potential gamblers due to the popularity of Bitcoin.


As the name might imply, this site is an absolute haven for the sports gambler, no matter what the game in question might be. They also offer casino wagering and are all-encompassing with the coins they accept. This site offers a 50 percent bonus on deposits made using all of the major coins that we listed above.


This site is known for the aggressive bonuses it offers to its players. And its cryptocurrency bonus justifies that reputation. It mimics the SportsBetting deal and matches it in terms of the variety of coins that it accepts: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash.

Choosing Your Own Crypto-Friendly Online Casino

We’ve explained how important it is for you to find an online casino that both accepts cryptocurrency and offers you great incentives to use it at their site. And we’ve also given you examples of sites that you can trust that desire and incentivize cryptocurrency gambling.

But what it you were researching the internet and just happened to find a deal that is even better for you than the ones that we listed above? How can you assure yourself that the site is legit and can actually back up their promises? Well, you should ask the following questions of these sites and make sure that the answers are to your liking before you even think of proceeding.

What Is the Customer Service Reputation?

Imagine that you have a problem with one of your wagers or are confused about one of the site’s policies. Or maybe you have an issue with the way that your withdrawals are being handled. In any of those examples, you are going to want answers.

Well, if the site in question truly claims to be one of the best gambling sites 2018 to offer cryptocurrency bonuses, it should be able to respond to these concerns of yours in a heartbeat. First of all, they should make it easy for you to contact them by whichever method that you prefer. And they should be ready with answers that are easily understandable and satisfying.

You might not have every issue solved to your liking. But at least you should feel that you were treated respectfully and that every possible effort was made to rectify the situation. That’s why you should always check reviews online and social media reports of whatever site you are interested in contacting before making the jump to give them your business.

How Does the Site Operate?

Here is another scenario for you: You’ve signed up with a site that offers an online casino, and you are in the middle of a Texas Hold ‘Em hand and are waiting to lay down a Full House and bag a huge pot. Suddenly the screen freezes and you get that awful buffering sign spinning on your computer.

This is something that simply should not happen. By the same token, the site shouldn’t be needlessly complex and hard to navigate. Otherwise, you might find that you want on a place a wager on a sports event but can’t find the right page to do so before it’s too late.

Your best bet is to hope that the site offers you the chance to check it out as a guest before you sign on and deposit your cryptocurrency. Once you do put your funds in, there won’t be any turning back. And that might lead to one of the dreaded scenarios we listed above if you aren’t careful.

Does the Site Have Everything I Want?

There are some gamblers who are laser-focused on just a single wagering avenue, refusing to deviate from it. And then there are others who might like to dabble in everything. That’s what you have to determine for yourself before signing on to play.

If you are someone who likes to concentrate on sports, you’ll want to make sure that the site will take your action no matter what league it is that you prefer. And if it’s casino gaming that’s your favorite, you should also check out if the site has the games you like, right down to your favorite brand of slot machine.

All the cryptocurrency bonuses in the world won’t matter if the site you’re looking at doesn’t have the things that you enjoy. So, don’t get seduced by big bonuses until you know if you can wager on your preferred events and entertainments.


Hopefully, you’ve been convinced that cryptocurrency is an ideal way to enter into the world of online casinos or to boost what you’ve already done. By sticking with the best gambling sites 2018 to offer cryptocurrency bonuses, you can bet, literally and figuratively, that your experience will be everything you desire.

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