Betting on the Iron Throne Series Finale Edition: Who Controls Westeros?

Welcome to the seventh and final episode of our Game of Thrones betting series, “Betting on the Iron Throne.” The series finale has come and gone. Regardless of how you feel about the way the show came to a close, here’s hoping you were able to successfully take advantage of the various Game of Thrones prop betting options over the course of the six-episode final season.

There were still quite a few interesting props available heading into the series finale. Whether Daenerys Targaryen would survive after burning King’s Landing to the ground in Episode 5 was a major source of intrigue. Of course, there was also massive speculation regarding which character would be crowned as the king or queen of Westeros once the dust settled.

Did Daenerys die in Episode 6? If so, how was she killed? And did Bran Stark, who entered the episode as a heavy -500 favorite to be sitting on the Iron Throne at season’s end, wind up seizing power? Join Drew Goldfarb and Taylor Smith as they break down the series finale of Game of Thrones from a betting perspective.

Drew Goldfarb

Drew has been covering sports professionally since 2007, covering sports of all kinds in the ACC, SEC, Big 12 and Conference USA. In addition to covering college sports, he also spent two seasons working with the NHL's Florida Panthers as part of their TV broadcast team, as well as reporting and anchoring for AT&T SportsNet and FOX Sports affiliates, CBS Sports Network and ESPNU. Drew has also been active in Fantasy Sports since 2002.

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