Betting For The Cycle May 29th – June 2nd: MLB Betting Picks and Tips

In our brand-new recurring segment, “Betting For The Cycle”, Drew Goldfarb and our MLB experts will give you four betting picks for the baseball games coming up over the next few days. These can be game picks, over/under bets, prop bets, or daily fantasy picks. In addition to making the picks, the experts will tell you how confident they are in each pick, ranking them from “Single” (least confident) to “Home Run” (most confident). With four picks—and each expert picking a single, double, triple and home run each week—that gives our experts a chance to bet for a cycle.

This week, Drew is joined by Taylor Smith and Jim Beviglia. The topics on hand include two daily fantasy pitching matchups, a Thursday game pick, and a pick for which team will win a rivalry series this weekend. You can catch all of it in the video above.

First up is a breakdown of two pitchers facing off in an AL East showdown. If you’re making a daily fantasy selection for Wednesday night, which pitcher should you take: Trent Thornton or Blake Snell? The choice here is unanimous amongst our experts, but would they still make the same suggestion factoring in a salary cap?

Next up is this weekend’s four-game series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. The host Yankees are ahead of Boston in the standings—leading the AL East, in fact—but can they grab a series win? With imperfect baseball weather in the forecast, it’s possible this series gets shortened to three games, so which side are our experts on?

Third, a Thursday ballgame between two of the worst teams in Major League Baseball, as the San Francisco Giants and Miami Marlins wrap up their series at Marlins Park. Can Drew Pomeranz and the Giants beat Sandy Alcantara and the red-hot Marlins? We’ve got our picks, and our experts’ picks run the gamut from a single to a home run in confidence level.

Finally, another Wednesday night daily fantasy pick. The Los Angeles Dodgers take on the New York Mets, and it’s Noah Syndergaard taking on Walker Buehler on the mound. Which pitcher will put together the better Fantasy performance?

As a bonus, each week, our experts will update their favorite World Series picks. Be it for value or for certainty, our experts will provide you their picks each week and let you know if they change their minds, why, and what their new odds are.

Make sure to check back each week for more “Betting For The Cycle”! We’ll be tracking the stats and success rates of our experts, showing you their numbers as well as their latest picks.

Drew Goldfarb

Drew has been covering sports professionally since 2007, covering sports of all kinds in the ACC, SEC, Big 12 and Conference USA. In addition to covering college sports, he also spent two seasons working with the NHL's Florida Panthers as part of their TV broadcast team, as well as reporting and anchoring for AT&T SportsNet and FOX Sports affiliates, CBS Sports Network and ESPNU. Drew has also been active in Fantasy Sports since 2002.

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