Call of Duty League 2020: Best Betting Sites, Season Preview and How to Bet

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A lot of stuff happened since Activision announced the inaugural, franchised Call of Duty Season. Ever since the new CoD Modern Warfare game came out (24th October 2019), the players swarmed to it, both casually and competitively. Activision had massive plans for the new game, hoping to make a proper esports title out of it… Now that’s it’s set to start in a matter of hours, the entire esports community (including esports betting enthusiasts) are waiting to see how it will pan out.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the game. A lot of people didn’t like the idea of a closed, franchised system being incorporated on such a massive scale. Mind you; the CDL aims to be (and probably already is) one of the most lucrative esports titles out there… and that sort of vision requires a ton of money. Good thing the VC liked the whole franchised idea, which ought to bring long-term stability to the game’s esports ecosystem. Unfortunately, it’s the short-term issues that are plaguing the scene…

Enough with the chit chat, though, we’re here for betting on Call of Duty League 2020, and that’s what we’re going to focus on, from this point onward. Let’s start the narrative with the most basic of questions – where to bet on Call of Duty League 2020?

Best Call of Duty League 2020 Betting Sites

Betting on Call of Duty isn’t as well-established as betting on other popular esports titles. Still, there are esports betting sites that offer a wide selection of matches. Undoubtedly, we’ll see more of them burst onto the market, all thanks to the high demand for the upcoming Call of Duty League.

So, if you’re interested in Call of Duty League 2020 betting, and you’re not sure where to start, our esports betting sites piece is the perfect starting point. It provides all the necessary information to kickstart your career as an aspiring esports bettor. It’s concise but comprehensive, featuring everything you need to know about betting on Call of Duty matches!

Call of Duty League 2020 Betting Preview

There are so many things we can write about in the interesting facts section of our Call of Duty League 2020 betting preview. However, perhaps the most important fact is actually not directly related to betting.

As mentioned above, this is the inaugural franchised season of Call of Duty League, and many expect it to crash and burn right at the start. And, honestly, the way things are right now, that crash and burn prediction isn’t too far off from reality.

The latest reports claim the league is going to be a mess. The gaming setups aren’t working, the Challengers event is being held in a parking garage, and no one knows anything regarding streaming options. At the moment, it seems the inaugural franchised CDL season is going to be a real mess.

Now that we got that out of the way let’s focus on the actual interesting facts on Call of Duty League 2020 betting!

  • There’s $6 million on the line in terms of prize money. While that might seem like a lot at first, it’s actually the amount we expected considering the length of the competition.
  • The regular season and the playoffs will be divided by a special event dubbed as the Midseason Weekend. It’s scheduled for 2nd and 3rd May and aims to bring forth a spectacle in a similar fashion to League of Legends’ Mid-Season Invitational, popularly called MSI.
  • The majority of esports betting sites already offer bets on the first CDL weekend. In addition to that, you’ll also find outright winner options too. If you’re interested in that sort of stuff, there’s a whole section dedicated to Call of Duty League 2020 betting on outright winner near the end.
  • To summarize – Call of Duty League 2020 starts on Friday, January 24th, and features twelve franchised teams that pack the most prominent CoD talent out there. The regular season lasts till August, followed by the postseason (playoffs) whose exact date is yet to be announced.

Call of Duty League 2020 Betting: First Round Picks

The first matches are scheduled for this weekend, starting on Friday and ending on Sunday. A total of twelve matches will be played in the next few days, some of which have a proper spectacle potential. Call of Duty League 2020 betting enthusiasts will have to keep tabs on Atlanta FaZe vs. Dallas Empire, arguably the two best teams according to preseason scrimmage.

On top of that, Call of Duty League 2020 betting sites also point out New York Subliners vs. Atlanta FaZe as a promising fixture too. Even though New York Subliners isn’t exactly among the top favorites, according to esports bookies, they’re still near the top as far as outright winner betting odds are concerned.

If you’re thinking of betting on either of these two matches, the following Call of Duty League 2020 betting tips ought to be of service:

Atlanta FaZe vs. Dallas Empire Betting Tips

If you’re interested in betting on CDL matches, this ought to be your top priority. Atlanta FaZe vs. Dallas Empire, the two teams that many believe will decide the inaugural season’s champions. We’re talking about two franchises that did an amazing job with their rosters, packing a crazy amount of talent in all the right places.

During the preseason skirmishes, we couldn’t really separate the two. However, it seems as though Atlanta FaZe is in much better form as they’ve accomplished a fantastic record in recent weeks. Still, we can expect this to be an immensely tough match.

That said, as far as match-winners go, I’d stay away from them if I were you. It’s just too tough to call this one. Instead, what I’ll probably go with is Total Maps Over 4.5 at +140. At the moment, that seems like the best option for this matchup, especially considering the map pools of both Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire…

Call of Duty League 2020 – Betting Pick:

Total Maps Over 4.5 at +140

New York Subliners – Atlanta FaZe

Next up, we have New York Subliners vs. Atlanta FaZe. Yep, another Atlanta FaZe match we’re focusing on here. Yep, the boys in red have a tough weekend ahead of them, playing against their biggest top-of-the-table competitors.

While I couldn’t separate FaZe and Empire, I can definitely see the Atlanta-based franchise taking this one home. Need I remind you, we’re talking about a team that packs almost half of the 2019 CoD World League winning team, backed up by great talents such as ellium and MajorManiak. Priestahh needs no introduction either, having won the World Championship four times already.

Don’t get me wrong – Subliners have a well-balanced team too. However, I don’t feel the likes of ZooMaa and Attach can carry the New York-based franchise against FaZe. It will be interesting to see how they square off against their former org… but I doubt they will get the room they need to spread their in-game frenzy.

At the moment, most Call of Duty betting sites have Atlanta FaZe as significant favorites. BetWay has them at -333, which is sort of the odds you can expect here. There’s still time to go before this match. Feel free to wait and see how Atlanta FaZe does against Dallas Empire before deciding who to go with on this occasion.

Call of Duty League – 2020 Betting Pick:

Atlanta FaZe Match-Winner at -333

Outright Betting on CDL Season 2020

Let’s wrap this Call of Duty League 2020 Betting Preview up by analyzing the Outright Winner betting possibilities. As most of you know already, betting on Call of Duty comes with a handful of perks. Even though it’s not the biggest esports title out there, it still attracts plenty of esports betting enthusiasts, mostly thanks to the interesting twist brought forth by special wagers. We’re not just talking about outright winners here but a whole array of additional options including captures, total defends, first blood, and more.

Still, the majority of folk want to get their long-terms in, and the best way of doing so is via the outright winner options. So, let’s take a look at the outright winner odds on CDL Season 2020

Team Odds
Dallas Empire +350
Atlanta FaZe +450
Chicago Huntsmen +600
New York Subliners +600
Seattle Surge +800
Florida Mutineers +800
London Royal Ravens +1000
Los Angeles Guerrillas +1600
Minnesota ROKKR +1600
OpTic Gaming Los Angeles +1600
Toronto Ultra +2500
Paris Legion +5000

Obviously, the organization featuring the hottest roster is at the top spot. Dallas Empire seems like the heavy favorite thanks to an exceptional lineup of players. Dallas Empire’s players were impressive during streams, especially when they scrimmed with their teammates. Don’t even get me started on their results after they started scrimming against other CDL teams.

If there’s one team that can endanger Dallas Empire’s inaugural CDL title, it’s Atlanta FaZe. FaZe Clan is known for signing only the crème de la crème of competitive esports, and the exact thing can be said about their Call of Duty League roster.

It was revealed roughly ten days ago that the current Atlanta FaZe lineup had 94 wins in 95 maps. They kicked off wit ha 52 win streak, then lost one map, only to finish off strong with 42 additional wins. Crazy, huh?

If I had to pick right here, right now, I’d honestly go with Atlanta FaZe at +450. On paper, Dallas Empire does have a slightly better roster, but I believe the in-form FaZe team could prove to be superior. To finish on a bright note – we’ll get to see these two teams face off against each other during the first weekend of CDL. That matchup is going to be a spectacle – that’s for sure!

Call of Duty League 2020 – Outright Winner:

Atlanta FaZe at+450

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