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Bingo and Poker Chips on the Vega Strip

When gamblers want to play for big jackpots, they turn to slot machines. After all, certain slots in online and land-based casinos offer multimillion-dollar prizes.

Of course, you don’t always have to play slot machines when you want to win big. Several other casino games offer a chance at hitting huge prizes too. I’m going to cover a few games outside of slots that give you a chance to play for lifechanging money.

3 Card Poker

Three-card poker sees you square off against the dealer to see who can form the best three-card hand. It also offers side payouts and progressive jackpots that can potentially grow to be worth six figures.

How to Play 3 Card Poker

You begin each hand by placing an “ante” bet. This represents the point when you can make optional progressive jackpot and “Ante Bonus” wagers.

You and the dealer both receive three cards after this initial betting round. The dealer’s cards remain face down.

Therefore, you must rely on the strength of your own hand when deciding whether to make the “play” wager. Assuming you fold, then you lose the ante and any accompanying side bets.

After making the play bet, you and the dealer compare cards to see who wins. The dealer must have a queen-high to qualify.

You automatically win the ante if they don’t qualify, while your play bet pushes. If you win the hand, then you earn 1:1 on both your ante and play bets.

The Ante Bonus wager pays out as follows:

  • 1:1 for a straight
  • 4:1 for a three of a kind
  • 5:1 for a straight flush

Online 3 Card Poker Jackpots

As mentioned above, you have the option to make the jackpot wager. When placing this bet, you have an opportunity to win the following prizes:

  • AKQ of spades = 100% of the jackpot
  • AKQ of clubs/diamonds/hearts = 10% of jackpot
  • Straight flush = 70:1 payout
  • Three of a kind = 60:1 payout
  • Straight = 6:1 payout

Unfortunately, online three-card poker doesn’t offer as big of jackpots as the games I’ll discuss next. But it can feature notable prizes under the right circumstances.


Bingo is a classic game that’s popular at gaming sites and fundraisers. It can also offer some of the biggest prizes in online gambling—especially those focused on UK players.

How to Play Bingo

The general concept behind bingo involves listening for called numbers and covering the appropriate spaces. On a standard 5×5 card, you normally get to cover a free space immediately in the middle of the card.

The goal is to cover a winning pattern based on the game/card rules. For example, standard 5×5 cards (a.k.a. 75-ball bingo) sees you win by covering a vertical line, diagonal line, horizontal line, and/or four corners.

British gamblers often play a version called 90-ball bingo that features a 3×9 card. Each of the three rows contains five numbers and four blank spaces.

90-ball games see three different winners, including those who cover the first line (row), second line, and all three lines.

In a live setting, you must yell “bingo!” to indicate that you’ve covered a winning pattern. However, the online version uses software to automatically determine winning lines.

Additionally, you can choose the “auto dauber” at online sites to automatically cover called numbers. This option ensures that you don’t miss any numbers on your card.

Online Bingo Jackpots

Many Americans stereotype bingo as being played by old ladies in church basements. However, online bingo is actually a huge game in the UK.

In fact, some of the jackpots offered at British gaming sites are worth millions of pounds. In December 2012, John Orchard won a record online bingo jackpot worth £5.9 million.

Orchard only wagered 30p on the winning card. Afterwards, he used his winnings to buy a new Jaguar XF and go vacationing with his wife.

Many bingo sites heavily advertise their jackpot games. Some of these prizes are worth up to six or even seven figures.

Caribbean Stud

Invented in the 1980s in the Caribbean islands,

  • Royal flush – 100:1 payout
  • Straight flush – 50:1
  • Four of a kind – 20:1
  • Full house – 7:1
  • Flush – 5:1
  • Straight – 4:1
  • Three of a kind – 3:1
  • Two pair – 2:1
  • Any other winning hand – 1:1
  • Online Caribbean Stud Jackpots

    You play for the jackpot by putting $1 in the appropriate betting circle. From here, you simply hope to receive a qualifying hand.

    Here are common payouts:

    • Royal flush – 100% of jackpot
    • Straight flush – 100% of jackpot
    • Four of a kind – $100
    • Full House – $75
    • Flush – $50

    Online Caribbean stud is one of the best non-slots games with regard to big jackpots.

    The Realtime Gaming (RTG) Caribbean stud jackpot is currently worth over $212,000 at the time of this post. Meanwhile, NetEnt and PartyGaming both features prizes worth more than $150,000.

    Pai Gow Poker

    Pai Gow poker sees you receive two poker hands. You can find out how to play this highly unique game and try for its jackpots below.

    How to Play Pai Gow Poker

    Pai Gow is a poker variation based on Chinese dominoes. Its 53-card deck includes 52 standard cards and one joker. The joker becomes wild if it completes a straight, flush, straight flush, or royal flush.

    You begin a round by placing your regular bet and the optional jackpot wager. Unlike three-card poker and Caribbean stud, this game has a straightforward betting structure.

    You and the dealer receive seven cards. The seven cards must form a five-card and two-card hand. Your five-card (“high”) hand must be stronger than the two-card (“low”) hand.

    The five-card hand follows traditional poker rankings. Meanwhile, the low hand can only include a pair or high card.

    You and the croupier compare cards to see who wins. You can either win by winning both hands; push by winning one hand and losing the other; or lose by losing both hands.

    Assuming you and the dealer tie on a hand (e.g. jacks in the two-card hand), the dealer automatically wins the tie.

    Wins are paid at 1:1, minus a 5% commission. The house uses the 5% commission and winning on tying hands to keep its advantage.

    Online Pai Gow Poker Jackpots

    Assuming you make the optional jackpot bet, then you have a chance to win the top prize. Payouts are based on either seven- or five-card hands.

    Here’s a common pay table for progressive Pai Gow poker:

    • 7-card straight flush – 100% of jackpot
    • 5 aces – 10% of jackpot
    • Royal flush – $500
    • 5-card straight flush – $100
    • 4 of a kind – $75
    • Full house – $5

    Online Pai Gow jackpots don’t typically grow as large as those offered in Caribbean stud. However, they can be worth five figures in some cases.


    Ultimately, slots will always pay the largest jackpots in internet gaming. As you can see, though, bingo and virtual table games feature some nice prizes too.

    Bingo should be your first stop when looking to win big away from the slots. It offers six- and seven-figure progressive payouts in some cases.

    Caribbean stud features the next-best jackpot potential. This card game occasionally offers prizes worth over $200,000.

    Pai Gow and three-card poker aren’t quite on par with bingo or Caribbean stud when it comes to big payouts. But you’ll find them worthwhile if you want to play strategic games with decent jackpots on the side.

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