Building an Esports Resume

by Garrett Klein
on September 24, 2017

That moment you have been anxiously awaiting has finally come. You scored that interview for the job you have been seeking for so long. Now that this part is completed you know you need to bring everything you got to land this opportunity. This is the job that we could only have hoped for.

All those long hours of hard work and preparation are finally coming to fruition. No, we are not talking about some silly corporate gig. We are talking about the dream. That’s right…becoming a professional in the world of esports.

Esports Professional – Where Do You Fit?

Those years of being told to turn off that game system and go do your homework so you can amount to something has all been a farce! We should have been spending more time in front of those screens honing our skills for the big time.

Never fear because the big time has not yet passed us by and the professional world of esports is now at your fingertips. You just need to grasp for it. Step one is deciding what you want to grasp for.

When deciding a new opportunity to pursue you cannot just have a pure focus on one possible path to walk down upon. You cannot determine how this route will turn out nor can you anticipate the obstacles you may encounter along the way.

Expanding your options increases your ability to make your way onto the desirable course.

When you read esports professional, what exactly came to your mind? A person who plays video games professionally?

That is correct, of course, yet there are many professions within that spectrum aside being an athlete one should consider. Coach, writer, blogger, trainer, marketer, manager, publicist, agent, gambler, and the list goes on when it comes to rather viable professions to consider.

The esports world contains so many professions within it that sometimes it becomes rather difficult for someone to decide upon the path they wish to pursue. Luckily within this field, many of these paths can intertwine with one another.

Building Your Gamer Cred

Regardless if you are pursuing the path of the athlete or not you will want to build your credentials within this industry all the same. Your background will tell a lot about who you are as a player to those you encounter, especially, if you want to be respected in the field.

How exactly do you go about building that gamer cred? Showing those within the field what you are about.

This is the fun part. You play games!

Just like any career path you may want to go down, it is in your best interest to have a clue about the field you are choosing to get into. Playing some video games and becoming familiar with the concepts behind them can do wonders for you.

For example, understanding why it is risky to go solo at the enemy gates, busting your way deep into enemy territory in a game like League of Legends. You may be successfully pushing one lane, but may end up overexposing yourself and get surrounded by the enemy without anywhere to go.

This does not necessarily mean you need to become an absolute expert at a game for all career paths mind you. Knowing complex game strategies for one specific game may not be all that important after all.

If your goal is to place wagers on a player or team, you don’t necessarily need to play that game personally to be successful. It is well advised however to have a clue what the game is about and how it works after all to increase your chances.

Many of the popular esports are of a similar genre concept, such as League of Legends once again, which is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena style game. You play as part of a team where each person controls their own hero and continue to advance forward until you successfully defeat the opposing team by destroying their primary structure.

There are many types of these games such as Defense of the Ancients 2, Heroes of the Storm, Smite, and so on, each with their own variations and unique attributes as a game. If you have an idea of how any of these games, then you can understand them all.

It goes down the same road however if you want to become a coach within the esports world. An individual will need to have a deeper understanding and experience with specific games. You cannot, after all, teach someone how to play something you do not know how to play.

Based on what you really want to will determine the number of credentials you will need within the genre you want to get involved with. This will assist you on whatever path you desire to take moving forward in this community.

Pick a Career Focus

On many occasions, those within the gaming universe tend to find joy in multiple games due to the fact video games are fun. Surprising. That is their purpose, after all, to provide a form of entertainment. Yet at some point, we need to focus.

Don’t get me wrong. Developing your credentials is an essential element when becoming a professional in the esports world. However, at some point, you will need to pick a career path to hunker down on to best make use of your time.

We all have talents that we know are unique to our person. Whatever those skill sets are, we need to embrace what makes us stand out from the pack. By recognizing and utilizing the gifts that make us unique, we will have the edge over our competition.

Ok Cool Tips… I Still Want to Go Pro.


Your Jacket

Yes, the goal of becoming a professional esports athlete is the actual motivation for most in this field. Performing in the large stadiums in front of thousands of screaming fans

The dream of those playing video games believing that it truly isn’t such a hard thing to do. This is arrogance, but typically most people do not comprehend the immense amount of work that it takes.

This is what many people do not understand when it comes to the world of esports. They tend to believe that all that it takes to become a professional is the dedication of significant amounts of time into the development of skill in a video game.

That is only a tiny portion of what it truly takes to change from sofa commando to the professional gaming champion you see yourself as. The process, of course, begins with those gamer credentials we talked about.

Sometimes referred to as building your jacket or rather what everyone sees when they look at you. When someone asks who you are, this is who you are in the game universe. It is not just about spending time playing games with your friends or what have you but rather playing specific game types for roughly 8-12 hours a day to build up specific skills.

Based on your game of choice you will need to determine your course of action. Just like any career, your gamer profile will act as your makeshift resume to any of those who look at you as a professional. Stats and achievements mean an enormous amount, but don’t forget you will need to back them up.

It is the same as writing you speak a language fluently on your resume and then getting called out by being asked questions in that language.

You can always fake things on your resume until you need to back it up.

Games are no different, and if you want to distinguish yourself, it is better to have proof to back your so-called skills up. Using streaming platforms is an essential tool for every up and coming professional to utilize.

If you honestly think you have the technical skills to go professional and get noticed by the world stage than by streaming you will be able to gather your following. This will help build your credentials and spread your fame quicker than other means.


Getting yourself noticed is one of the most difficult steps in the overall process. There are many skilled players out there across the board all trying for the same goal of going pro.

Most competitors within the big leagues of the esports world utilize teams that represent the overall franchise. There will be a group specifically designated for each video game that the overall franchise competes in.

If you intend to move forward in the scene, you will need to determine if you want to be recruited or take your own team forward. This is a huge decision because it will change the dynamics of how you will be moving forward.

If your goal is to get recruited, you will want to heavily practice solo with the random team makeups to help you train and be readily available if a team has an opening and the ability to pick you up. If you are lucky enough to find a place on a team or in an academy, you will be closer to the dream than most.

However, if you intend to take your team you are already associated with to the big leagues then this will be an entirely different path. Aside from having the fundamental skill, your team will need to be able to compete against other professional teams, continually evolving their ability.

Constant practice is necessary to keep you on par with the other professional competition, but this is not always easy to do this you will need money to support yourself. Those who are on franchise teams are provided in many cases with room and board.

In these circumstances, they consistently train, and their focus will be on their game of choice. The outside issues of making money to live to sustain their lives are not at the forefront of their thoughts. They will be able to strictly adhere to a training schedule to grow their talents.

If your entire team gets recruited into a larger franchise, which is not uncommon, you will be in a good situation moving forward. This does not necessarily mean that everyone will be on the franchises professional team, but this is a step in the right direction for the dream.

Revenue Support

A large issue with getting to these professional levels without a franchise behind you will be your means of support from training to ways to provide financially. This will not be an excuse however because you will have to find a way to make a living while still putting in the groundwork to go against the big fish.

While many tournaments are present in the esports world, professionals are only making money from most games if they win matches. There are some larger prize pools out there that pay down the line, but these are only a few times a year if that.

Without consistent victories under your belt in high paying tournaments, you are going to face difficulties in providing for yourself.

This is where it is important to figure out means to provide financial stability for yourself.

Methods that many professionals and up and comers have found is by using online streaming services such as Twitch where they will showcase their skills to an online audience. They will not only be gaining viewership and followers but also making a name for themselves in their game of choice.

Streaming is not the only option when it comes to revenue on your social media platforms. Players can make various tutorial videos on a myriad of different subjects relating to strategy and other how to type guides.

These videos give the opportunity not only showcase their knowledge but also how well they can convey their message to an audience. By making videos, there are multiple benefits to be found. Professionals can utilize these videos and garner sponsorship and revenue from them while continuing to grow their viewer base.

If conveying their knowledge to others comes naturally, the option to also coach and train other players as well in these games is available.  Many players are looking for the opportunity to become better at their game of choice.

Becoming a coach or trainer gives the extra incentive to increase their own game skills by teaching others. Only when you can show someone else do you understand something after all. There are multiple ways for professionals to find the means to generate revenue.

If one is not finding success with a method they are attempting, then maybe it is time to try a different avenue to go down. There is no one way to becoming a professional in the esports world, figuring out your way is what matters.

Wagering Impact

Knowing how a player transitions from amateur to professional can tell a lot about a person. When you are choosing to place a bet down on a team or player you want to go in with confidence.

Thanks to Twitch and other online platforms people can get a more in-depth look inside people’s lives than ever before. This is genuinely an excellent idea for any gambler to add to their player research toolbox.

Unlike other sports that you bet on where you do not know how the players behave in their daily lives, esports is completely different. Many of these professionals display their lives on many social media platforms for their viewers to watch.

Through these platforms, you can observe and monitor how players go about making a living for themselves. This can be to the amount of time they spend practicing to marketing campaigns.

It goes even further than just mere observation for entertainment value. You can find out about the dynamics of how the players interact with their teammates and get a good idea about the overall team performance.


Viewers can see the type of practice the players are performing and how they are mentally handling whatever they find themselves in. Their game prep before large tournaments, to see how they are handling things.

They might be dealing with stress, trolls in their chats, interactions with viewers, and a myriad of other situations that can impact their mental health before a match. Those placing wagers can utilize this information to capitalize on their bet placement and even go as far as dissecting their diets to determine how their body will be reacting before a tournament.

It truly is like watching them with a magnifying glass examining their lives. In a way, this is awkward for a player but fantastic for those placing wagers on those players. An important fundamental concept for bettors to utilize is knowledge, and these are great platforms to gather just that in abundance.


As one could see, there are many fine details and bits of information you can learn about players from their processes of building their own esports resume. How a person can enhance their resume becomes numerous.

You have seen that becoming an athlete is not the only option that one can pursue. Figuring out which path will be the best is up to the individual to decide.

It isn’t always the end goal that is important but rather the road traveled to get there.

Whether you want to be directly involved in the competition aspect itself or use the information you have gathered to increase your chances in the betting pools. The knowledge you have gathered will keep you armed for whatever comes your way.

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