Best BLAST Pro Series Moscow Betting Sites, Interesting Facts, and CS:GO Betting Predictions

After a two-month pause, BLAST Pro Series—one of the most notable CS:GO series in 2018 and 2019—is coming back and promises exceptional action just a week after the Major. This is great news for people who ended their StarLadder Major campaigns on a positive note and are ready for another test of their CS:GO betting expertise.

That’s why, today, we’ll be focusing on the upcoming BPS event and checking out what the best BLAST Pro Series Moscow betting sites are offering in terms of betting options.

Yep, even though the Major is all done, there’s still a ton of CS:GO action to go down in September. First up is this BPS event, followed by the ESL One spectacle in New York later on.

There will definitely be awesome CS:GO matches to bet on, so let’s not waste any more time and dive right on in!

Where to Place Bets | Best BLAST Pro Series Moscow Betting Sites

Finding the best CS:GO betting sites for placing bets on events such as this one is always a time-consuming process. Depending on your level of expertise, it can range from a minor hassle to a whole day in front of the computer.

The more you explore, the better your decision will be in the end. Make sure you keep that in mind! However, we can help you out! You’ll still have to do some work on your own, such as double-checking the info, comparing the odds, and making the final decision.

How can we help you? Head on over to our CS:GO betting sites guide.

That page features everything you need to know about the best CS:GO betting sites. It contains a ton of behind-the-scenes info on everything you might need when choosing your go-to CS:GO bookmaker. Tips and tricks, most popular specials, and differences between betting on CS:GO, and other esports are just some of the topics it covers.

If you’re on the lookout for proper CS:GO betting sites, our guide ought to help you out!

CS:GO BPS Moscow 2019 Preview | Interesting Facts

After checking out some of the best BLAST Pro Series Moscow betting sites, it’s time to say a few things about the event. A short bullet list is an ideal solution here!

  • As always, BPS events feature six teams battling against each other for a $125,000 grand prize, half of the total prize pool money. Considering the fact this tournament lasts only two days, $125,000 is quite a hefty amount.
  • Even though the latest BPS event (LA) mixed things up a bit format-wise, BPS Moscow is going back to its roots with a group stage plus grand finals combo. From the looks of it, that’s the best way to approach such a tightly-packed event.
  • The Pro Standoff is perhaps the most recognizable thing about BLAST Pro Series events. It features five 1v1 duels with $20,000 on the line. The matches are played on a unique BPS aim map, just like those you showed your prowess on back in the days of CS 1.6.
  • The event kicks off on September 13th and lasts just two days. However, the best BLAST Pro Series Moscow betting sites already feature a vast number of betting options on this particular event.

BLAST Pro Series Moscow Betting Tips | Who to Bet on?

Instead of showing you specific bets available on BLAST Pro Series Moscow betting sites, I’ll emphasize the three top-tier teams to bet on throughout the event. Yes, I know we’re talking about tricky Bo1 contests, but these three teams are still the central figures coming into this Moscow spectacle.


The first on our list is Vitality, a team which substantially underperformed on the Major and is expected to make a full 360-degree comeback in Moscow. Don’t get me wrong, Vitality made it through to the Champions Stage, and that’s a great feat in and of itself. However, with ZywOo in their ranks, fans expected much more from Vitality. They expected a grand finals finish and potentially even the StarLadder Major trophy.

After a disheartening quarterfinals defeat, my expectations for Vitality are sky-high. Despite having a terrific event all-around, ZywOo failed to deliver in the crucial match, which resulted in a surprising elimination. However, knowing the 18-year-old’s consistency, I reckon he’ll only come back stronger after the Berlin heartbreak. We can expect him to be in full flow and craving for sick clutches.

With Vitality’s two-IGL saga being a glaring fault in their system, they benched NBK just days after the Major. Coming into BPS Moscow, their fifth man still hasn’t been announced, but rumors suggest it will be either shox or kioShiMa, both very capable and highly experienced CS:GO veterans.

NBK’s shoes will be difficult to fill, but I suppose both of these players possess more firepower than the 25-year-old Frenchmen. Arguably, the fragging potential just wasn’t there as Vitality relied heavily on ZywOo, so this change should work in their favor (frags-wise).

Best of all, ZywOo and the boys will have the perfect opportunity to get back at AVANGAR in Moscow if Jame and the boys beat forZe and qualify for the event. What a spectacle it would be to see Vitality and AVANGAR square off in the grand finals.


Just like their team anthem suggests, StarLadder Major Legends Stage was, quite literally, EZ4ENCE. With three dominant wins against AVANGAR, MIBR, and Vitality (Bo3), and not a single loss, ENCE went through as the top seed ahead of the Champions Stage.

Even though they showed off terrific gameplay in their first three matches in Berlin, the fourth one (quarterfinals) portrayed the tenacious Finns in a completely different light. They were bleak, disoriented and didn’t put up a decent fight on Mirage or Nuke.

It just wasn’t the team and the gameplay that the Finns showed off in the Legends Stage. Their dueling prowess, their ability to lead a T-sided rush, and the ability to read opponents’ plays were missing in their QF match against Renegades.

Furthermore, this was Aleksib’s last event with ENCE, and that was a fact announced before the Berlin spectacle. Now that the Major action is all done and dusted, Aleksib said his goodbyes and suNny emerged as the newest addition to ENCE’s starting roster.

BPS Moscow will be his first event, so there ought to be much pressure on his shoulders. Can the promising 25-year-old entry fragger do himself justice among comrades? Well, a solid result in Moscow would suggest he can!

Despite their lackluster quarterfinals’ elimination versus Renegades, ENCE’s form is still undisputed, and they’re coming into this among the favorites at BLAST Pro Series Moscow betting sites. The likes of NaVi and Vitality will be their most significant threats, although we shouldn’t take NiP, MIBR, and (most likely) AVANGAR for granted either.


The last team to bet on in Moscow is Natus Vincere. S1mple and the boys looked pretty decent in Berlin and will want to transition their form on home soil against some of the world’s best team. With Team Liquid and Astralis out of the picture, the Ukrainian/Russian combo will fancy their chances of finally lifting a proper trophy, especially considering the fact BPS Moscow will be the last tournament of their long-lasting in-game leader Zeus.

I have to say NaVi has excellent chances of taking this one home. Motivation won’t be lacking, that’s for sure, and I’m sure the players already forgot about their issues in Berlin. That match vs. NRG wasn’t that bad on their end; it was just that the NA team showed up with their A-game and there was nothing electronic, s1mple, and the boys could’ve done.

However, the teams that’ll be competing in Moscow are much more up their alley. The likes of Vitality and ENCE should fit NaVi’s playstyle, and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit to see them win these H2H contests if they find a proper fifth man. GuardiaN seems like the most likely option at the moment.

That said, if you’re thinking of betting on NaVi in some of the crucial group stage matches, make sure you find the best possible BLAST Pro Series Moscow betting sites to maximize your returns. Even the slightest of margins between odds can amount to a significant extra on your profits, especially if you’re a fan of accumulators.

BPS CIS Play-In Prediction

In addition to Vitality, ENCE, and NaVi, BPS Moscow will also feature MIBR, NiP, and either forZe or AVANGAR, whoever wins the CIS Play-In matchup. Yep, given the fact this BPS event is going to be hosted in Moscow, Russia, it’s only logical to give a wildcard spot to a CIS team.

So, who’s it going to be, forZe or AVANGAR?

Well, judging by their performances in Berlin, betting on AVANGAR seems to be the obvious thing to do here. However, not everything is black and white when it comes to this matchup. Yes, AVANGAR is in a much better form than forZe, but the sheer quantity of extra matches they played in Berlin has undoubtedly left a toll on their readiness and fatigue levels.

Even though CS:GO and esports, in general, aren’t physically-demanding activities, fatigue is still a common issue. That’s why, these days, top-tier teams invest in nutritionists, medical staff, and personal trainers to help their players overcome those issues.

The odds at BLAST Pro Series Moscow betting sites reflect that quite well, with -143 on AVANGAR even though they’re just coming back from playing in the StarLadder Major grand finals against Astralis. ForZe, on the other hand, sits at +105, a pretty good value considering the fact they didn’t even make it through to the Legends Stage.

That said, I expect this match to be a close-fought battle with high chances of reaching the decider map. While I do believe AVANGAR will go through, I’d say Maps Over 2.5 at -112 is a much more viable option. Betway and similar BLAST Pro Series Moscow betting sites feature this prop, so make sure you compare the odds before investing your money.

Outright Betting on BLAST Pro Series Moscow

BPS titles often go in the hands of unlikely contestants, such as ENCE and FaZe Clan. I’m not saying these two are bad teams, I’m just saying their roads to titles were packed with upsets and far stronger teams on the other end.

Needless to say, this is due to the chaotic nature of BLAST Pro Series events. Their Bo1 group stage matches are upset-friendly, meaning there are decent chances of surprises throughout the initial phase of the competition.

Just recently, we’ve seen a fair bit of Bo1 surprises on the Major. Both the Challengers and Legends Stage were absolutely packed with them, making all of us think twice before calling someone a heavy favorite.

With that in mind, outright betting on BLAST Pro Series Moscow is as tricky as they come. There are no playoffs, just the group stage plus grand finals, so everything depends on those chaotic group stage Bo1s.

Even if one of the favorites reaches the grand finals, fatigue could be a major issue with such a tightly-packed event, not to mention the fact some of these teams played a ton of matches in Berlin.

What I’m trying to say here is that I’ll avoid outright betting on BLAST Pro Series Moscow for three reasons. First, the upset potential of Bo1 series, second, it’s a tightly packed event, and third, there could be some carry on fatigue from Berlin.

There are several great group stage matchups to pursue as well as the exciting CIS Play-In contest, and that’s probably what I’ll end up placing my money on.

That’s about it as far as the best BLAST Pro Series Moscow betting sites, most prominent teams, and outright betting tips are concerned. Thank you all for reading, and we wish you the best of luck on your esports betting endeavors!

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