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On January 4th, the Washington Football Team announced that they have come up with a new team nickname and that the organization will reveal this new name on February 2nd.

This revealing will mark a near-two year journey for the franchise that dropped its racist moniker in July 2020 after mounting pressure from fans, sponsors and political groups.

But, this rebranding isn’t just the result of becoming a “woke” organization. In fact, this new identity is a much needed restart for a team that has been embroiled in numerous controversies on and off the field these last few years.

From Daniel Snyder’s war with previous minority owners to a massive sexual harassment suit, this franchise has been publicly lambasted and rightfully so.

Now, Snyder and his merrymen are looking to establish a new identity and get a fresh start to a more prosperous future.

Following the announcement of a new team name, NFL betting sites released odds on what the new nickname could be. Let’s huddle up to examine these names and see where we should place our wager.

NFL Betting Odds

The following odds are courtesy of BetOnline:

  • Admirals (-200)
  • Commanders (+100)
  • Red Hogs (+700)
  • Armada (+1200)
  • Presidents (+1200)
  • Defenders (+1600)
  • Brigade (+1600)
  • Sentinels (+2500)

Names Already Eliminated

In addition to the options above, names like Redhawks, Wolves and RedWolves have already been eliminated from the team.

In a statement released by the WFT, the organization learned that these names would provide far too many legal hurdles and not worth the potential headaches. Team President Jason Wright made the following comments about this process:

“Understanding the weight and importance of our team name, and excitement around other name options — both internally and within our fan base — we didn’t want to risk going down a route that could be dotted with legal hurdles. The prospect of years of litigation wasn’t something that we wanted you, our fans, to have to bear as you begin to embrace a new brand.”

The team has also made it clear that they’re looking to move away from their previous identity and any other potential Native American brands.

Let’s take a closer look at each betting option to see what makes sense and what should quickly be removed:

Admirals (-200)

Although this lacks creativity, the Admirals name does fit nicely with the patriotic theme and the military theme that the team is looking to incorporate by including stars on their uniforms.

There’s mounting evidence that WFT has already gone with the Admirals and it’s just a waiting game before they make it official.

Commanders (+100)

Like Admirals, the Commanders option does bring a sense of military provide. But, it’s a bit too generic and could represent any city. There’s no uniqueness here.

Red Hogs (+700)

This is a name that should be seriously considered for at least a small flier. Red Hogs is unique and pays homage to the team’s past. The name “hogs” represents some of the great offensive lines that have played for this organization.

Armada (+1200)

The definition of Armada is a fleet of vehicles or warships. It’s a cool sounding name and rolls off the tongue nicely: Washington Armada.

Unfortunately, I don’t see the country’s capital going with a name that doesn’t scream patriotism or Washington football.

Presidents (+1200)

Now, here’s a name that is highly suitable for this franchise. You really can’t do better than this if the team wants to truly embrace their location. With that said, this is far too corny of a nickname for a professional football team and provides very little team identity.

Defenders (+1600)

Cue up the generic machine because this name seriously lacks any imagination or creativity. Plus, the second installment of the XFL used this name recently.

Brigade (+1600)

I actually prefer Brigade over other names like Admirals, Commanders, Presidents, etc. It sounds cool and the word brigade isn’t found associated with many sports teams.

Sentinels (+2500)

I think the WFT would be reaching with the name Sentinels. Yes, it could have loose connections with their previous name or even their old-school baseball team, but it feels too outdated for the modern era.

What Name Should We Bet On?

Not long after the announcement was made by the team, fans on social media noticed that the web address redirected to the team’s official football site.

Since then, the URL has been redirected to a new site. Could this be a smokescreen or did the team actually inadvertently reveal their new name?

When it comes to this NFL prop bet, the smart play is on Admirals. There’s just too much buzz for this name right now and the leaked URL is simply something we can’t ignore.

I would also place a very small flier on Red Hogs as there’s a strong argument that can be made for this option as well.

What Name Should We Bet On? –Admirals (-200)
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