Can You Make a Profit From CS:GO Skins Betting?

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CS:GO betting has become one of the most popular online gambling activities, especially considering that it’s open to minors (kind of) and just about any CS:GO player who is good and has access to skins. If you’re new to this whole skins betting thing, then you’re probably wondering how profitable it is and whether or not you should take part in it.

Today, we’ll go through the various types of betting you can engage in, from roulette to match betting. Is it possible to make a profit off of CS:GO betting? Let’s try and find out.

Types Of Betting

Jackpot is a very popular betting game option that puts a ton of betters into a big pot and randomly selects a person. The more skin value you input, the higher percentage you have to win, depending on how much your opponents also input. Jackpot is not the betting mode for you if you’re just looking to get some small, quick money. It’s more of a competition between the players with the most expensive skins. I don’t recommend spending too much time betting here if you don’t have enough skin value for a fair chance. Also, if you do bet here, accept the fact that there is a very small chance that you can actually win the whole pot.

Another way to bet is coin flip—probably the most popular and the simplest to learn. It’s pretty much like an actual coin flip, hence the name, but there are skins on the line. Basically, you can either start or join a game and input a skin. Then, someone that is willing to bet a skin that is in your range will join and the coin flip will commence. In this betting game mode, you have approximately a 50% chance win, depending on how much your opponent also inputs.

One of the most popular and engaging, similar to real-world betting, is match betting. When there are two professional esports teams that are set to go head-to-head, they will each be given a percentage that basically says how much people are betting on them. If you bet on the team with the higher percentage, you will make less money. The opposite happens if you place skins on the team with a lower percent chance of bets. In order to have the best shot at making some money, this type of betting requires some research beforehand. It can either be quite fun or completely frustrating to watch the matches.

A popular casino game that is also available to bet on with CS:GO skins, roulette mode allows you to bet skins and make some quick and easy cash. It works similarly to casino roulette; there are three colors, red, black, and green, but you can usually only bet on colors, meaning there’s less opportunity to win big.

There’s a variety of different ways available for you to bet, and it’s up to you which one you choose. Some, like coin flip, are easier to learn and win, than others, and some even offer better odds.

Be sure to do some research on all the different game modes, and it’ll be easier to figure out which path to take.

The Odds Aren’t That Bad

All considered, the odds aren’t that heavily stacked against you. Sure, some sites take a small fee whenever you bet, especially if it’s a larger bet, but in the end, you’re going to have better odds than if you were to go to a casino. While the inner mechanics of these skin betting sites aren’t exactly known, players have been able to make some serious cash, especially if they don’t make stupid decisions.

With coin flip, it’s practically a 50/50 chance, although your odds do go up with the value of the skin you bet. For example, if your skin is worth 75% of the prize pool, you’ll have around a 75% chance to win, although it won’t be exact, as the sites do still need to make some money.

If you’re looking for a place to gamble, especially if you’re already an avid CS:GO gamer who has tons of valuable skins that you don’t know what to do with, these betting sites offer a good opportunity. The odds may not be in your favor, but they definitely aren’t as heavily skewed as you’ll find elsewhere.

There Will Be Good Times And Bad Times

Sure, you might go on a hot streak occasionally, but chances are that it won’t last very long, especially considering that the entire gambling thing is virtual. You don’t know the true mechanics behind the machine, and these sites are designed to make their owners money, not the bettors.

If you ever go on a streak, whether it is a hot one or a cold one, it’s probably better to stop. Gamblers always go through hot and cold streaks, and at the end of the day, the house usually comes out on top.

If you want to make money, you have to recognize that CS:GO betting is not skill based, and that there will be times when you make a lot of money and times where you’ll lose a lot. That’s just the way gambling works, and if you refuse to accept that in search of becoming an instant millionaire, chances are that you’ll find yourself bankrupt instead.

As with gambling, and just life in general, there will be good times and there will be bad times.

Learn to accept this, and recognize these patterns when you gamble.

Some of gambling’s biggest problems arise when you don’t take these trends into consideration.

Learn When to Stop

When everything in your betting world is going well and you feel like nothing can stop you, there is always going to be a downfall. That’s just the way the system works, and if it didn’t, then it would be rigged and unfair.

Unfortunately, when people start going on a losing streak with their bets, they continue to gamble with hopes that they’ll win the next round. This is a huge mistake that both gamblers in the real-world and virtual world make.

There’s a simple solution that prevents you from losing all of your money in one day—stop if you’re on a losing streak. You can also stop if you’re on a winning streak.

Basically, whenever you’re on a streak, chances are that it’s better to stop.

After all, you can always come back later when you’re refreshed and ready to bet again.

So back to the question: is CS:GO betting profitable? It really depends on you. If you are lucky and you gamble responsibly, you can definitely make some money. Just be sure not to fall into the trap that gamblers all so often fall into.

Gamble intelligently and patiently, and favor the game modes that offer you better odds. If you do, you could make some easy money from a couple of skins you have lying around. Good luck!

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