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The Coronavirus pandemic is in full flow, conquering Europe one country at a time, closing all sorts of sporting and music events, but the esports industry is still going strong! Well, for the most part, that is. You see, the esports industry is taking some blows too. We’ve already seen a couple of cancelations, mainly referring to the Overwatch League, Dota 2 ESL One Major, and LoL regional championships. A bunch of additional events ought to be postponed indefinitely too, we shouldn’t be too surprised about that.

What we should be surprised about is CS:GO! Yes, two offline finals have been canceled, but two biggest leagues this year are just around the corner. In fact, the inaugural Flashpoint season has already started, presenting us with a bunch of fine matches already.

As usual, we’re going to focus on the next big CS:GO event. This time around, we’re talking about the highly-anticipated ESL Pro League Season 11 and its intense rivalry with Flashpoint! So, if betting on ESL Pro League Season 11 is something you’re interested in, you’re on the right place!

Where to Place Bets | Best ESL Pro League S11 Betting Sites

First off, let’s talk about the best CS:GO betting sites. The best way to learn all about the greatest CS:GO betting sites out there is to read our guide. It’s a bit on the lengthier end, but it’s definitely worth the read since it features a ton of useful information crucial for beginners.

betting on esl pro league season 11


In essence, the greatest CS:GO betting sites consist of several key factors that make them the favorite platforms for experienced esports betting enthusiasts. These include, but are not limited to, customer service quality, page to page fluidity, responsiveness, and the variety of esports specials.

Obviously, finding the right esports betting sites heavily depends on your personal preferences. Some value more lucrative bonuses above numerous payment methods, while others swear by a fluid mobile site above anything else. We’re all different and we all need different things from our bookies – it’s only logical!

ESL Pro League S11 Preview | Interesting Facts

  • It’s official – the ESL Pro League Season 11 is finally here! It brings forth a semi-franchised new system that, unfortunately, had to be reworked on-the-fly due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • The rework represents switching from an offline to an online system, which is a rather effective measure of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. It’s also an effective way to get lag and wannabe DDoSers onboard, which is always awful…
  • As for the money, ESL Pro League S11 features $750,000 in prizes. We’re not sure how exactly the distribution will pan out because of the new online system, but we are sure ESL will keep their word and splash out all $750,000 upon the conclusion of the Finals event.
  • A follow-up on the Flashpoint vs. ESL Pro League drama – ESL Pro League managed to keep all top-tier teams to themselves, with Flashpoint only taking the scraps of top 20 sides. Will this prevent Flashpoint from living up to its expectations? Only time will tell, I’m afraid…

Tournament Format

As mentioned above, the online portion of ESL Pro League S11 has been reformatted to the good old regional leagues. European and North American, to be more precise. The team distribution isn’t that good, though, seeing as Europe has eighteen and North America only six teams.

Yep, that means each region has its own (weird) format you need to know about before you can start betting on ESL Pro League Season 11.

The European league kicks off on Monday, March 16th and brings forth two group phases and playoffs. The first group stage features three Bo3 single round-robin groups with six teams. Group winners proceed to the second stage while second and third place teams battle for their right of passage.

The remaining six teams battle against each other in the second group stage which is also a single round-robin group featuring Bo3 matches. Once again, the group winner advances through to the next phase (grand finals, in this case) while the second and third-place teams have to battle against each other to get there. In other words, they proceed to the semifinals.

As for North America, there are just six participating teams so the format is much simpler than that of Europe. For starters, there are only two phases – regular season and playoffs. The regular season sports a single round-robin group with Bo3 matches, containing all six teams. The qualification criteria is slightly different too. You see, first and second-place teams advance to the upper bracket while third and fourth teams advance to the lower bracket. Obviously, bottom two teams are eliminated.

In terms of the playoffs, we’re looking at a double-elimination bracket (duh), featuring Bo3 matches with grand finals scheduled for a Bo5 thriller. Just how we like ‘em, right?

ESL Pro League S11 Betting Predictions

There’s not a lot of time to go until the start of the first-round matches, is there!? If you want to cash in on what could be the last CS:GO event in a while, then our ESL Pro League S11 betting predictions ought to help you out.

Here goes nothing:

Team Vitality vs. ENCE Betting Predictions

After numerous changes over the last 48 hours, people who wish to bet on ESL Pro League Season 11 can finally do so on several top-tier esports betting sites. Unfortunately, even though there’s only a day left until the start of this online event, only a handful of the best online bookies feature ESL PL S11 betting options. We won’t go too deep into the reasoning, but we reckon it’s probably due to the ever-changing formatting and reformatting that’s been active in the esports (and especially CS:GO) sphere.

As far as this particular matchup goes, Team Vitality vs. ENCE, it’s probably among the most tightly contested games set to be played during the first group phase. Both teams belong to the top 10 CS:GO teams club, and both know how to deal with the pressure on big events. They’re quite different when it comes to roster dynamics and tactical approaches. Vitality relies heavily on their biggest star, ZywOo, while ENCE players all pitch in and show off amazing teamwork each and every game.

In terms of betting odds, Vitality is a strong favorite in this one, mainly because the Finnish team hasn’t been all that good lately. Their last somewhat notable outing was in November when they lost in the grand finals of Asia Championships against Mousesports.

A simple match-winner on Team Vitality should do the trick here. -250 might not make you rich, but it’s a good start for this highly anticipated event that won’t disappoint CS:GO betting enthusiasts all across the world, especially considering the global pandemic.

ESL Pro League S11 Betting Picks – Team Vitality at -250

NaVi vs. Complexity Betting Predictions

Next up, we have Natus Vincere going up against Complexity. On paper, these two sides couldn’t be more apart, with NaVi currently at the top spot of the CS:GO food chain and Complexity struggling to keep their (somewhat solid) place in the NA region.

And it’s really not going best for the NA side. Yes, they’re still rocking that “new” lineup that was altered last November. A quick reminder, k0nfig, and poison came in, and they’re looking quite good… but it’s the rest of the team that’s slouching behind. I’m mainly referring to RUSH and oBo who haven’t been performing well over the course of the last few months. Of course, oBo is the IGL and he’s not supposed to top the fragging charts, but a few clutches here and there wouldn’t hurt anyone…

NaVi, on the other hand, seems rejuvenated following GuardiaN’s departure. Even though many fans though Perfecto would be just another temporary stand-in, the 20-year-old ex-Syman player is looking like the talent NaVi desperately needed.

Boombl4 is finally doing proper IGLing! He’s perfectly adapted to the CIS giants’ tactical approach and is even capable of bossing S1mple around. Yep, we can’t forget about one of the best players in the world, the Ukrainian CS:GO god – S1mple! Even when he’s not playing at peak level, he’s always among the best on the server.

Overall, looking back ad NaVi’s recent results and overall form, they should have no issues with taking down Complexity without losing a map. After all, we’re talking about a Bo3 match here, so there shouldn’t be any major upsets early on.

ESL Pro League S11 Betting Picks – Handicap NaVi (-1.5) at -167

Astralis vs. Team Vitality Betting Predictions

Astralis going up against Team Vitality is going to be among the most interesting first-round matchups. That said, if you’re interested in betting on ESL Pro League Season 1,, this match is a no-brainer! Even though Astralis is currently in a far better situation form-wise, the odds are still (at least imho) too much in their favor.

These types of matches often go to the deciding map, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we see one here. Not only that – we can also expect at least one overtime too, especially considering the discrepancies in the map pool of both teams.

What’s there to be said about Team Vitality other than the fact that they’ve had a magnificent 2019, with even better predictions for 2020. They have the best player in the world, ZywOo, accompanied by a handful of great individuals all contributing to excellent performances by the best French team at the moment.

Even though the odds are heavily in favor of Astralis, Team Vitality should not be taken for granted. For that reason, I can’t justify betting on Astralis considering the odds. The best option, in my opinion, is to go with my favorite CS:GO Special – total maps. For this matchup, total maps over 2.5 pans out perfectly, even packing solid odds. Yes, I know misutaaa is a huge liability ahead of this match, but I still reckon Vitality is going to take at least one map away from The Great Danes.

ESL Pro League S11 Betting Picks – Total Maps Over 2.5 at +145

Team Vitality vs. NiP Betting Predictions

We have Team Vitality here once again. If you’re considering betting on ESL Pro League Season 11, then Vitality is the team you’re going to get the best odds for. As stated above, they’ve just made a roster alteration just last week (ALEX left and misutaaa came in as the replacement), which drastically lowered their odds of making it big on ESL Pro League S11.

Despite that, I reckon we’ll still see them progress through to the second stage. They are in group A and are still among the main favorites, alongside Astralis and ENCE. NiP seems like the only noteworthy team besides these three, and the only one that could pose as a threat to Vitality’s third-place finish.

Yep, it’s true – this match might be the deciding factor for the third and final place leading to the second group stage. And for that reason, we can expect both teams to play their best game. The odds are high right off the bat, and the likes of ZywOo on one and and Plopski on the other. Yep, Plopski has evolved into a leader for this NiP team, stringing together excellent campaigns and showing off remarkable talent.

But I doubt that’ll be enough for NiP to do something in this match. Yes, they might take one map away from the Frenchmen. At the moment, decider map sits at -112 which isn’t half bad considering the qualities of both teams. Team Vitality is a slight favorite in my eyes,

ESL Pro League S11 Betting Picks – Total Maps Over 2.5 at -112

Fnatic vs. BIG Betting Predictions

DreamHack Masters Malmo is the only somewhat recent triumph by Fnatic. If we are to search for a proper title before that, we’d have to go all the way back to March 2018 when they won the World Electronic Sports Games. What was once the world’s best CS:GO team is now merely a shell of its former self.

On the bright side, the current roster looks set to take down an event or two. KRiMZ, JW, flusha, Golden (IGL), and Brollan. The young Swedish prodigy, Brollan, is strutting his stuff with style. Over the course of the last sixth months, the 17-year-old Swedish rifler/AWPer averages 1.14 K/D ratio on a total of 106 maps. A pretty decent result, especially considering his age. JW has been pulling more strings lately, further helped by KRIMZ who’s still looking way too vital for retirement.

On the other hand, tabseN’s BIG is finally looking to stir up some dust. XANTARES is still going strong, with syrsoN and k1to rounding up the squad after the departure of smooya and nex. Even though we haven’t seen much from this new BIG lineup (except for a solid performance on Flashpoint LAN qualifiers), I expect them to reach new heights in 2020.

Unfortunately, Fnatic is way above those heights, and I can’t see the Swedish boys losing against the Germans here. If you’d like to start betting on ESL Pro League Season 11, this match to be more precise, Fnatic at -330 is the optimal choice!

ESL Pro League S11 Betting Picks – Fnatic at -330

Outright Betting on ESL Pro League Season 11

Unfortunately, considering the fact the ESL Pro League S11 Finals event has been canceled, postponed indefinitely to be more precise, bookies opted against offering outright winner betting options before the start of the regular (online) season.

The biggest reason must lie in the fact that bookies assume a lot of stuff can happen before the Finals take place, which nullifies their risk management. And we all know bookies aren’t exactly keen on taking any risks. Come to think of it, perhaps esports bookies didn’t even want to feature outright winner betting odds so early.

While there’s no such thing as standardized practice as far as these sorts of dilemmas pop up, it does seem more logical to have them available after the end of the regular season, even more so considering the volatility of the CS:GO competitive scene.

Either way, I’m afraid you won’t be able to find outright betting on ESL Pro League Season 11, at least not until the end of the regular (read online) season.

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