Can FaZe Clan Go All the Way and Win IEM Katowice Major 2019?

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With the IEM Katowice Major Quarterfinals starting in less than 48 hours, the entire CS:GO esports community is speculating on the outcomes of all four matches. All eight competing teams are ready to mark their names down in the history books and make a good result in the third and final portion of this CS:GO Major, the Champions Stage. Today, we won’t be focusing on all eight teams. Instead, we’ll be focusing on the superstar team that goes by the name FaZe Clan. More precisely, we’re going to discuss FaZe Clan IEM Katowice Major performance and their chances of lifting the trophy. It’s going to be a longshot, I know, but please allow me to elaborate why I think FaZe Clan has solid chances of seeing this one through.

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FaZe Clan IEM Katowice Major Performance – Can They Win It?

In this part of my FaZe Clan IEM Katowice Major Performance Assessment article, we’re going to do exactly that. We’re going to take a closer look at FaZe Clan’s performance during the Legends Stage and compare it with their quarterfinals’ and potential semifinals and grand finals opponents. So, starting off with FaZe Clan, let’s see how they’ve managed to snatch the last ticket leading to the final stage of this CS:GO Major!

Barely Made It Through

So far, FaZe Clan IEM Katowice Major performance hasn’t been that convincing. They haven’t played badly, but losses against the likes of Renegades and AVANGAR tell a different tale. In fact, their match against the lowest-rated team (compLexity) was a proper rollercoaster too. I’m sure we can all agree that the only match in which FaZe played up to their potential was against Cloud9.

Even that one was fouled by issues with closing out the maps, but that’s a story for a different occasion.

Overall, it’s safe to say FaZe Clan, as a team, hasn’t been at their best. Sure, NiKo has been playing absolutely great throughout all five matches. AdreN was surprisingly good too, and GuardiaN was kind of oscillating in performance, match in and match out. However, olofmeister and rain weren’t that impressive. Sure, they had maps on which they showed their prowess, but if we look at the whole Legends Stage, their performance wasn’t up to par. That said, I firmly believe their performance slump will come to a close come the quarterfinals match against Natus Vincere. Both players definitely have the capability to perform like the very best, and I’m sure they’ll prove my point on Thursday.

Natus Vincere | The First Hurdle

The best thing for FaZe Clan at the moment is the fact they don’t have to face against Astralis until the grand finals. If they reach the grand finals, that is. Once again, reaching the grand finals is going to be tricky business, even for this FaZe Clan roster. I’m not saying it’s impossible; I’m just saying it’s somewhat unlikely. I have two reasons for you.

First up, Natus Vincere. This brilliant Ukrainian team lead by the man himself, S1mple, isn’t going to budge against FaZe Clan. They are the favorites coming into the match, and you can bet your ass they’re going to play that way too. Obviously, odds will be against FaZe Clan, but with their individual superiority and a whole heap of fans cheering from the stands, an upset could easily happen. It won’t be easy by any means, NaVi Is looking good, and they’ve only lost a single match against the best NA team, Team Liquid.

Will Team Liquid Be Too Much?

Arguably, if FaZe Clan defeats Natus Vincere, they’ll be going up against Team Liquid in the semifinals match. That is unless ENCE manages to surprise the best NA team which is, at least in my opinion, very unlikely to happen. That said, what can we expect from this match? Well, quite honestly, this one is also going to be neck and neck. Even though these teams play completely different styles of CS:GO, their overall quality can be measured in nuances.

So, is there a chance FaZe Clan emerges victorious against the best North American team out there? Well, quite honestly, there is! Even though Team Liquid has been playing phenomenally well so far at this Major, there are certain faults in their game that have not gone unnoticed. For starters, all of their wins were with minimal round differences (except Dust II against NaVi which ended up 16:9). The likes of AVANGAR and NiP showed their prowess and put up good fights, leading us to think the individual quality of FaZe Clan could definitely cause more problems for the NA side. That said, if NIKo continues his splendid performance and if olofmeister and GuardiaN step their game up, FaZe Clan could be going through to the grand finals match once again.

The Great Danes’ Upset

To wrap things up, if FaZe Clan manages to beat Team Liquid and advance to the grand finals match, they’ll probably end up playing against the most dominant CS:GO team of today, Astralis. It might sound silly, but if FaZe actually gets to the grand finals, I see no reason why they couldn’t go all the way. Sure, on paper, Astralis is a much better team, but so are Team Liquid and Natus Vincere. If everything goes according to NiKo’s plans, Astralis could be the final hurdle on FaZe’s road to glory.

Don’t get me wrong, FaZe Clan IEM Katowice Major performance thus far hasn’t been at an admirable level, but as the tournament progresses, and especially if they win against Natus Vincere, the quality of their roster is bound to snowball to excellence.

It’s a thin line between eliminating and being eliminated by some of the world’s best teams, and all these players are well aware of it.

At the moment, FaZe Clan to win outright betting odds stand at roughly +1200. While the chances of FaZe Clan beating NaVI, Team Liquid, and Astralis aren’t extremely huge, such high betting odds are surely worth it, at least with a smaller stake.
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