BLAST Premier Fall Group C Predictions and Betting Tips

This Friday, the final BLAST Premier Fall group is about to start. NaVi, OG, Faze, and Complexity eagerly await their opening-round matches. They all pose as proper contenders to qualify for November-bound BLAST Premier Fall Finals. But, this group will give just two tickets – the remaining tandem will have to go through the hassle known as BLAST Premier Showdown.

For everyone interested in betting on this group, I have great news! For starters, our BLAST Premier Fall Group C predictions bring forth a ton of viable information surrounding all four teams and their chances of winning.

Furthermore, you’ll be happy to know there’s more to BLAST Premier Fall betting than match-winners. Even though only a day separates us from the start, most CSGO bookies still feature outright winner betting odds. Yep, you can bet on the winner of this group.

  • NaVi to win group C at -156
  • OG to win group C at +350
  • Faze to win group C at +400
  • Complexity to win group C at +1000

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BLAST Premier Fall Group C Predictions

Some quick information regarding the qualification processes in BLAST Premier Fall!

  • The group stage is here to decide which six teams go to the Fall Finals. The top two teams in each group advance to the Finals, while the bottom two teams in each group advance to the Showdown.
  • The groups are played in a double-elimination fashion, meaning more breathing space in case of an error. Two errors, though, and it’s Showdown time!
  • Our BLAST Premier Fall Group C predictions focus on the third and final group. NaVi are the outright favorites, but the contenders seem rather fierce.

Besides Fall/Showdown qualifications, there’s a bunch of money involved in the ordeal as well! Group winners, all three of them, get $25,000 each. Runners-up get $12,500, third-place teams get $7,500, and bottom dwellers get $5,000.

BLAST Premier Fall Finals are scheduled for Late November. We already know four participants: Vitality, NiP, Astralis, and BIG. Two more will come from group C, and the final two from October’s BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.

Here’s a closer look at BLAST Premier Fall Group C predictions!

NaVi to Win Outright

Natus Vincere ought to be able to close this group out. It won’t be without a fight, though. OG is a fine contender right off the bat, with Faze and Complexity fancying upsets too. But, knowing just how well the CIS champions have been playing, cruising to the top of Group C and $25,000 in prize money should not be an issue for them.

Heck, nothing should be an issue for them as long as s1mple and electronic are able to continue supplementing each other. The marvelous Russian/Ukrainian connection is ever-present! When S1mple isn’t able to provide more than 30 kills per map, electronic is always there to step up and be the leader.

I expect NaVi to go 2:0 here, for sure! But, they might have trouble in the third map. No matter who their final opponent is, it’s going to be a high-stakes clash and NaVi will feel the extra pressure of being the favorites. At -156, BLAST premier Fall group C predictions favor NaVi. Them finishing at the top spot is the likeliest scenario, but let’s see if there’s any value to be found in the remaining three teams!

Faze to Reach the Finals

Faze Clan to win group C is currently at +400. Not too shabby, but it’s kind of a longshot considering their choke potential. Faze Clan are not to be taken for granted either. When they’re on a roll, only a few teams can play head-to-head with them. They got exceptional talent in their starting roster, led by a wicked tandem in Twistzz and broky.

Combine that with experienced veterans in Olofmeister, rain, and karrigan, and you’ll realize they don’t just have choke but upset potential too! At +400, we have to appreciate the value here. The risk, obviously, is there too, but the odds totally justify it.

If you’re a fan of Faze Clan and you’re a risk-taker, don’t miss out on Faze to win group C at +400!

OG and Complexity to the Showdown

Moving on with our BLAST Premier Fall Group C predictions, it’s time we ask ourselves a very important question – What about the remaining two teams? OG and Complexity fancy a shot at qualifying for the Fall Finals… and rightly so!

OG, at +350, is the second favorite in the group. Bookies fancy them more than Faze Clan.

And, why wouldn’t they? Faze Clan failed to reach the EPL S14 playoffs, whereas OG reached the semifinals.

FlameZ is a force to be reckoned with on a good day, and European teams are finally learning that… mostly the hard way.

As for Complexity, es3tag and coldzera are still settling in. The Dane came in late July; the Brazilian came earlier this month. They’re bringing forth not just experience but game sense and fragging potential, both of which are much-needed in this Complexity lineup.

But, it will take more time for these two to properly adapt to their new surroundings. That said, unfortunately, I reckon OG and Complexity will be relegated to the Showdown. Their chances of snatching a spot on the Finals will still exist. The competition will be tough, but I reckon these two will be among the favorites.

Wrapping Things Up

With that in mind, it’s time to wrap up our BLAST Premier Fall Group C predictions. The conclusion is quite simple – pick your poison. You have two options here. A quick way out is betting on NaVi. At -156, it’s a good option for people who don’t like taking a major risk. For the opposite group, there’s always Faze Clan to win the group at +400. I fancy them over OG here, just like the majority of esports betting sites.

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