Betting on the Iron Throne Episode 5: Lannisters, Dragons, and Coffee Cups

It’s about to go down. There are just two episodes remaining in the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, and the scene is set. At long last, we will soon find out which of our beloved (or hated) characters will sit on the Iron Throne once everything is said and done.

Will Cersei successfully defend King’s Landing and keep the Throne for herself? Or will Daenerys and Jon Snow overthrow her? Will a random character like Tyrion Lannister or Gendry rise the ranks and seize power for themselves?

The fourth episode of the show’s final season didn’t bring as much action as the Battle of Winterfell. Still, there are a number of prop bets still available that have yet to be resolved. Will Jaime be the first Lannister to perish? Will Tyrion and Sansa get married for a second time? Will we see another misplaced coffee cup make a cameo appearance in the season’s final two episodes?

Join Drew Goldfarb and Taylor Smith as they break it all down in the fifth installment of our Game of Thrones betting series, “Betting on the Iron Throne!”

Drew Goldfarb

Drew has been covering sports professionally since 2007, covering sports of all kinds in the ACC, SEC, Big 12 and Conference USA. In addition to covering college sports, he also spent two seasons working with the NHL's Florida Panthers as part of their TV broadcast team, as well as reporting and anchoring for AT&T SportsNet and FOX Sports affiliates, CBS Sports Network and ESPNU. Drew has also been active in Fantasy Sports since 2002.

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