Betting on WWE Survivor Series

by Mark Perry
on November 17, 2017

The WWE is looking to close out their year with an explosive entry in the Survivor Series archive. The final of the four “big” pay-per-views, Survivor Series often foreshadows the storylines we’ll be seeing on the road to Wrestlemania. In many ways, Survivor Series is the on-ramp. Last year’s Survivor Series saw the decisive return of Goldberg, and many other exciting moments. With the bar set so high, Vince McMahon and his creative team are likely to pull out all the stops this year.

Of course, the eyes of many betting websites will be turned to Survivor Series this Sunday, November 19th. For those who aren’t big wrestling fans but want to join in on the fun, this article will serve as your Survivor Series survival guide. We’ll break down the card match by match, picking the most plausible winners, and giving you the reasoning behind it. While this is geared specifically towards this event, I hope the information learned here will apply to many opportunities in the future.

Enzo Amore vs Kalisto

We’ll start with the pre-show. Enzo Amore and Kalisto may worm their way onto the main card, but 205 Live superstars are often relegated to throwaway matches. While Enzo is certainly the hottest thing in the cruiserweight division right now, for better or worse, Kalisto has picked up some steam recently. This match will likely be entertaining and mainly pulled along by a diatribe from Enzo beforehand. That said, Kalisto will likely take the win here. With four months left to go until Wrestlemania, Enzo will need something to occupy his time before likely carrying the belt into the big show.

Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

From here we’ll work backward, for reasons that will become clear later. Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles are likely to steal the show, with many fans clamoring for the match. AJ Styles is considered the best wrestler in the world, earning almost unending accomplishments since joining the WWE in 2016. Brock Lesnar, similarly, has been murdering people in the ring since ending the Undertaker’s streak. While AJ will certainly provide a threat to Lesnar, I expect Brock to walk away with the W. Only coming out of the woodwork for a few shows a year, it’s time for Lesnar to begin building back his momentum before Mania.

Men’s RAW vs SD! Live Survivor Series

With Smackdown losing the champion versus champion match, I expect them to pick up the win here. While WWE has previously leaned towards RAW, they have recently caught flak for “50/50 booking,” a principle suggesting that wins should be split evenly across every divide. In addition to this, Smackdown is being spearheaded by Shane McMahon, who will likely find himself building a wrestler up in the coming months. John Cena’s return also means the return of Super Cena. He will likely pass some of his superstardom off to another superstar, but now is not the time. There are also rumors that Kurt Angle and Triple H may be a marquee match at Wrestlemania. To build this feud, we are likely to see some dissension in the ranks for the RAW team.

The RAW roster is still packed, though. If you are betting on propositions, I would not be shocked to see John Cena take down RAW as a sole survivor. Shane McMahon may also see himself in this position, if he stays out of the match early. Conversely, Shane is a candidate for first eliminated, should he find himself squaring up against Braun Strowman or Samoa Joe when the bell rings.

Women’s RAW vs SD! Live Survivor Series

In the Women’s Survivor Series match, I expect RAW to take the win with Asuka as a sole survivor or teamed with Bayley at the finish. Met with a middling response when moved up to the main card, I don’t expect WWE to end Asuka’s streak in a Survivor Series match. They have used this slot to push a feud or worker before, and this seems like the perfect way to get Asuka to translate.

The Shield vs The New Day

After a viral infection, Roman Reigns should be back for the proper return of The Shield at Survivor Series. Their match with Kurt Angle showed that the company is fully behind them, and I expect The Shield will entirely bulldoze The New Day. Recent controversy surrounding Xavier Woods and The New Day’s less than stellar win-loss record means they’re likely to take the L. This match may just steal the show, but the writing is on the wall as far as the outcome.

Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte Flair

Ric Flair returned this Tuesday, warming the hearts of many wrestling fans. With Charlotte’s recent title win, it would be fitting for her to retain it with her father in her corner. It would be a nice wholesome moment… if Alexa Bliss weren’t her opponent. Alexa Bliss is known for her mean-spirited antics, and Ric’s involvement leaves plenty of opportunity for it. Furthermore, more heat on Bliss means more cheering for Asuka when the inevitable happens. I trust that Bliss will walk away with the win.

The Miz vs Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin is a lone wolf, a verified monster. The Miz is a bodyguarded weasel and well-known heel. Pound for pound, Corbin should have The Miz’s number. I don’t expect the match to finish this way, though. The Miz will surely have something up his sleeve, stealing the win from Corbin. He will probably receive a beatdown after the fact, but the last man standing doesn’t win a normal match.

The Bar vs The Usos

While 50/50 booking will be in full effect, WWE still has a story to tell. Imagine this one, “Heading into the brand versus brand Survivor Series match, Smackdown has yet to win a match.” It’s a tale as old as time, a repeat of last year, and almost a sure thing. Both teams look strong heading into Sunday, but The Bar has much more to hold up. While my feelings about this one are tighter than many others, I expect The Bar to walk away with a close win.

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