Betting on 2021 LoL Worlds – Event Preview & Betting Predictions

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The 2021 League of Legends World Championship has begun! We’ve already had the privilege to watch the first day of the Play-in stage, and it was a fantastic way of kicking things off in Reykjavik, Iceland. No major surprises happened, but that’s not to say we won’t see any prior to the group stage.

The craze surrounding betting on 2021 LoL Worlds has begun as well. Some of the outrights (mainly play-in outrights) have been closed, but esports bookies still feature a ton of specials and play-in match winners.

Nothing surprising, really considering the fact this is the biggest event in LoL esports calendar as well as one of the biggest and most important (if not the most important) esports events in 2021.

2021 LoL Worlds Event Preview – Interesting Facts

There’s a handful of exceptional storylines coming into this esports spectacle. But, we need to take things one step at a time and focus on the format before everything else.

We’re looking at a three-phase event here:

  • Play-In Stage
  • Group Stage
  • Playoffs

Knowing the format and schedule of LoL Worlds 2021 will give you a much easier time of tracking things, understanding matchups, and predicting outcomes. Needless to say, knowing the ins and outs of the format and schedule will greatly help people who plan on betting on 2021 LoL Worlds!

Play-In Stage

The play-in stage features ten team, four of which will find their way to the group stage. The play-in round itself consists of two rounds, with each delivering two group stage participants.

  • The first play-in round features bo1 matches from start to finish, two groups with five teams and only the group winners advance to the group stage. Second, third, and fourth place teams advance to the second play-in round, with the bottom teams eliminated from the competition.
  • The second play-in round features the remaining six teams and makes a switch from bo1 to bo5 matches. Third and fourth teams play against each other for a chance to fight the second-place team. The two winners advance to the group stage, while the four losers eliminated.

Group Stage

The 2021 LoL Worlds group stage kicks off on October 11th with sixteen teams divided into four groups. We’re looking at a double round robin format here, meaning each team plays their group stage competitors twice.

Interestingly enough, the group stage features bo1 matches through and through. But, don’t worry – that won’t take away the competitiveness. In fact, bo1s typically increase it, so that’s definitely something to consider going forward.

The top two teams in each of the groups advance to the playoffs; the bottom two teams are out of the equation. Yep, only eight teams will find a spot in the playoffs! Here’s a closer look at all four groups:

DAMWON Edward PSG Talon MAD Lions
FunPlus Phoenix 100 Thieves Fnatic Gen.G
Rogue T1 Royal Never Give Up Liquid


The final stage of 2021 LoL Worlds starts on October 22nd and runs through to the very final day of the competition. It features the remaining eight teams who will be fighting their way through the bo5 single-elimination bracket.

All playoffs matches are bo5s and, since it’s a single-elimination bracket, there are no room for errors. One mistake and you’re out- that’s the charm of the 2021 LoL Worlds, no doubt about it!

Betting on 2021 LoL Worlds – Future Odds & Lines

Seeing as the demand for betting on 2021 LoL Worlds is already through the roof even though the group stage hasn’t even begun yet, it comes as no surprise to see esports bookmakers featuring a wide variety of different bets.

We’re not just talking about match-related specials, though they are pretty abundant too. We’re mainly referring to all sorts of long-terms based around the main event (without the play-in stage). The lines are as versatile as they come, and some of the odds look pretty sweet.

Of course, most of these future LoL bets are pretty risky. But, if you bet on League of Legends all the time, you should know your way around some of them.

Let’s roll!

Highest Average Game Duration

  • T1 at +450
  • Liquid at +600
  • G at +700
  • Cloud9 at +800
  • Hanwha Life Esports at +800
  • MAD Lions at +1000
  • Rogue at +1200
  • 100 Thieves at +1400
  • DWG KIA at +1600
  • Fnatic at +1600

These are just the ten top-most lines for this bet. For more, check out BetWay’s LoL 2021 coverage.

Top Team in the Region

BetWay also offers lines on top team in its region. For instance, you can bet on the top LCK team, top LCS team, top LEC team, and top LPL team. Best of all, you can combine these lines into accumulators for extra profit potential. They’re worth a shot, that’s for sure!

Any Play-in team to win

Here’s the most interesting yes/no special for people who’d like to bet on LoL Worlds 2021 – any play-in team to win the tournament. Yes at +1600 looks outstanding. Yes, I am well-aware that such a Cinderella story is highly unlikely… but there’s a possibility and at +1600, lo stake wager is worth the risk.

Other Interesting Futures

That’s not all, folks. If you’re interested in betting on 2021 LoL Worlds, some of these futures ought to be right up your alley:

  • Team to win the longest map
  • Most kills in a map
  • Shortest map durations
  • Team to win shortest map
  • Highest total kills in a map

Outright Winner Betting on 2021 LoL Worlds

Even though the play-in stage has started, many LoL gambling sites still offer outright winner betting odds. If you’re into that, here’s a look at what you can expect in the odds’ department:

Outright Winner Betting Odds for LoL Worlds 2021

Teams Odds for LoL Worlds 2021
FunPlus phoenix 220
Edward Gaming 375
Royal Never Give Up 600
Mad Lions 800
T1 900
Fnatic 1400
LNG Esports 2000
Gen.G 2200
Rogue 2500
PSG Talon 2500
Hanwha Life Esports 3000
100 Thieves 5000
Cloud9 5000
Liquid 5000
Beyond Gaming 10000
RED Canids 20000
RED Canids 25000
Detonation FocusMe 30000

Shrink | Expand

Whether you’d like to start outright betting on 2021 LoL Worlds or you’re just looking for detailed information about the participants, this section ought to help you out a ton:

FunPlus Phoenix

  • Nuguri
  • Tian
  • Doinb
  • Lwx
  • Crisp

FunPlus-PhoenixA team of champions, FunPlus Phoenix has their hopes set high coming into this one. Even though they are the second LPL seed, they are the outright favorites to win the title. Even though some of their direct competitors are in slightly better form, FPX’s experience is more than capable of making up for it.

Everyone expects great things from FPX’s super carry Doinb. The 20-year-old mid-laner is second to none; the LPL MVP will have a lot of pressure on his shoulders come the first group stage matches. I, however, am confident he’ll do himself justice.


  • Khan
  • Canyon
  • ShowMaker
  • Ghost
  • BeryL

DWG-KIALeague of Legends bookmakers see DAMWON as the second-best team on the competition. The odds for them to win the event outright are at +375, tied with EDward Gaming. The first LCK seed squeezed in between LPL powerhouses and are expecting a solid campaign with their star-studded roster.

The Worlds’ meta might not fit their playstyle perfectly, but they’re known for being able to quickly adapt to new things. Meta changes shouldn’t faze DWG KIA – especially with a coach like PoohManDu onboard. The most decorated member of LoL esports is bound to make his presence known and lead DWG KIA to glory in Reykjavik.

EDward Gaming

  • Flandre
  • Jiejie
  • Scout
  • Viper
  • Meiko

EDward Gaming2021 LoL Worlds has all the makings of a three-team battle! The culprits – FunPlus Phoenix, DAMWON, and Edward Gaming. We already covered the first two so it’s only logical for us to say a few words about the LPL Summer champions too!

EDward Gaming are absolutely packed with talents across the map. Lee “Scout” Ye-chan is coming into this tournament with impressive form. The all-LPL first team mid and Summer playoff finals MVP ought to be strutting his stuff against 100T, T1, and whoever climbs up to group B from the play-in stage.

They are deservingly among the favorites – if their jungle starts off on the right foot, only a few teams will have the quality to beat EDward Gaming here.

Royal Never Give Up

  • Xiaohu
  • Wei
  • Cryin
  • GALA
  • Ming

Royal Never Give UpRoyal Never Give Up had massive success earlier this season. A quick reminder for those who don’t follow the LPL – RNGU won the 2021 LPL title as well as the 2021 MSI Championship. They were on track to secure the grand slam, but failed to do so after meta switch threw them off balance.

And while many fans don’t think much of RNGU because of their recent mishaps, they are still a proper title contender. The likes of Xiaohu on top who’s been absolutely dominating the scene, as well as their bot combo in GALA and Ming. If you’re going to be betting on 2021 LoL Worlds, make sure you don’t sleep on RNGU!

MAD Lions

  • Armut
  • Elyoya
  • Humanoid
  • Carzzy
  • Kaiser

MAD LionsMAD Lions are coming into 2021 Worlds as the top LEC seed. Humanoid and the boys emerged victorious in what was a rather challenging split across the pond. One thing is certain – MAD Lions’ 2020 framework is finally getting the results they had hoped for. They’re dominant, they’re decisive, and they haven’t been fazed by the recent meta changes.

Still, there are questions regarding their readiness to fight it out with some of the best Asian teams out there. Consistency against teams of their own level is on point, but if MAD Lions secure the playoffs, it will be interesting to see how they pace themselves in a no-room-for-errors single-elimination-bracket system.


  • Canna
  • Oner
  • Faker
  • Teddy
  • Keria

T1T1 are far from the heights they were at just a couple of seasons ago. Arguably the best team in history of League of Legends esports has fallen from grace. However, they managed to clinch the Worlds after a tumultuous season and with a roster that hasn’t been stable for quite a while now.

Unfortunately, with young LCK prodigy Oner in their starting lineup as jungler, continue to struggle with consistency. One match they’re amazing, the other match they’re absolutely atrocious. Things have to start changing ASAP if T1 are to do something notable on this year’s League of Legends World Championship.


  • Adam
  • Bwipo
  • Nisqy
  • Upset
  • Hylissang

FnaticFnatic are coming into the 2021 Worlds as the second LEC seed, right after MAD Lions. Despite their Spring Split sturggles, Fnatic look like a totally different team now, having switched Bwipo to Jungle and Adam up top.

When everything is said and done, Fnatic remain a momentum-driven side that’s not afraid to get down and dirty no matter what sort of team composition they’re going up against. In some instances, however, they were too aggressive and didn’t know how to pace themselves between mid and late game team fights.

This is bound to be a major issue, especially considering just how difficult Fnatic’s group is. Squeezing through to the playoffs will be an uphill struggle for Nisqy and the boys, that’s for sure!


  • Fudge
  • Blaber
  • Perkz
  • Zven
  • Vulcan

Cloud9-logoAt the time of writing, Cloud9 were first in play-in group B following wins over DetonatioN FocusMe and Beyond Gaming. They still have a bit of work to do, but knowing the class and talent they have onboard, they shouldn’t have any real problems with qualifying for the group stage without having to go through the second play-in round.

But, one could argue there’s still enough time for them to start choking. They reached this stage after succumbing to the lower bracket, a scenario C9 fans are all too familiar with. Their inconsistent performances in the Summer Split took a toll and prevented them from playing on the last year’s Worlds.

This time around, they look more composed in mid-to-late game, which could be of crucial importance for them… not just in the remainder of play-in phase but group stage too.

Wrapping Things Up

Are you going to bet on this year’s League of Legends World Championship? If you are, then you definitely won’t have issues with finding stuff to bet on. The variety is astonishing; the list of available betting options goes on and on, and most odds are fair. You can’t ask for more, really.

The play-in stage is going strong, but if you’re not into lower-tier teams, then you’ll have to wait five more days for the group stage to kick off. That’s when the real action starts; that’s when you should start betting on 2021 LoL Worlds!

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