Bucs Still Favored to Win NFC, But Dallas Is Moving up Quickly

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The NFL season is quickly approaching the Holidays, which means we can start looking towards the Playoffs. In particular, we can turn our attention towards the contenders in the NFC and their chances of winning the conference.

NFL betting sites have updated their NFC Championship odds following the conclusion of Week 10’s slate of games. Let’s huddle up to examine the latest odds for this NFL prop bet and see where we should place our wager.

NFL Betting Odds

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+310)
  • Los Angeles Rams (+350)
  • Green Bay Packers (+400)
  • Arizona Cardinals (+400)
  • Dallas Cowboys (+500)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+310)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently sit on top of the NFC South division with a one game lead over the New Orleans Saints.

Tampa Bay is on a two game losing streak, which has dropped them from the top spot in the conference to 4th in the NFC standings as they sit two games back of the Packers and Cardinals and one game back of the Cowboys who they beat.

Why They Can Win the NFC

The biggest reason why Tampa Bay can win the NFC is Tom Brady. Yes, he had a poor showing in Week 10 against WFT, but The Goat is third in the NFL with 2,870 passing yards. Yet, he’s first with 27 TDs and 3rd in QBR.

The Buccaneers offense is 3rd in total yards at 406.4 ypg and 1st in passing at 315.6 ypg. When fully healthy, this is the best offense in the NFC.

Why They Won’t Win the NFC

Currently, Tampa Bay is 2-3 on the road with losses at Los Angeles, New Orleans and Washington. They were outscored 101 to 73 in those three defeats.

One major concern for this team is on the defensive side of the ball as they’re giving up 254.2 passing yards per game and 23.6ppg.

Another big reason why the Bucs could fail to win the NFC is due to injuries. Numerous starters on both sides of the ball have missed several games already.

Los Angeles Rams (+350)

After a crushing defeat on MNF to the 49ers in Week 10, the Los Angeles Rams have now lost two games in a row and sit 5th in the standings. LA is also 1 ½ games back of the Cardinals in the NFC West, but lost to Arizona earlier in the season.

Why They Can Win the NFC

Prior to the last two weeks, the Rams were one of the top offenses in the NFL. Yet, despite the two poor showings in a row, Los Angeles still remains 6th in total yards per game at 387.2 ypg, 5th in passing at 289.3ypg, and 7th in scoring at 27.1ppg.

Furthermore, the team made two major acquisitions in the middle of the season by trading for OLB Von Miller and signing WR Odell Beckham Jr. These two stars will take full advantage of LA’s Week 11 Bye in order to fully learn the playbook.

Why They Won’t Win the NFC

The Rams are 23rd in rushing at just 97.9ypg. The offensive line seems to play inconsistent at times, which prevents the team from finding more success on the ground.

Another factor working against them is that their star-studded defense is playing well below expectations as they rank in the middle of the pack for most major categories along with giving up nearly 23ppg.

This defense was first in the NFL last year.

Green Bay Packers (+400)

The Green Bay Packers are the top seed in the NFC as of Week 11 with an 8-2 record and a 3 ½ game lead in the NFC North division. Furthermore, they have an impressive 6-1 record against the NFC already.

Why They Can Win the NFC

It’s rather surprising that this offense is not ranked in the Top 10 for any major statistical category. And, yet, they’re still the top seeded team in the NFC especially since they already beat the Arizona Cardinals in head to head action.

Instead of the usual Green Bay team that we always saw being led by their offense, this year’s team has one of the most, if not the most, underrated defenses in the league.

The Packers are 3rd in total yards allowed (309.9ypg), 3rd against the pass (202.7ypg) and 3rd in points allowed (18ppg).

In addition to this stellar defense, Green Bay also has the reigning NFL MVP and future HOF quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. He has yet to really reach the levels of success as he did last year, but he can out-throw any QB in the NFL.

Why They Won’t Win the NFC

The Packers have had injury issues throughout the year including to star RB Aaron Jones who’s currently out with a sprained knee. Another concern with this team is that they continue to have issues with covid and have been fined by the NFL for violating protocols.

Arizona Cardinals (+400)

The Arizona Cardinals are 2nd in the NFC with an 8-2 record and have a 1 ½ game lead in the NFC West. They’ve accomplished this with the team missing both Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins for the last two weeks.

Why They Can Win the NFC

When healthy, the Cardinals are a dangerous team on offense as they’re 4th in scoring (28.7ppg), 8th in total yards (375.5ypg) and 9th in rushing (125.8ypg). Prior to Murray missing the last two weeks, he was the odds on favorite to win the NFL MVP award this year.

Like the Packers, Arizona has a vastly underrated defense that has played great through the first 10 weeks. The Cardinals are 4th in yards allowed (323ypg), 5th against the pass (206.4) and 5th in points allowed (18.9).

Why They Won’t Win the NFC

Overall team health is the biggest factor working against the Cardinals, which could prevent them from reaching their full potential and winning the NFC.

They have already lost star defender J.J. Watt for the season along with their main offensive players Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins, and Chase Edmonds currently being out of action. Furthermore, they’ve had other key role players also miss games so far.

Dallas Cowboys (+500)

After nine games, the Dallas Cowboys sit 3rd in the NFC with a 7-2 record. They’re also sitting on top of the NFC East division with a three game lead over the rest of the teams.

Why They Can Win the NFC

Dallas is arguably the best offense in the NFL right now. The return of Dak Prescott from injury last year has really taken this offense and team to the next level.

Dallas leads the NFL in total yards (433.9ypg) and points scored (31.6ppg). They’re also 4th in passing (294.3ypg) and 4th in rushing (139.6ypg).

Why They Won’t Win the NFC

Dallas has been great on defense with forcing turnovers as they have 14 INTs and 3 forced fumbles. However, they’ve also turned the ball over 12 times which is a concern for looming tight ballgames.

Another defensive concern is that Dallas is only averaging 2 sacks per game which is 25th best in the NFL. Even more alarming is the fact that they average just 1.2 sacks per game on the road.

Who Should We Bet on to Win the NFC?

All five of the teams listed above are legitimate contenders for the NFC Championship. With that said, I am taking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as of Week 11.

Yes, the team has looked bad the last two weeks, but that seems to be a trend in the NFL as numerous teams have lost ugly the last few weeks like the Rams, Cardinals and Cowboys who have all been blown out as well.

When you have one of the best offenses in the NFL, at full strength, and led by The Goat, you have to ride this train until they go off the tracks.

Tampa is the reigning Super Bowl champs and they really know how to turn things on in the postseason. When Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski return on offense, you will see just how dominating this team really is.

2021-22 NFC Winner –Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+310)
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