BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Regular Season Betting Preview

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There are just four more days left until a massive CSGO event. BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Regular Season is the occasion and believe me when I say it’s a very special one. We’ll talk more about the details (and why it’s so darn special) later on. Right now, we’ll be talking about the best BLAST Premier Fall 2020 betting options and where to find them.

Where to Bet on BLAST Premier Fall 2020

Yep, finding CSGO betting options might not be as straightforward for everyone as it is to us experienced folk. Practice makes perfect, remember that, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. The more time you spend on various CSGO betting sites, the more confidence you’ll have using those particular platforms.

More confidence means more experience, and more experience means you’ll spend less time figuring out how stuff works, and more time doing pre-match research and that sort of stuff. As for the best brands out there, our piece on the most reputable CSGO betting platforms ought to help you out. It’ll point you in the right direction and explain all the basics – what more could you wish for, eh?

BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Betting Preview

This here event is packed with surprises! No matter which angle you look at it, it has a special ace up its sleeve that’ll sweep you off your feet. That said, let’s kick things off with some interesting facts and tournament format before moving onto proper BLAST Premier Fall 2020 betting predictions!

BLAST Premier Fall 2020 – Interesting Facts

First off, the event is scheduled to start next Monday. That’s October 26th; and it’s set to last until November 4th. Plenty of time to get a nice little winning streak, right?

The prize pool is pretty hefty too. We’re talking $150,000 in prize money, which is quite a lot for a regular season. But, that’s not even the best part! The best part is the fact that BLAST Premier Fall regular season brings forth American and European teams, pinning them against each other for the first time since March.

Yep, that’s right – we’re finally going to see the likes of FURIA and EG go up against the best European teams. Unfortunately, Team Liquid won’t be participating, but the aforementioned duo (coupled with the brand-new MIBR roster) ought to put on a show in Europe.

On the downside, we’re still looking at an online event, meaning competitive chaos is inevitable. However, we have to give teams the benefit of the doubt – they’ll be going through their first international matches next week, and it ought to be a massive motivator ahead of crucial matchups.

Tournament Format

BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Regular Season format is pretty much identical to the Spring iteration. There are three groups of four teams, and the top two advance to the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals. The bottom half of the teams will have to prove their worth on the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.

There’s a lot of money on the line, though. The Finals are set to have $1 million in prize money. The regular season, on the other hand, has $150,000. That’s $25,000 for group winners, $12,500 for the fourth, fifth and sixth-place team. As for the bottom half, 7th to 9th place is worth $7,500, and the bottom three get $5,000 each.

Group Stage Predictions

What sort of a BLAST Premier Fall 2020 betting preview would this be if there are no concrete betting predictions? Don’t you worry, we got you covered with our group stage predictions. There are three groups, twelve highly competitive teams, and only half of them will go through. Let’s see which teams have the best odds!

Group A Betting Tips

  • NaVi
  • NiP
  • EG
  • OG

First Matchups:

  • NaVi vs. NiP
  • EG vs. OG

Natus Vincere are coming into this tournament with a shaky form. They barely squeezed through the group stage of IEM XV New York CIS, and are going up against Gambit in the quarterfinals. The most interesting thing about NaVi’s group stage weren’t even their defeats, but the forZe drama following Perfecto testing positive.

That said, the CIS side is not the heavy favorite to top group A. That flattering title belongs to Evil Geniuses. They’ve been a force to be reckoned with in the American region, having won three consecutive events not that long ago. FURIA is the only team that can beat them consistently, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they both go through to the BLAST Premier Finals in January next year.

Back to EG – despite losing a few matches against FURIA, they’re still a top-tier team. Their map pool is a proper strong suit, they’re packing quite the punch dueling-wise, and they’re not afraid to mix things up in the strategy department. You never know what sort of gameplay they’ll present you with, which makes them both fun and scary… especially for betting enthusiasts.

Even though OG had a solid run on IEM XV New York EU, they’re considered as outsiders together with Ninjas in Pyjamas. NiP has been struggling since the start of the year, and that’s a well-known fact. They’ll need something special (and by that I mean a few roster alterations) to get back up on their feet. Who knows, perhaps they’ll pick something up from 100T’s disband.

Bet on EG Against NaVi, if Both Teams Win in the Opening Round

Group B Betting Tips

  • Vitality
  • Complexity
  • BIG
  • Faze

First Matchups:

  • Vitality vs. Complexity
  • BIG vs. Faze Clan

Group B is a bit more complex! We’re looking at four top-tier European sides. Yes, I said European even though Complexity is technically an American organization, but they’re far from that in practice having competed on European online events. Three of these four teams have won notable events in 2020. Vitality is the only one without a proper title, but they had more than enough brilliant campaigns this year. The only thing they lack are titles… and who knows, perhaps BLAST Premier Fall Finals will turn out to be their event.

Faze Clan could easily go down without a win here. Their track records against group stage opponents aren’t looking good. They only have a single win against BIG this year and have been pretty shaky against Complexity and Vitality too. NiKo and the boys did win IEM XV New York last month, but I reckon they’ll have to make their way through the Showdown if they are to qualify for the Finals.

Faze to Lose Against Big Is at -167

Vitality is the favorite here! Complexity can’t count on oBo which is still a massive blow to their gameplay. BIG could surprise everyone with another group stage triumph, but I reckon Vitality will outplay them in a head to head clash, just like they’ve done on DreamHack Open Fall. That’s it for group B – we just have group C left and we’re all done with this part of our BLAST Premier Fall 2020 betting preview!

Group C Betting Tips

  • Astralis
  • MIBR
  • G2

First Matchups:

  • Astralis vs. MIBR
  • FURIA vs. G2

Group C betting opportunities are numerous! Two Brazilian sides are going up against two excellent European contestants. Astralis vs. MIBR ought to be an interesting match, even more so considering the fact we’ll get a first glance at the all-new MIBR roster. A quick reminder, there are just three more days until the kick-off, and MIBR still lacks three players in their starting lineup.

FURIA vs. G2 is the match everyone can’t wait to see. It’s the first real clash of top-tier teams from each region (sorry OG, you’re not there just yet). It’s the match to see in the opening set, and I honestly can’t tell you which way it’s going to pan out. What I can say is that FURIA’s looking absolutely scary! They’ve won Two notable events in the last month and will be fancying their chances at topping the group.

The Great Danes won’t be an easy contender, though. Astralis may have skipped IEM XV New York, but they’re doing good on DH Open Fall… Plus, they’ll finally be playing in their good old lineup with both gla1ve and xyp9x starting from the first round. If that’s not a good invitation to follow group C, I don’t know what is.

Bet on Astralis to Top the Group

Betting on CSGO – Things You Should Know

You’re ready to buckle up and place your first-ever CSGO wager! Not so fast, cowboy – hold your horses! There are some things you should know; things that could save you some money and eliminate potential teething issues…

Never Underestimate the Complexity of Online Events

Let’s make one thing clear right off the bat – betting on LAN events and betting on online events are two different things! Completely different things, to be more precise! LAN events represent a structurally and mechanically optimal environment for competitive gaming. There are upsets, but not nearly as many as there are on online events.

If there’s one word we can use to describe online CSGO gameplay, it’s chaotic! That’s the keyword here – chaos! Anyone can beat anyone – there’s no pressure from the crowds, there are input lag and latency involved, and the thrill of the fight just isn’t there. Some teams react better to these settings, some can’t seem to find their footing. That’s basically why bookies stopped offering outright winner bets for online events – it’s just too darn risky!

Don’t Bet on the Favorites All the Time

Betting favorites is attractive, not odds-wise but chances-wise. Many think betting on the favorites is a quick and easy way to earn some money… especially with accumulators that are becoming more and more popular on the esports betting scene.

But this is a double-edged sword, and I can’t recommend it. In my books, finding value is the best thing you can do as an aspiring esports bettor. And, mind you, betting on the favorites doesn’t yield a lot of value… if any. Focus on finding value and you should be good to go!

Pay Attention to Your Bankroll

Betting bankroll doesn’t equal your total budget! If you’re serious about betting on BLAST Premier Fall and other CSGO events, set a side a portion of your “leisure money” each month and use it for betting. Use only that money for betting – if it lasts you two weeks, you’re going to be taking a two-week pause for your next bet. If you win big, reinvest some of your winnings but don’t forget to treat yourself from time to time.

The biggest bankroll management issue beginners stumble upon is chasing losses. That’s when a bettor keeps investing more and more money after splurging through his/her betting bankroll, all in the hope they’ll win something and come close to breaking event. Needless to say, that’s not how things work in the online betting hobby. You need to control yourself, set up a strict bankroll management system and stick with it!

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