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Here it is, one of my favorite CS:GO events is back in action, again in one of the most beautiful cities out there. BLAST Pro Series takes another stop, this time in Miami, the city of vice. The gorgeous Watsco Center is set to be the venue next Friday and Saturday (12th and 13th) for a proper CS:GO spectacle. As usual, BLAST Pro Series event organizers have invited six excellent teams, most of which belong to the top five bunch. That said, I’m sure we’ll get to enjoy a ton of neck and neck matches, great ones for the bettors. Talking about bettors, this article will feature lots of useful betting-related information. I’ll cover the most important info regarding the teams, point out possible upsets and give some well-researched betting predictions. Alongside that, there’ll also be a whole section dedicated to the best BLAST Pro Series Miami betting sites.

In fact, let’s tackle that right now!

Where to Bet | Best BLAST Pro Series Miami Betting Sites

If you’re one of those people who still doesn’t have a go-to esports betting site, well, your life is about to change. For the better, of course!

First off, let’s start with the main advice – put a ring on a single bookie and use it for the majority of your esports bets. It’s okay to have one more on the side for extra bonuses and potentially higher odds, but don’t stray too far from your choices. Especially early on in your esports betting career. Wait until you get a hold of how things work on these websites. They can be a bit confusing at first, but once you place your first couple of bets you’ll be as good as gold.

”But how am I supposed to find the best BLAST Pro Series Miami betting sites?”

Well, there are lots of ways you can approach this task. The most obvious one would be to google that exact keyword. However, that won’t yield you the best results, in most cases.

What I recommend is finding informative websites focused on esports betting. Sort of like this site, hint, hint. In fact, we got a comprehensive article on this topic that could help you out. It features pretty much everything you need to know about CS:GO betting and the best sites to bet on.

That said, if you want only the best BLAST Pro Series Miami betting sites make sure you check out our in-depth CS:GO Betting article.

BLAST Pro Series Miami Preview |Interesting Facts

Let’s spice things up with a few interesting facts regarding this charming CS:GO event:

  • As hinted above, BLAST Pro Series Miami is not your typical tournament. Not only is its schedule tightly packed in just two days, but it also has a cool 1v1 show match that’s become quite the crowd pleaser. It goes by the name Blast Pro Standoff and what it does is it puts the third team up against their choice of the three bottom ones. Once both participants are known, they’re set to play five 1v1 matches on a specializes aim map. Just like those in the good old days of CS 1.6.
  • The second interesting fact about BLAST Pro Series is its compactness. As mentioned earlier, it lasts just two days but features whopping 16 standard matches alongside the Standoff. In just two days… talk about a tight schedule. Of course, this would be impossible if all group stage matches weren’t Bo1. In fact, the only Bo3 match in the entire tournament is the grand finals.
  • I’m sure some of you still don’t know about the recently announced BLAST Pro Series World Championship. There will be a total of seven BPS events in 2019 which will give out Circuit Points based on teams’ standings. After the end of the seventh tournament (location and date still unknown), the four best teams will meet again to play at the BLAST Pro Series World Championship, first of its name. Pardon the pun, with Game of Thrones Final Season being just around the corner, I couldn’t help myself there.
  • Lastly, BLAST Pro Series Miami is scheduled for next weekend. Friday 12th and Saturday 13th The venue in which it’ll be played is the Watsco Center in Miami. A splendid venue that will show the second BPS event of 2019 in the best of lights. Oh, and I almost forgot – the tournament prize pool sits at $250,000 which is crazy. Especially considering the event lasts just two days and the fact that there are just six teams competing.

Tournament Format

Every BLAST Pro Series event starts off with 15 group stage matches. During the group stage, each team plays once against all five remaining teams. All group stage matches are Bo1. The top two teams advance to the grand finals which is a Bo3 encounter. The only Bo3 encounter on the tournament, mind you.

The third-place team advances to the show match – BLAST Pro Standoff and they have to choose their opposition between the three bottom placed teams. Once the decision has been made, the teams go into five 1v1 matches, each with a specified weapon. BLAST Pro Standoff is played on a specialized BLAST-created aim map that heavily resembles those good old aim maps we all grew up on.

The total prize pool of this tournament stands at the standard $250,000, $125,000 of which goes to the winning team. Other prizes are distributed as shown below plus an extra $20,000 for the BLAST Pro Standoff winners.

1st 10 $125,000
2nd 8 $50,000
3rd 6 $25,000
4th 4 $15,000
5th 2 $10,000
6th 0 $5,000

BLAST Pro Series Miami Betting Predictions Round 1

Since most of you came here looking for the best BLAST Pro Series Miami betting sites, it’s only logical to of us to add in a few betting predictions as well. After all, we’re a betting-oriented website so that’s what we’re all about!

Natus Vincere vs MIBR

First off, we have a match between Natus Vincere and MIBR. The former team has been on a solid form recently even though they’ve suffered a surprising defeat on Katowice Major against ENCE. The latter, on the other hand, have been everything but solid. Their Katowice spell wasn’t too bad, but everything afterward was a proper train wreck for the Brazilians. Ending the last BLAST Pro Series event without a single win echoed through the pro scene. And to make matters worse, it happened on their home soil in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Coldzera, fer and the boys sought redemption in Shanghai but with no luck. Their adventure was cut short in the group stage after suffering defeats against Renegades, NRG, and North. NaVi’s StarSeries S7 adventure is still alive. They won against BIG, NIP, and NRG, qualifying through to the playoffs where they’ll be seeking revenge over ENCE. Now that’s going to be a sick match to watch, mark my words.

As far as this matchup goes, I just have to side with S1mple and his Russian/Ukrainian team. They’re looking good on all fronts, and could even pose a threat to Astralis’ title aspirations.

Cloud9 vs Astralis

Ahhh, here we have a rerun of one of the most humiliating Major matches in recent years. Astralis vs Cloud9, a matchup which roughly a month ago ended up with a 16-0 on the scoreboard for the Danish side. Needless to say, such a bad result was definitely among the reasons why Cloud9 lost a big portion of its roster right after the Major.

This new roster does look fresh, but it’s still questionable whether or not they can get this American esports organization to the next level. In terms of CS:GO, of course. Still, their home supporters will be cheering their lungs out for this new C9 team, and they might even make an upset here. It’s highly unlikely, but still possible that automatic and the boys get carried away by the fans in their competitive debut and put on a fight against The Great Danes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should bet your money on Cloud9 here. I’m just stating the things that potentially could happen. If you want my real, honest opinion, I think Astralis will stomp all over this Cloud9 team and dishearten them on their debut tournament before it even begins. That’s why I’ve prepared a nice special bet for all risk-takers reading this. You can find it down below in the Value Bets section.

FaZe Clan vs Team Liquid

Lastly, let’s talk about the toughest round 1 match on this tournament, FaZe Clan vs Team Liquid. Arguably, Team Liquid is still the second-best team in the world and they’re going up against FaZe, a superstar team that keeps failing everyone’s expectations. Even though on paper, these two teams are very much alike, their real-life performances are far from it.

As soon as you glance at their statistics in recent months, you’ll realize that Team Liquid is among the world’s best. They’re playing as a team with no real superstars in their rosters… but still somewhat good results. Especially considering Astralis’ dominance and the fact they were able to beat them in a grand finals match in early 2019.

On the other hand, you have NiKo and Guardian of FaZe Clan, both of which are considered as world-class fraggers. Others, however, are not showing themselves in the best of light, often not doing enough to keep their track record in the green.

With all that in mind, Team Liquid ought to see this one through. However, keep in mind that we’re talking about a Bo1 matchup here so upsets are possible. Not probable, by all means, but possible…

Outright Betting on BLAST Pro Series Miami

Of course, Astralis are the main favorites to win this tournament, as was the case with virtually every other tournament they’ve competed on in the last year or so. If Astralis is on the team sheet, you can bet your ass they’re the favorite team.

Unfortunately for all you CS:GO betting enthusiasts, bookies are well-aware of Astralis’ dominance so their betting odds are reflecting the situation. At the moment, odds on Astralis to win outright sit at -167 which, realistically speaking, isn’t worth your while.

However, if you’re willing to take a bit of risk, I guess you can go with Team Liquid to win this one. After taking a short break from competitive matches (need I remind you, both of these teams skipped SS S7), Team Liquid will be on the lookout for a trophy. And BLAST Pro Series in their home country is probably the best opportunity for them.

Now, I know it’s difficult to bet against Astralis here, but on a smaller stake, +400 on Team Liquid to win doesn’t seem half bad. Their roster looks good, their Major performance was a bit floppy (loss against ENCE in the quarterfinals) and their grand finals match in Sao Paulo was solid at best. There’s room for improvement and I’m sure TL’s coach, adreN, will do everything in his power to get the team back to their winning ways.

Team Liquid to win outright @+400

Value Bets on the Best BLAST Pro Series Miami Betting Sites

If you’re already on one of the best BLAST Pro Series Miami betting sites, chances are you’ll be greeted with a ton of betting options. Alongside the standard match-winner bets you’ll also have many specials at your disposal. Among these specials, one can often find great value bets that either go well as singles or a part of future-proof accumulators. Either way, they’re worth checking out.

As far as the best BLAST Pro Series Miami betting sites are concerned, they’ll often have advanced specials such as team to win and number of maps, total maps over/under, best fragger, best HLTV rating, and so on. If you want specific bets, here’s what I got for you:

NaVi to Win & Under 23.5 Rounds

Once again, MIBR is in an atrocious form, probably the worst they’ve ever been in. Their IEM Katowice Major performance was solid and we got a sneak peek at their new roster… but it all went downhill from there. Both BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo (I personally had huge expectations from MIBR on this tournament) and StarSeries Season 7 portrayed the Brazilian side in the worst of lights. Natus Vincere, on the other hand, is playing well pretty consistently. If everything aligns properly, not only am I sure NaVI will take this one home, but I also think they completely obliterate MIBR and leave them with nothing but scraps on the scoreboard.

Astralis to Win & Under 20.5 Rounds

Let’s start off with an interesting fact – two out of last four head to head matches between these two teams ended with less than 20.5 rounds in total. Their last encounter was during IEM Katowice when Astralis completely obliterated poor Cloud9 16-0 on Train.

Now, now, I know this brand-new Cloud9 roster has a bit of potential… but I still think they’ll be surprised with what Astralis has to offer. The Great Danes will be coming into this tournament hoping for another impeccable performance and I think they’ll start off on the right foot, humiliating Cloud9 with less than four rounds lost. Best of all, this bet should have fairly decent odds because I doubt many bookies will anticipate a complete and utter destruction of a brand-new Cloud9 roster, especially on their home soil. But hey, we’re talking about Astralis here, don’t forget that!

NiKo Most Kills

And finally, let’s talk about a cute little bet regarding the most anticipated first-round match, FaZe Clan vs Team Liquid. Since I already elaborated why I think this one can go either way, it would be illogical to give you guys a combined bet here. I’m referring to team to win and rounds over/under bets here, of course.

Instead, I did some research regarding the players’ forms and can’t help but to point out NiKo’s dominance. Yep, perhaps he wasn’t pulling the strings in FaZe’s last match on StarSeries Season 7, but his overall performance was still miles ahead of everyone else.

Team Liquid players, on the other hand, are all at roughly the same level. They’re all playing consistently well and complimenting each other’s performance match in and match out. There’s no outstanding individual fragger in their team who’s capable of doing everything on his own.

NiKo, however, has that individual firepower which he so often shows at the toughest of matchups. And we all know FaZe Clan vs Team Liquid is going to be as tough as they get. That said, there’s not a doubt in my mind NiKo will be top fragging this match.

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