Why Betting on Darkest Hour to Win Best Picture is the Most Fun You’ll Have During the Oscars

by Kevin Roberts
on March 2, 2018
All odds that are referenced in this article were taken from Topbet.eu at 10:12 am CT on 3/2/2018. These odds may have changed since the time of this writing.

In just two days the 90th Academy Awards take over your television or mobile device. The red carpet rolls out, Jimmel Kimmel prepares to make fun of some of the most famous people in America and at some point, the best works in Hollywood will be honored.

You’re bound to enjoy the Oscars for one of many reasons. Perhaps you’re just looking to get stupid drunk with some fun Oscars drinking games or you can’t wait to see if someone not named Gary Oldman wins Best Actor.

Maybe you’re an agent of chaos and just want another La La Land snafu so you can watch the whole world burn. That, or you’ll be tuning in, hoping your Oscars wagers come through and make you some fat coin.

Heck, why not all of that?

How you proceed is up to you. All I know is that you can bet on the Oscars and there are a lot of interesting ways to potentially make money this year.

There might be one that trumps the rest, of course.

That’s none other than the race for Best Picture, which delivered a mild upset with Moonlight winning last year and offers up what some view as a fairly wide-open competition this year.

2018 Best Picture Odds

Everyone ponders the potential for a big upset at the Oscars every year and for one reason or another, Best Picture is where people want to see it happen the most.

Perhaps it’s because history has toyed with the favorites in the past. Business Insider once pointed out upset specials like The King’s Speech, The Greatest Show on Earth, Rocky, Crash and Shakespeare in Love, among others.

Needless to say, it’s never official until it’s, well, official.

With that being said, you can cut the tension with a knife just by looking at the latest Best Picture odds over at Topbet.eu:

  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (-140)
  • The Shape of Water (+110)
  • Get Out (+900)
  • Lady Bird (+1800)
  • Dunkirk (+2800)
  • The Post (+7000)
  • Call Me By Your Name (+8000)
  • Phantom Thread (+10000)
  • Darkest Hour (+10000)

If bettors are being honest with themselves, this is probably still a two-film race. That is typically the case, whether there ends up being an upset or not.

That being said, this has been one of the tougher Oscars seasons to grade when it comes to Academy Awards odds and that extends to the Best Picture nominees.

Why? Because all of these movies were so darn good.

Dunkirk was actually the clear favorite back in the summer, while Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri stormed past the masses only over the last few months

There is a pretty strong case to be made for all of these options, but whether you’re eyeing the top two contenders or thinking of chasing a dream underdog, this is one tight Best Picture race.

All of the Marbles

That has me thinking, why not just aim high and bet on one of these deep sleepers that probably won’t win, but could bring back some serious moolah if they did?

A case can be made for more realistic options like Get Out, Lady Bird and Dunkirk. The first two were simply groundbreaking, while Dunkirk recaptured a moment in history everyone either forgot about or was too scared to recall themselves.

I’m fine with those films taking the cake, and you can keep the talk going to The Post and pretty much every other film on this list.

The one that sounds the most appetizing as a bettor, though, is Gary Oldman’s Darkest Hour.

Bettors are getting all of the upside they can chew on at Topbet.eu, as a clearly underrated Best Picture candidates comes into the final days tied with Phantom Thread.

Of the two, Darkest Hour is far more deserving of an upset for the ages.

Not to be confused with Emile Hirsch’s regrettable The Darkest Hour, Gary Oldman’s engine produced a stellar 86% critics rating at RottenTomatoes.com and was at least nominated for Best Picture at the BAFTA Awards, among others.

The common belief is this film is nothing without Oldman’s turn as the iconic Winston Churchill, but the direction and authenticity of this true and harrowing story is too captivating to brush aside. It feels like that is precisely is what is happening here, as the Academy may feel like honoring both Oldman and his ticket to his first Oscar could be double-dipping at the worst possible time.

That may be true in the end, but this was still a critically acclaimed (and important) movie. If the Academy is looking for the best overall film of the past year, considering a mind-blowing upset shouldn’t be something they dismiss so quickly.

Will Darkest Hour Actually Win?

Is it realistic to expect or even hope for this wager to pull through? Probably not, but with the Best Picture winner capping a night of theatrics, what would be better than going out with the biggest possible bang?

This exact wager at $100 would return an astonishing $10,000 at Topbet.eu. Talk about a payout.

The beauty is Topbet.eu isn’t the only one out there offering such a steep bet.

Fellow entertainment betting sites like Bovada (+10000) and BetOnline (+10000) are offering identical odds. It just comes down to which site you trust more and whether or not you want to take that shot.

During a fun night of drinks, laughs and surprises, it sure would be fun to end things in style (and with $10,000 in winnings).

There really isn’t much that matches the thrill of a massive bet paying off, and the build-up to the final Oscars winner of the night will make this entire process quite exhilarating.

Even if you don’t love that bet or it doesn’t deliver, betting on the Oscars is something you can do from the very beginning and it doesn’t need to stop at the popular categories. Bovada and other novelty betting sites offer Jimmy Kimmel prop bets, among other wagers.

It’s bound to be an entertaining night, so whether or not you take a stab at Darkest Hour wins the whole thing, consider some of the other categories and the value associated with specific bets.

Whatever you decide, this year’s Oscars should be a good one. Happy betting and enjoy the show!
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