BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020 Event Preview and Betting Tips

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Would anyone here like to indulge in BLAST Showdown betting? If you’ve raised your hand, come join us as we go through the key elements of this event.

Another grandiose CSGO event is just around the corner! BLAST Showdown betting preview is what we’re here for today! Another big event, another surge of demand for online CSGO betting. That’s how the story always goes for the biggest events out there.

But, mind you, BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020 isn’t really big if you look at the big picture. Don’t get me wrong, it holds two tickets to the season finals, but it has sort of like a qualifier vibe to it.

The competing teams paint things differently. The regular season had a fair share of surprises. Combine that with a couple of NA teams that came to Europe to play on this event, and you’ll get more than your fair share of proper contenders.

Where to Bet on This Event?

Let’s start with the most important stuff – finding a place to bet on CSGO online! The number one question in this department is – where do I start?

Well, the answer is obvious, Google! Google will lead you in the right direction. However, make sure you know the difference between ads and real information. If you’re too lazy to do all the stuff on your own, you can always take a sneak peek at our esports gambling guide. It’s a comprehensive piece about all things esports betting. It’s a must-read for everyone who’s just starting out.

All in all, if you’d like to start betting on BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020, that should be your next stop!

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020 Preview – Interesting Facts

Starting off with the basics, BLAST Premier Showdown is basically the final qualifier for the upcoming BLAST Premier Finals. There are two tickets to snatch here – two bracket winners will come out of the equation with $25,000 in their pockets and the golden ticket to the December-bound $425,000 (supposedly) offline event.

The first round of Showdown knockout matches starts on Tuesday, November 24th. The event is set to end on Sunday, November 29th.

We’re looking at a two-sided bracket here; left side and right side. The stage is set for a single-elimination bracket system. The two winning teams (one in each bracket) get the main prize as well as the ticket to the finals.

You can watch the action live on official BLAST Twitch channels. The entertainment is guaranteed with James Banks as the main host and Maniac and pimp as the leading analysts. Freya Spiers is in charge of the interviews, while David Kuntz will do his best to oversee the action and assure everything’s up to the highest standards. Lastly – Anders, Semmler, launders, and Scrawny – will be our commentators for the event. As I said, entertainment is guaranteed!

Most Notable Contenders

This segment of our BLAST Showdown betting preview is reserved for the very best teams. Here’s a quick look at the list:

  • EG
  • Liquid
  • Faze

In addition to these four, I’d like to point out Cloud9 and The latter are considered as one of bracket #1 favorites, but no one seems to fancy C9’s chances here. I for one think they finally have a decent roster; with a good tactical layout and a bit of luck, they could grab a few scalps, that’s for sure!

Back to business, here are the teams that are worth betting on during BLAST Premier Fall Showdown:

Team Liquid

Let’s start things off with Team Liquid. The boys in blue once ruled over the NA scene with an iron fist. Heck, they were the best team in the world last summer, having won seven notable events in roughly three months. However, even though they haven’t made any significant roster alterations, Grim’s arrival deeply affects how Team Liquid plays as a collective.

Unfortunately, Liquid’s Form Isn’t That Great!

Their IEM XV New York campaign was terrible… but I’m afraid the same can be said about their ESL Pro League S12 adventure too. 2020 has been a tough year for Team Liquid and their fans.

Now let’s look at the positives! For starters, Team Liquid are set to play against Triumph in the IEM XV Beijing semifinals. On top of that, it seems Grim has finally adapted to new surroundings. He had two solid outings last week, against Rugratz and Chaos. The 19-year-old US prodigy is hoping for better things to come in the future. He has the potential, that’s for sure. Plus, I believe Liquid will give him plenty of time and space to develop.


FURIA are among the biggest favorites to take one of the tickets here. According to some of the best CSGO bookies out there, FURIA should cruise to the fourth round… but things might not be as straightforward as they seem! Listen up:

First of all, we have to address their last two matches, both of which were during the BLAST Premier Fall Regular Season. Just like their NA colleagues EG, FURIA also got eliminated without a proper fight. They lost the first match against G2, only to lose again in the second round, this time against their Brazilian brothers from MIBR. That whole event was one big mishap, hopefully yuurih and the boys will be able to forget about it.

Talking about yuurih, the 20-year-old Brazilian star is in quite the form. The same can be said about HEN1 too – they’ve been doing all the hard work for this FURIA team. I’m afraid they’ll have to keep up the good work if they are to push forward and win tickets for the Finals.

However, FURIA will have a relatively easy start against Isurus, the biggest underdog in the competition. If they can get everyone up and running on what could turn into an aim practice, they’ll be fuming with confidence ahead of their second-round clash. seems the likeliest contender; that’s a match FURIA will have to win to fulfill everyone’s expectations and reach the final round.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses are, at least in my books, the biggest favorites in the second bracket. Sure, there’s a pair of tough contenders that are bound to put up a proper fight, but it’s nothing EG won’t be ready for. However, their recent results might suggest otherwise.

First of all, you should know that EG’s BLAST Premier Fall regular season was a big disappointment. They got eliminated in just two matches, having won just one map. Truth be told, both matches were rather intense; they featured a thirty-round thriller and clutch-packed overtime. EG just couldn’t get a lucky break.

Despite all that, EG are still ranked as the second-best team on this event… right behind FURIA, their biggest nemesis in 2020. They’re set to start against Endpoint in what shouldn’t too tight of a contest. CRUC1AL is in fine form, but his individual prowess alone won’t be enough for Endpoint to advance further into the bracket.

Assuming they go through, EG will be going up against the better of Mousesports vs. GODSENT. Complexity seems to be the most likely candidate to reach the final round in the second bracket… but it’s still way early to tell anything with confidence.

Faze Clan

At last, we’ve reached Faze Clan. The fallen European giants are going through what’s probably the toughest period in their existence. They’ve had a superstar roster with NiKo leading the charge; they had one of the most individually packed teams out there… but they just couldn’t get their consistency sorted out.

Now, NiKo is out of the equation and Faze Clan will have to at least consider a complete roster rebuild… assuming they’re going to keep pursuing a CSGO roster, that is.

Obviously, NiKo is going to be missed. Faze Clan just isn’t the same team without the Bosnian superstar. However, with Olofmeister back in the starting lineup, not all is bleak for Faze and their fans. There could still be a glimmer of hope, especially considering their recent IEM XV Beijing displays. Perhaps we’re going to see a countereffect here; perhaps this is Faze Clan’s last budge…

Realistically what can we expect from Faze Clan on BLAST Premier Fall Showdown? Well, I feel like I’ve said this a hundred times already, but if Faze are staying true to themselves, the first match is going to be a big indicator of how they’re going about their business. If they crush MIBR, you can expect them to be the primary contenders alongside FURIA. If they lose, it’s game over; if they win but just barely, you can count on Team Liquid (or even MAD Lions) wiping them out in the next round.

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Betting Predictions

Unfortunately, I won’t be giving you any concrete betting predictions right away. All of these teams have plenty of matches to go until the start of the Showdown, which is why we shouldn’t rush things here.

No worries, though, we’ll have proper picks for you roughly 24 hours before the first round of matches. We’ll know a lot more about the competing teams then, which should allow us to make better decisions.

Don’t wait for too long, though… especially if you’re going on a futures-based value hunt. Those bets need to be placed earlier so you don’t really have too much time to waste!

Outright Betting on Fall Showdown

Yep, we’re witnessing the official return of outright winner betting odds… or in this case, Fall Showdown futures. As you’ve read earlier, there won’t be a single winner in this event. The event format is separated into two single-elimination brackets, and the winner of each gets their tickets to the BLAST Premier Fall Finals.

Here’s a quick look at the odds before we dig deeper into BLAST Showdown betting tips:

Left Bracket Odds
FURIA +250 +350
Team Liquid +350
Faze Clan +500
MIBR +600
MAD Lions +700
Spirit +1500
MAD Lions +5000
Right Bracket Odds
Evil Geniuses +250
Complexity +250
Mousesports +350
NiP +400
Sprout +1000
Cloud9 +1300
Endpoint +3000

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. Feel free to check out our BetOnline review. If you’re interested in betting on CSGO, it might be just what you’re looking for!

As always, we aren’t here to give you the obvious answers; we’re here to find value… and I reckon there’s plenty of value here.

As you can see, most esports betting sites favor FURIA and Evil Geniuses. Much of FURIA’s performance depends on how they approach the very first map. We’ve seen them fail miserably on their first European adventure not that long ago. On the bright side, their first match is against Isurus so they might get a chance to snowball to the final stages.

Value-wise, I reckon our best options are Faze Clan at +500 and a high-risk maneuver on Cloud9 at +1300. The latter is really interesting. Cloud9’s new roster has plenty of potential.

Their Flashpoint debut was a massive heartbreak, but BLAST Premier Showdown might be the perfect opportunity to announce themselves as worthy title contenders.

With those words, I’d like to wrap up our BLAST Showdown betting preview. The event’s kickoff is just around to corner so you better get your wagers in before the timer runs out!

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