Breaking Down the Best Online Prop Bets For Paul vs. Mayweather

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Mayweather vs Paul Props

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are slated to box on February 20, 2021. Yes, you read that correctly. One of the greatest boxers to ever live will be facing off against a YouTube star with an 0-2 record in the sport. Today, I’m going to break down the best online prop bets for Paul vs. Mayweather.

This fight is clearly a money grab for each man. Even with Logan Paul’s massive size advantage, not many feel he has any chance of getting a win over Floyd. There are some interesting bets available for the fight, though.

Here’s what you need to know about this matchup.

More Information on the Paul-Mayweather Fight is Coming Out

Floyd Mayweather hasn’t fought in a legitimate professional fight since August of 2017. After hitting the legendary 50-0 record, he announced he was stepping away from the sport. He’s continued to train since that time and even took an exhibition bout against Tenshin Nasukawa back in 2018.

Everyone knows that Mayweather continues to train. He’ll never step back into the ring against a real champion or up and coming contender. If the opportunity for a massive payday against an outmatched opponent pops up, however, Floyd is going to take it.

That’s exactly what we’re seeing with Paul vs. Mayweather. Not long ago, the salaries for this matchup were released. Floyd is getting paid a guaranteed $5 million for the fight and 50% of the total Pay-Per-View sales. Paul, meanwhile, is earning just $200,000 along with 5% of the PPV sales.

MGM Grand Las Vegas

More details on the fight itself have recently surfaced, too. An official venue has not been named, yet it’s rumored to take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the fight being contested as an exhibition, it seems likely that both men can weigh in at whatever they want.

There are now a huge number of US online sportsbooks offering odds on this matchup. Some fans are choosing to bet on which man wins. Others are more interested in some of the special prop bets for the matchup.

Now is the perfect time to break down some of the odds for the special wagering options.

Best Online Prop Bets for Paul vs. Mayweather

Online sports betting has grown even more popular throughout 2020. Many of the wagers being placed lately are on combat sports. Boxing and MMA promotions are doing everything they can to put on big fights capable of generating major fan interest.

Paul vs. Mayweather will be a spectacle. Is this setting up to be a competitive fight? It’s pretty unlikely. Floyd has fought big men before and will almost certainly be able to take Logan Paul to school for as long as he wants to.

BetOnline, one of the best internet sportsbooks in the US, is now offering some of the best online prop bets for Paul vs. Mayweather. I believe these bets offer a better opportunity to win big than simply wagering on who wins.

Here are some of the prop bets worth taking a look at.

Bet on if Logan Paul Gets Knocked Down

Logan Paul isn’t necessarily a skilled boxer and many fear for his safety in this fight. Paul, however, has stated in interviews that he’s not scared about the possibility of getting knocked out by Floyd Mayweather. He seems to feel that Floyd doesn’t possess any real power in his punches.

Mayweather’s record tells a different story. During his early career, Floyd was considerably more aggressive and finished many of his opponents in brutal fashion. Now, fans can bet on whether or not Logan Paul is knocked down during their fight.

At the moment, BetOnline gives Paul odds of +225 to remain on his feet for the entirety of this fight. The odds are set at -350 that he ends up suffering at least one knockdown. This seems like a wager worth taking.

My Prediction:

I believe this is an easy pick. Paul will hit the canvas at least once and to think he doesn’t seems ridiculous. At -350, this bet could end up paying off in a big way.

Bet on Whether or Not the Fight Goes the Distance

New fans of boxing might think of Floyd Mayweather as somewhat of a boring fighter content with earning decision victories. In his later career, Mayweather certainly seemed happy to earn a decision win. He was facing the highest level of competition, though, and showcased incredible defensive skills against thunderous punchers.

Mayweather has the power to earn knockouts. He’s now 43 years old and recently told the media he plans to train extremely hard for this upcoming bout. One of the best online prop bets for Paul vs. Mayweather is on whether or not this fight ends up going the distance.

Boxing betting sites currently set the odds for this fight hitting the final bell at +170. It’s clear that the oddsmakers feel Mayweather earns a stoppage victory. The odds that this fight doesn’t end up hitting the final bell are set at -250.

My Prediction:

If Mayweather wants to finish this fight, it seems probable that he will. Floyd may want to give fans a show and could decide to simply beat Logan Paul for the entirety of the fight. I expect Floyd to wear Paul down in the early rounds before earning a stoppage victory sometime in the latter half of the bout.

Bet on the First Man to Bleed

Over the course of 50 professional fights, Floyd Mayweather has probably only taken 4 powerful blows to the head. He’s considered by many to be the greatest defensive fighter of all-time. Perhaps his best defensive showcase came in a 2013 victory over Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

Logan Paul can’t boast that same level of defensive skill. In fact, he took some big shots in both fights against fellow YouTuber, KSI. It takes almost a lifetime to perfect the level of boxing that Mayweather possesses.

Another exciting Paul vs. Mayweather prop betting option is on who bleeds in this fight first. It’s an interesting wager and one that seems to sway heavily in one man’s favor. That, of course, is Mr. Mayweather, who holds odds of +300 to bleed first. Paul holds odds of -500 to shed some blood first in this bout.

My Prediction:

Floyd has only bled in a few of his fights over the years. He knows how to block and roll with punches better than anyone. If anyone ends up bleeding in this bout, I expect it to be Logan Paul.


Floyd Mayweather has accomplished what just about every combat sports athlete dreams up. He took very little damage during his career, is extremely wealthy, and has remained in fantastic shape. This upcoming fight against Logan Paul proves that he is still one of the biggest stars in the sport of boxing.

This is a fight that is guaranteed to draw in a huge amount of viewers. Mayweather and Paul both have massive followings behind them. Both also have detractors that would love to see them lose.

It’s now easy to find the best online prop bets for Paul vs. Mayweather. Simply head over to BetOnline today to check them out!

Are you excited to see this fight take place? Who do you think ends up winning? Let me know in the comments section below!

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