BetOnline Presents: The Ice is Right Featuring Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone has made quite a bit of money for himself over the course of his standout UFC career. The 30-year-old has racked up 23 all-time wins in UFC competition, which is the most in the history of the sport.

Cerrone is 36-16 for his career in MMA, though his current form is lacking. Cowboy hasn’t won a fight since defeating Al Iaquinta by unanimous decision back in May of 2019.

Regardless, his resume speaks for itself. Recently, Cerrone and the online sportsbook BetOnline have joined forces on a YouTube series called “The Ice is Right.” The premise here is pretty simple. Cowboy will walk around his luxurious ranch and identify a few household items he has purchased over the years. You, as a bettor, are tasked with wagering whether Cowboy paid over or under a certain amount for each item. Got it? Good.

BetOnline originally did this with Floyd Mayweather, but you can watch the episode of Cerrone’s version below:

BetOnline has a new crop of props posted in advance of this episode of “The Ice is Right.” Let’s make some guesses, shall we?


  • Over $99,000 (-120)
  • Under $99,000 (-120)

When you’re rich, you can make some pretty wild purchases. As you may expect from a legendary UFC fighter, Cowboy Cerrone seems to have an affinity for expensive vehicles. In the next episode, Cowboy will show off his CanAm.

Most typical CanAm ATVs cost in the neighborhood of $10,000-$20,000, but someone like Donald Cerrone isn’t going to waste time on a run-of-the-mill ATV. The over/under we’ve got here is listed at $99,000, so this is obviously a top-of-the-line CanAm we’re working with. Cowboy says his is a 2020 two-seater, and that a standard CanAm will run you about $30,000 to begin with.

These things take a beating when they race, though, so rebuilding them after each race costs something like $20,000! So, we’re including the original purchase, customization, and rebuilding processes in the $99,000 cost.

As you can see above, Cowboy’s CanAm has been completely rebuilt and customized to his liking. This thing is beefed up with all of the essentials, and it looks exactly as you would imagine Cerrone’s CanAm would look.

Despite all of the bells and whistles, I think the under on $99,000 is still the bet here. Cowboy seems to hesitate a bit before slapping the $99,000 figure on this one, and $99,000 seems a tad high. Go with the under at -120.

CanAm –Under $99,000 (-120)

Fleet of Harley-Davidsons

  • Over $115,000 (-120)
  • Under $115,000 (-120)

Cowboy has a Harley-Davidson collection featuring eight bikes, but just seven are in play here. Cerrone has bought the motorcycles over the course of eight years, though he admits that he didn’t pay full price for some of them. Rather than buying all of them from a dealer, it sounds as though he may have gotten a few of them at a discount from other people he knows.

So, we’ve got Cerrone’s Tri Glide, Dyno, Sportster, Heritage, Breakout, Fat Boy, and, his personal favorite, the Road King. The Harley website says a 2021 Fat Boy starts around $20,000, for example. A brand-new Heritage will run you about $19,000, while a 2021 Road King costs about $19,500 to start.

The fact that Cowboy may have gotten some of the bikes at sub-market value throws a wrinkle into this one. He has also had most of them for several years, so there’s a chance some of the motorcycles didn’t cost quite as much at the time they were bought. This all has me leaning toward betting the under once again. The $115,000 estimate probably isn’t too far off, but the under looks like the play.

Fleet of Harley-Davidsons –Under $115,000 (-120)

Henry Rifle Collection

  • Over $98,000 (-120)
  • Under $98,000 (-120)

If there’s one thing a cowboy needs on his massive ranch, it’s obviously a collection of expensive rifles. Cowboy takes us over to his collection of 25 Henry Rifles, which includes one customized gun for his son, Dacson. Dacson’s rifle’s serial number is the same as his birthday, and the rifle comes with the inscription,

“You’ve been winning your whole life. Shoot the moon. Dacson Danger.”

Being Cowboy Cerrone’s son probably comes with its fair share of perks.

Cerrone’s entire collection is made in the US, and the company says that it has sold over a million lever action .22 rifles over the years. He takes the time to point out a couple of his favorites, including a .45-70. Cerrone says you don’t even have to shoot the actual animal with that gun. You can use the rifle to shoot a hole in front of a running animal that will then fall into the hole and break its neck instead. Delightful!

Cowboy also talks to us about his .410 side-action shotgun as well as a single-shot .22 he’ll use to teach Dacson how to shoot.

Henry’s website says that a rifle like the aforementioned .45-70 will cost about $1,000. However, Cowboy says that a couple of the rifles are rare and “hard to find,” which obviously increases the overall value of the collection. He throws that extra tidbit in there at the end to make his total $98,000 valuation sound a bit more reasonable.

Given the inclusion of the rare guns, I’m liking the over on $98,000.

Henry Rifle Collection –Over $98,000 (-120)

RV/Boat Combo

  • Over $652,000 (-120)
  • Under $652,000 (-120)

More vehicles! Cowboy first takes us to see his fancy RV, which is a 44-foot London Aire made by Newmar. The incredible RV features countless TVs, a full-size kitchen, in-floor heating, an unlimited supply of running water, a 650 cat turbo motor, and a bedroom complete with a king-sized bed.

Cowboy says he takes this beast of a transport to all of his fights and essentially uses it as his “home away from home.” He adds at the end that it was money well spent and that it doesn’t just sit unused in his driveway all the time. Good to know, Don. I’d probably pay $2,000 a month to live in that thing, and you would, too.

We then get a look at Cowboy’s brand new 2021 Malibu M240. He says the boat includes Malibu’s “supercharged” 600 horsepower motor and that it’s the best boat on the market. Cowboy chimes in with the fact that this is his seventh boat, which seems like a lot of boats for a guy that lives on a ranch in the middle of the country.

Malibu’s website offers you the chance to build your own version of the M240, and it’s safe to assume that Cowboy opted for every expensive upgrade you can possibly imagine. He sets the total value of the RV and boat together at $652,000.

I’m betting the over here easily. The fully upgraded boat itself could feasibly cost around $200,000 by itself, and the RV is more luxurious than any house you’ll find on the market. Bet the over on $652,000 with confidence.

RV/Boat Combo –Over $652,000 (-120)

White Buffalo

  • Over $20,000 (-120)
  • Under $20,000 (-120)

Cowboy lives on a ranch, so of course he has plenty of live animals running around. That includes a few buffalo, which are rare to begin with. Cowboy searched long and hard to find a rare white buffalo, as well. You’ll find one white buffalo for every 10 million regular buffaloes, so this one likely didn’t come cheap.

Cerrone tells us a heartwarming tale about how most of his buffalo will eventually be slaughtered and converted into his own brand of jerky, but his prized white buffalo will avoid that fate. He says the white buffalo will just live on the ranch and be “fat and happy.”

Cowboy got his white buffalo when it was just six months old, but he doesn’t cite any specifics as to where he tracked it down. A quick Google search reveals that you can find a typical buffalo for between $1,500 and $5,000, so they aren’t too cheap to begin with.

Then, when you consider how rare a white buffalo is, $20,000 might sound a bit light. I’d bet the over on Cowboy’s white buffalo costing just $20,000 at -120 here.

White Buffalo –Over $20,000 (-120)


  • Over $35,000 (-120)
  • Under $35,000 (-120)

A ranch would not be a ranch without a saloon. So, Cowboy’s BMF Ranch has a saloon with everything you could possibly want in a western-style lounge.

Cowboy says his saloon was built in just three weeks with only eight people on the job, which seems remarkably fast given how big the room is. Cerrone is including alcohol in his total valuation, as well as the pool table, foosball table, couches, four TVs, heating and air, and shuffleboard.

It’s worth noting that he says some of the alcohol comes in “pretty cool bottles” that have been given to him over the years, which sounds like a roundabout way of bragging that he’s got some expensive booze in his bar.

The fact that the saloon was built so quickly by so few people may have saved Cowboy a bit of money, but I’m still betting the over on $35,000 for the total project. That sounds a bit cheap, especially for a room with full heating and cooling.

Saloon –Over $35,000 (-120)
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