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The Last Jedi, which will be the eighth film (ninth, if you count Rogue One) in the Star Wars saga, still doesn’t come out for several months. Six, to be exact. Still, we have to find a way to pass the time somehow. Our excitement can only get us so far. So, we’ve scoured the expanses of the Internet seeking betting odds on what is sure to be 2017’s biggest motion picture event.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of betting options out there, fellow Star Wars geeks. You obviously will have to wait until the film actually comes out before you collect your winnings, but it’s never too early to place your bets. We identified a few of our favorites and compiled them into this nifty list for your perusal.

So, let’s hop right in with a few fun bets for The Last Jedi courtesy of MyBookie and Bookmaker.

Who Will Die First?

  • Luke Skywalker +150
  • Maz Kanata +200
  • General Hux +400
  • Captain Phasma +1000
  • Kylo Ren +2000
  • Supreme Leader Snoke +3000
  • Admiral Ackbar +4000
  • C-3PO +5000
  • R2-D2 +5000
  • Chewbacca +5000
  • Rey +5000
  • Poe Dameron +6000
  • Finn +6000

Look, this isn’t going to be easy for me, but the movie is called The Last Jedi. The only person on this list we know for sure is even a Jedi is Luke. I don’t want him to be dying either, but it feels like he’s going to be kicking the bucket at some point in this one. He looked pretty haggardly at the end of The Force Awakens.”Luke may well be on his last legs here.

However, even though we think Luke is a goner in this one doesn’t mean he’ll be the first to go down. If Luke dies, it stands to reason he’ll perish in some epic battle toward the end of the movie. He’s not going to just get pushed off a ledge like Han Solo. When Luke dies, it’ll be in a blaze of glory.

Also, get out of here with C-3PO, R2-D2 and Chewbacca. None of those three are going anywhere. They’ll live forever.

Poe Dameron at +6000 is mildly tempting. He was supposed to play a minor role and die in Awakens before J.J. Abrams decided he liked the character enough to keep him alive. Abrams didn’t direct the new one, however, so the new director may not have such heartfelt ties to Poe. +6000 is excellent value if you think Poe is a goner in The Last Jedi.

Otherwise, it’s tough to say. If we do a little cheating and look at the IMDB page for Episode 9, we see that the actors for Luke, Finn, Supreme Leader Snoke and Maz are all rumored to be involved. That doesn’t mean their characters live through Episode 8, of course. We’ve seen deads return in later Star Wars films in the past. It’s just an interesting note.

Kylo Ren is mildly interesting at +2000, as well. Some of us thought he would meet his demise at the end of Awakens but he’ll be back in Jedi. If there’s only one Jedi at the end of this movie, we’re pretty confident it won’t be Kylo. We think he’ll die, but maybe not first.

I’d just shoot for the moon with this bet and go for Poe Dameron at +6000.

Is Luke Skywalker Rey’s father?

  • Yes EVEN
  • No -130

Whoa. This thing went 0-100 real quick. This has been a pretty popular fan conspiracy theory, and it seems to make plenty of sense. The question of Rey’s parents is a question left unanswered throughout the entirety of Awakens and it seems intentional. We know she was orphaned when her family left her on Jakku as a child, and they never returned. And that’s pretty much all we know about her family for sure.

We later see that Rey is pretty strong with the Force, which seems to indicate that she’s got some Jedi blood of some sort. While that obviously doesn’t mean she’s Luke’s daughter, it seems safe to assume that they’re related in some way. Of course, they would still be related if Rey turned out to be Leia’s daughter, considering Luke’s Leia’s twin, you know.

Remember when Kylo Ren interrogated Rey using the Dark Side of the Force and she remembered a random island in the middle of a huge ocean? That sure seems to be the same island Rey finds herself on alongside Chewy when she meets Luke at the end of Awakens. If it really is the same island from Rey’s subconscious, it sure seems to be a pretty strong indication of some sort of tie between her and Luke.

Despite not being consciously aware of where her family was, does this mean Rey was aware of Luke’s location subconsciously all along? Hmm. Really, this is an extended way of saying that we do believe Rey is, indeed, Luke’s daughter. The fact that the odds are actually siding with “no” on this bet is pretty surprising. Even money isn’t amazing value, but, hey, you’ll take what you can get. We’re comfortable betting “yes” on Rey being Luke’s daughter at even money.

Will The Last Jedi Have Highest Opening Weekend Gross in 2017 in USA?

  • Yes +240
  • No -300

To this point, the biggest film of 2017 has been Beauty and the Beast…for some reason. This thing was a cash cow, banking $174,750,616 on its opening weekend in the United States. While that’s obviously a ton of money, we have a hard time believing The Last Jedi won’t blow that number out of the water.

Just take the two most recent Star Wars films as an example. Awakens banked $247,966,675 on its opening weekend back in 2015. To be fair, that was the first new Star Wars movie in a decade, and it was also the largest domestic gross on an opening weekend of all-time. We don’t think Jedi will match that gaudy number on its first weekend, but it’s absolutely going to make a boatload of money.

Revenge of the Sith, which was the third installment of the last trilogy, grossed over $108 million on its first weekend alone. That’s a lot, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Awakens. Then again, most agree that the quality of Episodes 1-3 were subpar. Regardless, they still routinely generated over $100 million early on. Spirits are high after Awakens and Rogue One drew largely rave reviews, and people will be hyped to check out Jedi.

We don’t really see a way Jedi won’t blow past Beauty and the Beast’s $174 million mark later this year. A freaking Captain America movie earned more on its opening weekend back in 2016. You can get pretty awesome value on “yes” at +240 here, so jump all over that while you still can.

Will The Last Jedi Exceed $1 Billion Worldwide by 1/1/18?

  • Yes -205
  • No +165

According to Forbes, Awakens surpassed the $1 billion worldwide mark after being in theaters for just 12 days. Considering it was released on December 18th of 2015, it reached the $1 billion mark with a day to spare before the calendar flipped to 2016. Jedi is set to come out on December 15th of this year, meaning it has a little more leeway on this bet than Awakens did.

“Yes” is favored here, which was somewhat surprising, but it still makes plenty of sense. The movie will obviously blow way past $1 billion at some point, but will it happen before January 1st of next year? Vegas sure seems confident that it will. We’re inclined to agree, though, especially considering they have a full 16 days to get there, as opposed to just 13 last time around.

While we don’t think Jedi will wind up earning as much as Awakens did in the end, we do think $1 billion worldwide by New Year’s Day is a near certainty. So, not much value in this bet. If you want to be a #hater you can always bet “no” at +165. That’s not a wise path to take, though. This is not the bet you’re looking for.

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