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This is it! The pinnacle of RFRSH Entertainment’s BLAST Pro Series is just around the corner. Dubbed as the BLAST Global Final 2019, it is the biggest and most lucrative event in the series thus far. Half a million bucks are on the line, and there are only four teams set to battle for it.

From the esports betting perspective, however, BLAST Pro Series Global Final 2019 is going to be a tricky event. With a small number of teams and double-elimination bracket setting the pace, we’ll be looking at neck and neck contests throughout the event. On the bright side, we already know the first two matches. As always, we’re going to thoroughly analyze them and share valuable info in the section dedicated to BLAST Global Final betting predictions.

But, before we jump on the esports betting predictions bandwagon, let’s check out the best platforms to use for betting on CS:GO!

Where to Place Bets | Best CS:GO Betting Sites

Whether you’re in it for conventional wagers where you pick which team is going to win, or you’re more into CS:GO specials like, the highest rating, most deaths, team to win both pistol rounds and similar, our ultimate CS:GO Betting Guide ought to be of service.

It’s the bread and butter of CS:GO betting guides, offering a broader view on the betting aspect of the booming esports industry, and giving you several excellent esports betting sites to try out. All of them are known for having in-depth CS:GO coverage as well as some of the most generous specials out there. Furthermore, they aren’t esports-only, meaning you can use them to bet on physical sports too, such as basketball, football, baseball, or soccer.

BLAST Pro Series Global Final 2019 Preview | Interesting Facts

After you’ve checked out the best CS:GO betting sites, it’s time to get back on track and explore the most interesting facts regarding the final CS:GO event of 2019!

First things first, BLAST Global Final is a unique event. Not only does it sport only four teams but it’s also going to be held in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Riffa is the city of choice, at the gorgeous ISA Sports City. This is the first high-caliber CS:GO event in Bahrain, and if everything goes according to plans, I expect more to come.

When it comes to interesting betting-related facts, you’ll be happy to know all major esports betting websites already have wagers available for this event. Not just match-winner wagers but outrights, with the best of them also sporting numerous specials. In other words, everything seems to be ready for a proper CS:GO betting spectacle!

BLAST Global Final 2019 will pan out in a double-elimination bracket with all matches scheduled for best of three contests. Each team has room for one mistake, so they better make it count. You, as an esports bettor, don’t have room for mistakes, so you better pay close attention to our BLAST Global Final betting predictions that are coming right up!

For those of you wondering about the BLAST Pro Standoff show match, no worries, BLAST Global Final won’t fail to deliver. Even though we don’t have the official criteria for the final BLAST Pro Standoff of the season, I expect to see a mixture of the best players from each team competing for individual or fantasy team-based rewards.

Event Schedule (CET) – Here’s a closer look at the full schedule for the event:

Thursday, December 12

FaZe Clan vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas – 1 p.m.

Astralis vs. Team Liquid – 5 p.m.

Friday, December 13

Upper bracket final – 1 p.m.

Lower bracket final – 5 p.m.

Saturday, December 14

13:00 – Consolidation final – 1 p.m.

16:45 – BLAST Stand-off – 4.45 p.m.

18:00 – Grand final – 6 p.m.

BLAST Global Final Betting Predictions

As usual, our event-based pieces don’t just discuss general betting info and tournament-related facts; they feature picks too. So, if you’ve come here looking for facts-driven picks for the two initial matches, our BLAST Global Final betting predictions will definitely be a treat:

FaZe Clan vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas Betting Predictions

FaZe Clan vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas is the opening match of the event. It starts at 1pm CET and offers a rerun of BPS Copenhagen’s grand finals. Not just the grand finals, NiP played against FaZe in the group stage too. Both matches went in favor of FaZe, with NiP serving as one of their favorite customers. Will the third match be the charm for the Swedes? Let’s see…

FaZe Clan 101

FaZe Clan is coming into this event after another month of massive ups and downs. Niko and the fellas won BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen but failed to make an impression on ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals. It wasn’t for the lack of trying, that’s for sure, FaZe Clan simply looked bleak in their final match against 100 Thieves.

On the bright side, their top fraggers, NiKo and Coldzera, are looking fantastic. They’ll definitely have to step their game up even further to stand a chance at winning BLAST Global Final. It would be their third BLAST trophy in 2019, and the most notable one, for that matter.

Ninjas in Pyjamas 101

Even though NiP players have been in fine form over the last month or so, they’re still considered as the biggest underdogs here. Their best performance was on BPS Copenhagen, and that’s where they lost to FaZe Clan, twice. Now, they have to face them yet again, and I bet this time they’ll go that extra mile needed to conquer NiKo and the company.

BLAST Global Final Betting Predictions

Head to head matches go heavily in favor of FaZe Clan. The last time NiP won against FaZE was back in March during BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo, and we all know what a train wreck FaZe was back then. Maps-wise, I can’t really tell the winner. Bot have their pros and cons, but what has the highest potential of deciding this one is definitely the style of play of both of these teams. It’s pretty obvious NiP’s playstyle suits FaZe Clan, and that’s going to be an important factor here. In other words, a simple match-winner on FaZe is the best you can do with this one.

Astralis vs. Team Liquid Betting Predictions

Yep, BLAST Pro Series: Global Finals 2019 are giving us the ultimate matchup right off the bat. Astralis vs. Team Liquid is the grand finals before the grand finals, and it’s been that way for quite a while. Even though they both had their ups and downs in 2019, they’re ending the year in style and hopefully with a proper grand finals battle in Bahrain.

Astralis 101

Astralis went through a rough patch this summer, back when Team Liquid established their era and won seven trophies in as little as three months. Those were tough times for the Great Danes, but luckily device and the boys pushed through, winning the StarLadder Major, their third consecutive and fourth overall CS:GO Major Championship title.

Obviously, the greatest team of all time will fancy their chances in Bahrain. They’ll want to finish 2019 just the way they started it – with a major trophy! There will be plenty of fearsome contestants, Team Liquid being the first, so they’ll need more than one or two in-form players to push through once again.

Team Liquid 101

As mentioned earlier, Team Liquid won seven trophies in three months, including the $1,000,000 worth of Intel Grand Slam money. But that was way back during the summer. It’s winter now, and Team Liquid is far from its usual form. Still, their recent displays show better things to come. A proper outing in Arlington, which ended in a grand finals’ loss to Astralis was alright, despite the obvious lack in the trophy department.

BLAST Global Final Betting Predictions

This is going to be a tough contest, no doubt about that. Nothing surprising, considering the fact every Astralis vs. Team Liquid match is a tough one. Honestly, I wouldn’t experiment with match-winners even though I firmly believe Astralis will take this one home. Team Liquid has the firepower needed to take Astralis down, so betting match-winners on this one is a no-go in my books.

Instead, what I suggest going for Total Maps over 2.5. It’s your typical totals wager based on the Bo3 scenario. Knowing these teams’ map pools and their dueling abilities on first picks, there’s no way we see a 2-0 blowout on either end.

Outright Betting on BLAST Global Final 2019

As already hinted, picking the outright winner betting favorite for BLAST Global Final 2019 is almost impossible. And it’s not just due to the fact we’re looking at a 4-team double-elimination Bo3 tournament here, but because all four of these teams have had massive ups and downs over the course of the last few months.

Astralis failed to capitalize on ESL Pro League Finals, and Liquid failed to make a mark on ECS Season Finals. FaZe Clan and NiP, on the other hand, have been going on and off for the majority of the year, displaying amazing quality on one event and then getting eliminated right off the bat on the second one.

Before we move on to the concrete BLAST Global Final betting predictions, here are the outright winner odds, courtesy of BetWay. You can read our BetWay review here.

Astralis -134
Liquid +280
Faze +475
NiP +700

Even though I’m not their biggest fan, I just can’t go with anyone other than Astralis here. Yes, they failed to win ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals, but it was after a thrilling overtime, which could’ve gone either way. Nuances decided their fate, and I’m sure it only pissed them off ahead of the BPS spectacle in Bahrain.

I’m sure Astralis will finish the season with another triumphant campaign, and win the event organized by their parent company (now former parent company). It would be the perfect icing on the cake of yet another highly successful season for The Great Danes. Even though the odds aren’t the greatest (-134), they do a good job of depicting Astralis’ superiority in this four-team competition.

Yes, the likes of Team Liquid, FaZe, and NiP will pose as fiery competitors, but I can’t see them running Astralis’ plans.

BLAST Global Final Betting Predictions | Outright Winner Astralis at -134

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