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Bovada Super Bowl Props

The Super Bowl taking place this weekend, February 7, is expected to be one of the most-bet-on sporting events in history. People around the United States are now heading to different sites such as Bovada to make their wagers on the big game. Today, I’m going to break down five of the very best Super Bowl prop bets at Bovada.

Sunday’s game is going to be a big one. Bovada is the perfect site for football fans to make their wagers on all the action. Before looking at these betting options, I’ll talk about what makes this online sportsbook stand out.

Let’s get into it!

Looking at Bovada’s Super Bowl Betting Options

The majority of sports fans around the United States have heard of Bovada. This website officially launched online back in 2011. It became an instant success and now has a massive number of users based around the United States.

Becoming the country’s most popular online sportsbook didn’t come easy. Bovada needed to gain its user’s trust by offering secure payment options and fantastic odds. It achieved that goal and has maintained its reputation over the years.

The sign-up process here takes just a few minutes. Bovada only requires some basic information to get an account up and running. Members can then make a deposit into their account. Afterward, all of the site’s betting options become available.

Bovada is also known as a fantastic Super Bowl betting website. It seems like this site increases its number of Super Bowl betting options every single year. This year, members have access to a plethora of incredible bets on the big game.

Obviously, traditional moneyline betting options are available here. It’s extremely easy to bet on which team will end up winning this game. The odds are more competitive than many other betting sites you will come across.

There are truly too many betting options available to list. Instead of breaking down all of them, we will take a look at five of the top prop bets for Super Bowl LV!

5 Best Super Bowl Prop Bets at Bovada

Prop betting has grown considerably more popular over the last few years. Sports fans are realizing how profitable these types of novelty wagers can really be.

Below are the five best Super Bowl prop bets at Bovada right now.

1. Bet on the MVP Winner’s Position

Perhaps the most popular Super Bowl prop bet being made right now is on which player manages to win the Super Bowl MVP award. It certainly makes sense. There are some clear favorites to win and the odds offer great opportunities to cash out.

Instead of that bet, however, I believe one of the top Super Bowl prop betting options is on what position the MVP winner plays. This is another one that could end up paying out bettors in a huge way. Here are the current odds for this wager.

  • Quarterback: -500
  • Wide Receiver: +500
  • Tight End: +950
  • Running Back: +1000
  • Any Defensive Position: +750
  • Kicker: +5500

It’s not a surprise to see where these odds stand. Quarterbacks win the vast majority of Super Bowl MVP awards. Occasionally, this award goes to a wide receiver. It’s extremely rare to see a defensive player get the nomination.

Anything is possible, though. These odds could end up paying off in a huge way for those willing to take some risks. It’s a fun bet that could go many different ways.

2. What Will be Mentioned First: Tom Brady’s Age – Tom Brady’s 10th Super Bowl

There is a huge amount of attention being placed on Tom Brady heading into Super Bowl LV. At 43, he’s one of the oldest players in the NFL right now. Don’t let his age fool you, though. He remains one of the best quarterbacks alive.

One of the best Super Bowl 55 prop bets at Bovada is now on what television announcers will mention first. Will it be Brady’s age, or the fact that he is now competing in his 10th Super Bowl. The odds can be seen below.

  • Tom Brady’s Age: +140
  • Tom Brady’s 10th Super Bowl: -185

Both of these are relevant talking points. The fact that Tom Brady is now 43 years old, yet continues to play at the highest level is astounding. It’s just as amazing to realize this is the 10th time he has competed in a Super Bowl game.

There’s no way of knowing which of these will be mentioned first. The odds are now set and we’ll simply need to wait and see!

3. What Will Happen First in the Game: Sack – Touchdown

The first quarter of a Super Game is hugely important. Both teams want to establish a lead early. At the same time, they want to conserve energy to ensure they have enough gas to survive all four quarters.

There are a million different ways this game could begin. Now, Bovada is allowing its members to bet on whether a sack or a touchdown takes place first. Both are realistic possibilities when considering the defensive and offensive skills of these teams.

  • Sack: +110
  • Touchdown: -145

Sacks don’t come easy in the NFL.

That’s exactly why players get so excited to achieve this feat. The oddsmakers clearly seem to believe that a touchdown is more likely to take place than a sack first.

I think this bet offers football fans some solid winning potential. The defense of Tampa Bay and Kansas City will be sharp in the first quarter of the game. That could lead to difficulty getting the ball down-field and an increased likelihood of sacks.

4. Position of First Touchdown Scorer

The two teams competing in Super Bowl LV are fantastic. Both have incredibly talented rosters, particularly on offense. Bovada is now providing odds on which position the first touchdown scorer plays.

The most-likely position to earn a touchdown of any game is a wide-receiver. That’s particularly true when considering the incredible throwing ability of Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. That certainly doesn’t mean this bet is a lock.

  • Wide Receiver: -125
  • Running Back/Fullback: +240
  • Tight End: +260
  • Quarterback: +850
  • Any Other Position: +1600
  • No Touchdown Scored: +10000

I think this is without a doubt one of the best Super Bowl prop bets at Bovada right now. There are just so many possibilities! I particularly love the odds for a quarterback scoring the first TD at +850. Don’t be surprised to see Mahomes running into the end zone.

This one could end up paying off in a big way. Even the odds of a fullback running the ball in at +225 are solid.

5. Bet on the Total Number of Touchdowns

It’s hard to recall a Super Bowl game featuring two teams like the ones competing at Super Bowl LV. The Kansas City Chiefs are considered the elite of the elite right now. They have an offensive capability like we haven’t seen before.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed some holes in the regular season. The team never gave up, however, and ended up becoming the first Wild Card team to make the Super Bowl since 2020. Much of that is credited to Tom Brady and the team’s offensive roster.

It’s safe to say we’ll see some points being scored on Sunday. Fans can now place their bets on the total number of touchdowns scored at Super Bowl 55.

Touchdowns Over Odds Under Odds
4.5 -475 +320
5.5 -230 +150
6.5 -145 +110
7.5 +170 -230

This is a fun bet for several reasons. For one, it allows members to wager on how effective the offensive teams will be during Super Bowl LV. It’s also a wager on how effective the defense will be. I believe the odds set here are correct.

Those willing to take some risks may want to take the over on 7.5. Brady and Mahomes are looking to put the pressure on. That could end up bringing a huge number of touchdowns.


There’s still time to make your online bets on Super Bowl LV. Bovada is where all the action is at! Above are just five of the best Super Bowl prop bets at Bovada. There are plenty of other amazing options available right now.

Which team do you think will win on Sunday? Let me know in the comments section below!

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