BLAST Premier Showdown Spring 2020 EU Event Preview

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Blast Premier Spring EU

DreamHack Masters is in full flow. Even though we’ve already had a fair share of surprises, this online event continues to be a massive success in the betting sphere. Esports betting enthusiasts all across the world are actively enjoying placing DH Masters wagers, on both American and European events.

But, today we’re not going to talk about DreamHack Masters Spring betting opportunities here. We already have a blog post covering the basic information about it. As the title suggests, today we’re going to talk about BLAST Premier Showdown betting. More precisely, we’ll go through the most interesting facts, team storylines, event overview, as well as betting options and frequently asked questions.

If you’re interested in betting on CS:GO, this piece ought to come in handy. It’s informative but concise, short but thorough, and focuses on lots of important things that could help you string together a couple of winning wagers.

BLAST Premier Showdown Spring 2020 – Interesting Facts

  • BLAST Premier Showdown was planned as a massive LAN event but had to be switched to an online environment. It’s still a big event and it still serves as an entryway to the BLAST Premier Finals scheduled for mid-June.
  • Obviously, the online switch created an additional event. Instead of all teams playing against each other on one big LAN event, they are divided into two regions and will be playing separately. Both American and European events start on Monday, June 1st and they both end on Sunday, June 7th.
  • There’s a total of $325,000 in prize pool money. $182,500 for the European and $142,500 for the American event. And that’s just counting the Showdown action, without the Finals or Regular Season.
  • Three teams from each region (six in total) will get the tickets to the regional BLAST Premier Finals. The American finals will host four teams while the European finals will host eight. The prize pools are hefty too – $250,000 for the American and $500,000 for the European event.
  • BLAST Premier Showdown NA sports eight teams divided into two groups. Group winners advance to the finals, second and third-placed teams to the semifinals, while last-placed teams are out of the competition.
  • If you’re interested in BLAST Premier Showdown betting, you should pay close attention to the group stage matches. They are all best of one, meaning upset potential is insanely high. You could get hefty returns… if you know what you’re doing, that is.
  • BLAST Premier Showdown EU sports ten teams divided into two groups. Group winners advance to the finals, second-place teams advance to the semifinals, while third-and fourth-place teams have to start off at the quarterfinals’ mark. Once again, last-place teams are eliminated.

Teams that already qualified for the BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Finals are as follows:

  • Faze Clan
  • Natus Vincere
  • G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid
  • Complexity Gaming

Here’s a closer look at the EU event’s group stage:

Group A Group B
Astralis Fnatic
Team Vitality Mousesports
ENCE Dignitas
sAw MAD Lions
Ninjas in Pyjamas TBD

Here’s a closer look at the NA event’s group stage:

Group A Group B
MIBR Evil Geniuses
FURIA 100 Thieves
Gen.G Cloud9
Chaos Triumph

Team Overviews – Key Storylines

Our BLAST Premier Showdown betting preview isn’t finished just yet. A few more things remain on our bucket list, so it’s only logical to tackle the first one – team storylines. Here are the six sides I believe will snatch tickets to their regional BLAST Premier Finals.

Evil Geniuses

Let’s start off with Evil Geniuses! Brehze and the boys were, at least for a short period of time, considered the best team in North America. They were at the top of their game, winning StarSeries S8 and ESL One New York, roughly a month apart. Combine that with two semifinal finishes (EPICENTER and ECS) as well as a runner-up medal on ESL Pro League S11 NA last month, and you’ll realize what a powerhouse EG is… or was.

You see, they had plenty of oscillations in between those events. For instance, they struggled during BLAST Premier Regular Season which led them here. They also had a terrible run on IEM XIV World Championship in Katowice as well as ESL One: Road to Rio NA (a few weeks ago). They aren’t holding particularly well on DreamHack Masters either, which goes to show you what a form drop they’re going through.

The main culprit could be the fall of CeRq. The Bulgarian AWPer is going through a rough patch after being one of the main fraggers in the EG roster alongside Brehze. He’s battling with consistency, switching on and off between events. If he’s having a good day, his presence on the server is more than noticeable, and often just enough to sway the odds in EG’s way.


Gen.G is a relatively new name on the CS:GO esports scene. They joined the action last year, early December to be more precise, by acquiring Cloud9’s core consisting of automatic, daps and koosta. They completed their roster with s0m and BnTeT and placed Elmapuddy (former C9’s assistant coach) as the team’s head coach.

Fast-forward roughly half a year and Gen.G already has several notable trophies to brag around with. The most notable ones are surely DreamHack Open Anaheim and the most recent trophy, ESL One: Road to Rio NA. Yep, Gen.G won the prestigious event after beating FURIA in the grand finals.

Autimatic is the leading gun in this Gen.G roster, although it’s not really fair to point him out. The rest of the team is doing their part of the job too, everyone except perhaps s0m who ought to be under scrutiny in case of a bad start on this event.


FURIA is the third and final NA team we’re going to talk about in our BLAST Premier Showdown betting preview. In all honesty, FURIA might just be the best team in North America at the moment. After all, they almost went all the way on ESL One: Road to Rio and ESL Pro League S11 NA, and are enjoying themselves on DreamHack Masters Spring.

On top of all that, I should point out that FURIA has only one defeat in the last ten matches and that was the ESL One: Road to Rio grand finals loss to Gen.G. KSCERATO and yuurih are doing the hard work! However, HEN1 has to get some praise too – he’s been a proper champion during the last month or so, clutching several crucial rounds and looking really confident out there. If you’re going to bet on BLAST Premier Showdown, here’s the best advice I can present you with – bet on FURIA to top group A!


Haven’t you guys heard – Astralis is back in business! Device and the rest of the Danish team have won ESL One: Road to Rio EU roughly two weeks ago. They had a near-perfect campaign that finished with a stomping over poor G2 in the grand finals. Prior to that, Astralis struggled on two occasions (ESL PL S11 and IEM World Championship), but they were in the top four both times.

However, that could change seeing as gla1ve announced a three-months-long medical leave. JUGi will be designated replacement for the foreseeable future, AKA until Es3tag’s contract with Heroic expires. JUGi’s debut portrayed a shaky performance, but it didn’t take him too long to find his stride. Of course, the 23-year-old AWPer lacks proper top-tier experience and he may crumble under all that pressure eventually. But, from the looks of things, he’s becoming a stable starter in what’s arguably the best team in the world.


Next up, we have Team Vitality. We’re talking about one of (if not the) best French teams around. They’re dynamic, have a relatively deep map pool, and play fancy, attractive CS:GO without too much passive plays. However, Vitality’s biggest problem and the thing that prevents them from reaching the very highest level of competitive CS:GO is the fact they’re relying on ZywOo way too much than they should.

I know ZywOo is the best player in the world, but relying on him to secure each and every round is a bit too much, don’t you agree? I mean, he is the world’s greatest fraggers, perhaps the best one ever, but whenever he has a bad day you can rest assured Vitality will be on the losing end.

ALEX’s departure must’ve shaken the squad significantly. It did help them to go back to an all-French roster which does a great deal communication-wise, but misutaaa (ALEX’s replacement) hasn’t shown himself in the best of lights just yet. Once he clicks with the team, I’m sure we’ll see much better displays from ZywOo and the company.

MAD Lions

Last but not least – MAD Lions! The Danish team already had massive success this year. For those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, MAD Lions exploded onto the top-tier CS:GO stage by winning the inaugural Flashpoint season. Truth be told, the competition wasn’t that demanding, but a trophy is a trophy… especially one with a juicy prize to go alongside it.

Since their success on Flashpoint, MAD Lions didn’t compete on a single notable event where they’d get the chance to face off against the world’s best. First such event, DreamHack Masters Spring, saw MAD Lions advance through to the playoffs after eliminating Mousesports in the final round of the group stage.

Who is to thank for MAD Lion’s success? Well, truth be told, the entire roster stepped up for the occasion. All five players are in top form, but Bubzkji and sjuush are leading the chargestats-wise. MAD Lions have a pretty deep map pool which could come in handy, especially considering the BO1 nature of BLAST Premier Showdown’s group stage. Depending on how they perform on DreamHack Masters Spring playoffs, MAD Lions could be one of the favorites to top group B or a potential dark horse ready to snatch points in chaotic Bo1 contests.

CS:GO Betting FAQ

Let’s wrap our BLAST Premier Showdown betting preview up with a few commonly asked questions:

What are the Best CS:GO Betting Sites?

We don’t like to brag around with our sophisticated taste, but we have to come clean – we’re confident our list of the best esports betting sites features only the highest-quality betting platforms out there. If you’re into stuff like effective customer support, low profit margins and intuitive page to page navigation, then there’s no need to look further than our list of favorites.

Is Betting on Esports Specials a Good Idea?

If you can’t find good value in match-winners, then yes, betting on esports specials is a good idea. Specials bring forth a massive twist to the betting tale, enabling you to bet on all sorts of in-game happenings, some of which yield hefty value. If you’re unfamiliar with the premise behind special wagers, our CS:GO specials page ought to be of help. Not only does it showcase the most popular CS:GO specials, but it also features short explanations for each of them.

Is Esports Betting Strategy Essential for Long-Term Profitability?

I wouldn’t call it essential, but it’s definitely important in the grand scheme of things. Adopting a betting strategy will help you out in the long run, that’s for sure. By teaching you basic bankroll management, wager timings, accumulator systems and risk assessment, you’ll definitely have a slight advantage over your bookie. For more information on all that, check out our esports betting strategy page.

Where to Find BLAST Premier Showdown Betting Odds?

In this day in age, finding websites with CS:GO odds takes only a couple of minutes. While there’s an abundance of available betting platforms these days, it’s still possible to get stranded on a subpar bookmaker.

How can you recognize such platforms? It’s pretty simple – all you need to do is check out their licenses and security certificates. If that all checks out, move to available payment methods, customer service effectiveness, and compare their esports odds and coverage. By assessing all these factors, you’ll be able to determine if your go-to esports bookmaker is worth your time… and money, for that matter.

Wrapping Things Up

We are nearing the end of our BLAST Premier Betting preview. There’s just a few more things left to be said before we can wrap it all up, so bear with us, please.

For starters, make sure you don’t miss the thrilling BLAST Premier action by tuning in to their official livestream. Also, don’t forget to check out the event’s official Liquipedia page for key dates and matchup start times.

That’s all for today, folks!

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