BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 – Betting Picks, Predictions, & Team Analyses

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Friday, January 31st, is the starting date of one of the biggest new CS:GO events of 2020! For those of you who aren’t in the know, CS:GO in 2020 seems to be going in the franchising direction, featuring several new semi-franchised leagues that are looking to spice things up in the stale CS:GO competitive scene.

Esports betting enthusiasts rejoice – this means 2020 will be enriched by two league-like competitions that’ll feature a bunch of thrilling best of three contests. And we all know everyone loves betting on CS:GO matches featuring Bo3 systems.

BLAST Premier Spring 2020 is the name, and the first season is set to feature twelve top tier teams that got direct invitations to the event. All the hottest names are here, including the best team in the world, Astralis, as well as several of their toughest competitors.

CS:GO betting has been on a hiatus for the majority of January. However, BLAST Premier Spring betting ought to push the numbers up. CS:GO betting enthusiasts are always up for a challenge, and BLAST Premier Spring 2020 definitely is exactly that!

Best BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Betting Sites

Let’s deal with the most important stuff right off the bat – where can beginners test their luck/knowledge and bet on CS:GO matches? More specifically, what are the best BLAST Premier Spring 2020 betting sites out there?

Well, the best way to answer this question is to visit our comprehensive CS:GO betting sites guide. Not only does it feature some of the safest and best-known esports betting sites in the business, but it also gives plenty of supporting esports betting information.

BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Betting Preview

  • Most esports betting sites already feature the first round of BLAST Premier Spring 2020 matches, despite the fact some of them start in two weeks. In addition to match-winners, many bookies offer outrights as well. Long-terms are always nice to have, don’t you agree?
  • As mentioned above, the event starts on Friday, January 31st, and ends on Sunday, February 16th. Three weeks, three double-elimination groups of four teams.
  • Two best teams in each group advance to the BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Finals, while the remaining six teams have to earn their Finals’ tickets through the Spring 2020 Showdown.
  • BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Season is going to take place in London, UK. At the 3 Mills Studio, to be more precise.
  • Unfortunately, at the time of writing this piece there was no concrete information on the future of the popular BLAST Pro Standoff show match. Knowing RFRSH Entertainment, they ought to make something similar this season, at least during the biannual finals.
  • Pay close attention to CS:GO special bets that are available on a wide variety of esports betting sites. These can ramp up the entertainment and yield great returns, so make sure you keep your tabs on them at all times!
  • The entire BLAST Premier Spring 2020 season is going to be available on Twitch. Feel free to check out the official BLAST Premier Twitch channel to watch the action live!

BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Betting Predictions

You’re still reading, which means you must be interested in betting on the BLAST Premier Spring 2020 season. If that’s really true, then the following section ought to be exactly what you’re looking for. As the heading suggests, I’m going to hit you with some good old CS:GO betting predictions.

More precisely, I prepared comprehensive analyses of all six first-round matchups. So, if match-winner betting options are your cup of tea, keep on reading! If, on the other hand, you’re more into long-terms, there’s a section dedicated to outrights right below the betting predictions.

FaZe vs. NiP

FaZe Clan vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas matchups always come down to the wire. I expect the same show in London where these two giants will face off in the first round. Both teams will fancy their chances going forward, but FaZe Clan has to be pointed out as the favorite team here.

These two teams have a handful of head to head matches. It’s nothing surprising considering the fact they’re both top-tier European teams. As for the superior side, FaZe Clan won four out of the last five head to head matches against Ninjas in Pyjamas. However, the defeat was in the last match, which perfectly showcases NiP’s rise in late 2019.

So, which way is this one going to go? Well, it’s honestly too tough to call. So, instead of traditional match-winner betting predictions, I’ll go with a nice little special. Total Maps over 2.5 at -105 is what I’ll go with, a solid value for a match that’s definitely going to the decider map!

FaZe vs. Nip:Total Maps Over 2.5 at (-105)

Liquid vs. MIBR

Coming into this match, Team Liquid is the obvious favorite. Even though they’re not exactly in the form they had been in last summer, they did fine in December, placing second on two notable events, ECS S8 Finals and BLAST Pro Series Global Final. In other words, EliGE and the boys seem to be in an upward spiral, and once they start rolling, they’re insanely difficult to beat.

MIBR, on the other hand, is still trying to find its pace after coldzera’s departure last September. kNgV- and meyern were supposed to get the franchise back to the top of the food chain, but they’ve been looking rather unimpressive thus far.

-500 on Team Liquid to win is a fairly stupid thing to do here. I mean, it should come through, but the value just isn’t there. However, first map handicap on Team Liquid (-4.5) at +100 looks awfully good. Too good to be true, come to think of it. MIBR is not looking good, and Liquid is coming to London to sweep the group. Plus, knowing the desire of NAF and the fellas to finally get their dose of competitive CS:GO ought to make for a fast first round!

Liquid vs. MIBR:Team Liquid (+100)

NaVi vs. Vitality

Arguably, Natus Vincere vs. Team Vitality is the most thrilling first-round matchup of BLAST Premier Spring 2020! S1mple, the world’s second-best player is going up against the world’s best player, ZywOo. These two individuals really are the best of what CS:GO has to offer at the moment. Sure, there are a few more names that be in the discussion, but when talking about the two most prominent figures, they belong to NaVi and Vitality.

But, in terms of BLAST Premier Spring 2020 betting predictions, which of the two should you bet on? Truth be told, tt’s a tough task, this one. These teams are pretty neck and neck. Heck, even the betting odds are exactly the same, both at -118. Perhaps more, perhaps less, depending on your bookmaker’s cut.

Knowing how these two teams will approach this matchup, NaVi with plenty of aggression and Vitality hoping ZywOo has a good day (shots fired), I’m afraid I’ll have to side with the Frenchmen. Need I remind you, Vitality won the last notable event of 2019 just three days before Christmas. And they defeated in-form Mouseports coming off ESL Pro League glory. NaVi, on the other hand, underperformed to the maximum, not just on EPICENTER but basically every other event in 2019 as well.

NaVi vs. Vitality:Vitality (-118)

Astralis vs. Complexity

Now this one is pretty straightforward, right? Astralis vs. Complexity shouldn’t be a close contest. Yes, I know that sentence just angered a bunch of hardcore Complexity fans, but it’s the realistic picture of the current team. K0nfig and poison synced up well enough, and blameF is keeping his continuous run of great form, but it’s still barely enough to keep them in the top 50. Yep, at the moment, Complexity is ranked 47th on HLTV’s Team World Rankings.

Obviously, match-winner on Astralis is absurdly low, sitting at -2000, so we’ll need to find a different road here. Unfortunately, this match is scheduled for February 7th, and there are no specials available at the moment. Once they arrive, I’ll probably go with Astralis to win both pistol rounds on map 1. The odds won’t be superb, I know, but it’s still a good tradeoff considering Astralis’ qualities.

Astralis vs. Complexity:No Bets Available

100 Thieves vs. G2

100 Thieves’ roster (former Renegades) is looking fine. Even though they didn’t build upon their early start, a strong second-place finish on IEM XIV Beijing, 100 Thieves is still among the top 10, according to Nadeshot’s org is on the seventh position, to be precise. Their first-round opponent on BLAST Premier Spring 2020, G2, is tenth. For this reason, most esports bookies, including BetWay, have 100 Thieves as slight favorites, coming into this match.

I for one don’t share that opinion. In my books, in-form G2 will take 100 Thieves down, perhaps without needing the third deciding map. hunter- is playing extraordinarily well, averaging 1.32 K/D ratio during the last three months of play. His teammates aren’t too far behind either. As a matter of fact, this new G2 roster finally seems to be working as planned. Plus, G2 are on a six-match winning spree, five of which were best of three contests.

100 Thieves, on the other hand, is yet to play a competitive match in 2020. Plus, Nadeshot’s boys lost two out of their last five matches in 2019. Perhaps they did train extra hard during the winter break, but I still can’t see them doing much against in-form G2.

Yes, we all remember that hectic Bo3 contest in Berlin, during the StarLadder Major Legends Stage. It was the deciding match between G2 and Renegades (now 100T). The winner goes to the playoffs. Long story short – Renegades secured Vertigo and Inferno, ending up as a major upset in the playoffs.

What’s the final verdict, then? What are my BLAST Premier Spring 2020 betting tips for this matchup? Here’s what I got for ya:

100 Thieves vs. G2:G2 (+105)

Evil Geniuses vs. OG

Last but not least, let’s talk about Evil Geniuses, the second-best NA team, and OG, a brand-new roster consisting of some of the hottest talents out there. Even though, at the very first glance, betting on EG seems like the logical thing to do, OG has several aces up its sleeves that you have to take into account.

First, OG, as a brand-new roster, has a lot to prove. The CS:GO esports scene is incredibly competitive, and a bad start could really endanger these players. Not just in terms of roster stability but the entire org too. Additionally, players like NBK-, Aleksib, and valde have plenty of experience at the highest level. They know what it takes to be consistently in the game and I’m sure they’ll kick things off on the right foot under OG’s colors.

EG’s 2019 was spectacular. First of all, they won ESL One New York and StarSeries I-League Season 8 in the span of a month, which placed them at the top of the food chain above both Astralis and Team Liquid. Semifinal departures on ECS S8 and EPICENTER 2019 show good consistency but a lack of that special something needed to take the trophies. They’re struggling against European teams, though, which is yet another plus for OG.

All in all, I think my BLAST Premier Spring 2020 betting predictions are pretty clear for this one. OG should take it home. At +300, that’s actually an impressive value. There’s a downside too, unfortunately. EG vs. OG is scheduled for Valentine’s Day. So, if you have a SO that’s not into esports or CS:GO, I’d really love to see you try and plan on watching the game instead of a romantic night out…

Evil Geniuses vs. OG:OG (+300)

Outright Betting on BLAST Premier Spring Season

Since we’re talking about BLAST Premier Spring 2020 regular season, there’s no real winner because it’s not the typical league-like format we’ve grown accustomed to. There are three groups here, and there won’t be any inter-group matches following the group stage. That’s reserved for the BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Finals.

In other words, the regular season has six “winners”, teams that place first or second in their respective group and qualify for the Finals. That means, if you find outright winner betting options for BLAST Premier Spring 2020, you’re betting on the whole competition and not just the regular season. However, some CS:GO betting sites went out of their way and feature group winner wagers.

Group A Predictions

Team Liquid needs to qualify for the BLAST Premier 2020 Finals, so we can expect them to come into the first-round match with plenty of motivation. As mentioned earlier, MIBR shouldn’t be too big of an issue for eliGE and the boys.

As for the second match, they’ll probably go up against FaZe Clan. Even though FaZe’s roster looks absolutely brilliant on paper, matches aren’t won on paper. In other words, NiKo and Coldzera won’t be enough to clinch the group. Going into third match speculations is a bit too much. Still, Team Liquid should take this one home…

Group A:Team Liquid (+110)

Group B Predictions

Can NaVi or Vitality mess things up for Astralis? We’re talking about two teams that possess some of the greatest individual talents on the scene (S1mple and ZywOo) going up against the most complete, teamwork-driven roster in the world.

While I do think individual brilliance matters in CS:GO, I still expect Astralis to cruise through group B. The Great Danes ought to start 2020 off with a bang, and winning group B with such fierce competition would be a loud one, that’s for sure!

Group B:Astralis (-200)

Group C Predictions

Evil Geniuses should win group C, right? Well, they are the team that had the most successful 2019 season in the group, and realistically speaking, they have the finest set of players. However, OG’s roster has a lot to prove, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they put up a proper fight against EG in the first-round match.

Still, EG’s experience should get them (at least) the second place that leads to the season FInals. After all, we’re talking about the team that dethroned Astralis and Liquid, a marvelous feat they’ll want to repeat in 2020! However, as far as winning group B goes, I have to take the risky road with OG at +800. Yes, I know they haven’t synced up yet, but the sheer individual quality ought to be enough… combined with a bit of luck, of course.

Group C:OG (+800)
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