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When you read this piece, the opening round of matches might even be done and dusted. Heroic vs. POGGERZ is set to start any minute now, marking the start of the final pre-Major event. No worries, our BLAST Premier Showdown betting preview is here to give you guys necessary info on the most notable teams, key dates, format, and schedule!

There’s no reason to beat around the bushes here. The first matches are just about to start meaning there’s no time to waste!

BLAST Premier Showdown Preview

  • The event starts today and runs through Sunday, October 17th. It’s going to feature six days of top-notch competitive CSGO, with a total of fourteen matches. That’s a weird number of matches for a sixteen-team tournament, but please – allow me to elaborate:
  • BLAST Premier Showdown features two separate brackets. They’re both played in single-elimination format and the winner of each bracket gets a spot on next month’s BLAST Premier Fall Finals.
  • Other than the qualification, the two bracket winners will also get $30,000 in prize pool out of the total $162,500. It’s not the most lucrative event out there, but it’s definitely worth your attention!
  • All matches are bo3, including the opening and final rounds. There are no bo1s and bo5s, meaning we’ll have the same exact betting opportunities from start to finish.
  • Talking about betting opportunities, BLAST Premier betting sites will offer a whole heap of stuff. Unfortunately, due to the event’s format, there are no outright winner odds, though that shouldn’t be too big of an issue if there’s enough variety of match-based specials.
  • One last thing – CSGO betting enthusiasts shouldn’t sleep on this event. Even if you don’t intend on betting, you should pay close attention to the results. As I’ve said earlier, this is the final step before the Major, and these results ought to impact some teams’ performances in the Challengers stage.

BLAST Premier Showdown Betting Tips & Teams to Bet On

Now let’s check out the most notable teams AKA the teams you should bet on during BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. We’ve prepared short overviews of top-four contestants. But, mind you, only two of them can go through to the Finals.

Heroic and OG are in the first bracket; and G2 are in the second.

Let’ the game begin!


Heroic is the first team we have to focus on here! They are coming into this tournament finishing twelfth on IEM XVI Fall and losing their Legend Status ahead of the Major. This must’ve been a huge blow to their self-esteem and could pose an even bigger issue should they fail to qualify for BLAST Premier Fall Finals. Momentum means a lot in CSGO, and they couldn’t be any further from it at the moment.

Luckily, they’re starting off against POGGERZ in a match they have to use as training grounds. They have to stomp over Lobanjica and the co if they are to assert themselves as the favorites in this bracket. Should they failed to do that, chances are high they won’t be able to recuperate in time for the PGL Major.


Next up, G2! Everyone expects a lot from G2 on this Major! NiKo and the boys squeezed through to the Legend Status, meaning they’re going to start the event off from the Legends stage. But, that doesn’t mean they can relax and let time do its thing! Nope!

Remember, G2 Went Through Two Disastrous Events Prior to IEM XVI Fall

They were absolutely swept away by the competition on ESL Pro League Season 14, losing all five of their group stage matches. They showcased a similar performance on BLAST Premier Fall group stage, failing to clinch the Finals. Here they are now, having to string together three wins in order to clinch the season Finals.

Their opening-round clash against Lynn shouldn’t be an issue. But, the winner of EG vs. MAD awaits them in the next round, followed by either Liquid or (assuming there are no big upsets). G2 has the quality to take care of all these sides… but quality doesn’t mean much if they’re going to keep on losing crucial rounds and choking near the end. They have to start closing matches out with proper force!

NaVI and are the power beacons of CIS; the whole region expects them to do wonders in Stockholm, though it will not be easy! And while NaVi have cemented their spot on BLAST season Finals, weren’t that lucky to finish their work in the group stage. They have to go through the Showdown and, looking at their bracket, it will be an uphill struggle.

Luckily, YEKINDAR is in great form and if push comes to shove against G2 in the final round (assuming they both go through), the young Latvian could be the difference. But, then again, Niko is no pushover. All in all, we’ll be in for a great final round clash in the second bracket.


Last but not least, OG! Mantuu and the boys failed to clinch the PGL Major following a poor performance on IEM XVI Fall. If you’re interested in BLAST Premier Showdown betting, OG might not be the best choice for you. I know, I know, they will have extra motivation to clinch season finals here, especially after failing to clinch the Major… but their poor performances leave much to be desired.

Long story short, OG isn’t a team you should bet on during this event!

Wrapping Things Up

As mentioned in the introduction, for some of these teams, this event is the last piece of true competitive training before the PGL Major spectacle. Even if that wasn’t the case, there’s a lot to play for all of these teams.

You see, the Showdown might not be the most lucrative event out there, but qualifying for the Major means $30,000 from this one, and a chance to fight for whopping $225,000 grand prize next month. Yep, there’s a lot of money on the line, which means BLAST Premier Showdown betting demand is going to be through the roof.

As always, thanks for sticking through to the end. Hopefully our CSGO picks for this event will be on point!

Until next time,

May the odds be in your favor!

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