Can You Trust Betsoft Games or Are They Scams?

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Betsoft has come to be known as one of the most popular game developers in online gambling. Their slots are especially notable and found at many internet casinos.

Betsoft holds licensing in several different jurisdictions, including Curacao, Italy, Malta, and Romania. Taking everything into account, this company seems like a reputable game provider.

However, past scandals have tarnished their reputation.

Some gamblers wonder if it’s even safe to play Betsoft games as a result.

I’ll cover general aspects of this provider and their big mistakes. I’ll then offer advice on the legitimacy of their games.

What Does Betsoft Do?

Launched in 2008, Betsoft has provided games to online casinos for years. They’re best known for producing a series of 3D slots that have detailed graphics and symbols.

The company bills itself as a leader in cinematic 3D gaming. They live up to this self-proclaimed title by offering high-quality animations and engaging features.

The Good Girl, Bad Girl slot is a perfect example of Betsoft’s innovative work. This five-reel, 15-line slot features both a good (less volatile) and bad (more volatile) mode.

Good Girl Bad Girl Online Slot from Betsoft Gaming

It also includes multiple features such as free spins, scatter payouts, pick-em rounds, and money wheels. Your chosen side determines many of the features and payouts that you’ll receive.

Below are some of their more popular slots:

4 Seasons Sin City Nights Alkemor’s Tower Weekend in Vegas
Charms & Clovers Fire & Steel Frankenslot’s Monster Giovanni’s Gems
Gold Diggers Ogre Empire House of Fun Lost

Here you can try some Betsoft slots for free with no risk:

Given this long list of hits, Betsoft is known first and foremost for slots.

But they also provide other services to gaming sites, including:

  • Account management
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Technical services.

An individual or group that wants to start an internet casino can use one or more of these solutions. Betsoft is essentially like Realtime Gaming (RTG) or Microgaming in how they offer a turnkey solution for operators.

I don’t see nearly as many Betsoft-only casinos as RTG or Microgaming sites. Nevertheless, some gaming sites do look to this developer for a turnkey casino.

Betsoft Has been Plagued by Multiple Scandals

On the surface, Betsoft looks like a quality software provider. However, some past incidents have put their reputation in question. You can see some of their biggest mishaps and controversies below.

Betcoin Player Doesn’t Receive Full Jackpot Prize

In 2016, a gambler named Jason won a massive jackpot at a Bitcoin-only casino called Betcoin. He was playing Betsoft’s Glam Life and earned the jackpot through free spins.

Jason was betting the five-coin max on all 25 lines, which, according to the pay table, qualified him for the top jackpot.

Glam Life Rules And Payouts

He should’ve collected one million milli-Bitcoin (mBTC) for the win. Instead, he only received 500 mBTC as a payout.

Technically, Betsoft should’ve been the one to cover the jackpot. They operate what are essentially affiliate deals with gaming sites when it comes to jackpot slots.

Betsoft handles payouts, such as the one Jason hit. Meanwhile, they pay casinos like Betcoin a percentage of the profits for recruiting players.

Jason likely had no idea on this arrangement. Therefore, he first reached out to Betcoin for help.

They merely told him that he didn’t bet enough on each line to qualify for the jackpot. Obviously, this wasn’t true, considering that he wagered the max allowed per line.

They countered by referring to a rule that the jackpot couldn’t be won during a bonus round. This rule wasn’t listed in the pay table at the time, meaning it wasn’t technically applicable to the situation.

With no help coming from Betcoin, Jason reached out to Betsoft. Unfortunately, the provider didn’t even bother returning his emails.

They did, however, change the pay table to reflect the bogus rule that Betcoin stated.

The Glam Life pay table now read:

“Jackpot cannot be won during any other bonus feature.”

He took to forums to explain his story in hopes of drawing a settlement from either Betcoin or Betsoft. Many forum users were outraged to hear about the situation and offered words of encouragement.

Jason’s efforts worked to a degree. Betsoft finally reached out to him and offered a settlement for less than he won.

In exchange, Jason posted a blanket statement that he was satisfied with the results. He also agreed to refrain from any legal action against either Betsoft or Betcoin.

Betsoft definitely doesn’t look good in this story. They only took action after Jason made the matter public and still paid him less than the jackpot was worth.

Betsoft Runs Faulty Keno Games

This developer once supplied casino games to the now-defunct Absolute Poker ⁠— a site that cheated players and eventually went insolvent.

The scandal isn’t that Betsoft supplied Absolute, although this could be a story in itself. Instead, they were running unfair keno games at Absolute in 2010.

BetSoft Running Unfair Keno Games Absolute Poker

A number of players expressed concerns over their keno results. A community investigation suggested that the games were impossible to beat by any measure.

Many were quick to blame Absolute Poker, given their superuser cheating scandal in 2008. The reality, though, is that Betsoft was simply offering faulty keno.

This story brings up another issue regarding Betsoft’s random number generator (RNG) software and questionable testing.

Betsoft has carried testing certification from the Malta-based Quinel for years. Quinel is by no means one of the more-respected game-testing labs in the industry.

The developer now has Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), along with Quinel, listed at the bottom of their site. However, clicking the GLI shield leads directly to the lab’s website, rather than a certificate.

Research Shows That Certain Jackpots Don’t Pay Out

After hearing complaints about Betsoft jackpots not paying out, investigated the matter in 2016. They used their jackpot-tracking software to discover that something was wrong with the slots.

They monitored and Bovada for nine months. CasinoListings found that specific games at Bovada never paid a jackpot at certain coin sizes.

Meanwhile, the same games with the same coin sizes paid multiple jackpots each week at This anomaly became even stranger when considering that Bovada featured more traffic.

CasinoListings concluded that the jackpots were locked to prevent them from being won.

Bovada removed over 50 Betsoft slots from their site afterward.

CasinoListings also discovered that the win frequency for multiple Betsoft jackpots suddenly changed. These prizes, which were usually won several times per day, didn’t pay at all for three straight weeks.

Immediately after this period, the same jackpots began paying again all at once. Such an occurrence would be unique for one game, let alone multiple slots.

Whether Betsoft intentionally programmed their games like this or not is unclear. But the 2016 data shows that their jackpots weren’t behaving normally.

Betsoft Loses Alderney License in 2014

One more questionable incident in Betsoft’s past includes losing their license with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC).

This incident began in July 2014 when the AGCC suspended the developer’s license. No reason was given for the suspension, but it could be attributed to Betsoft accepting US players.

The AGCC was set to examine the matter in October 2014. However, the provider voluntarily gave up their license and continues to serve American gamblers.

Surrendering a license to keep profiting off the lucrative US market isn’t the shadiest thing that Betsoft has done. But it’s just another black mark on their already controversial reputation.


Betsoft certainly doesn’t have a pristine record. They’ve been caught running sketchy keno games, not paying a big jackpot, and offering slots where the jackpot doesn’t hit.

Without an extensive criminal investigation, it’s impossible to know whether Betsoft intentionally ran unfair games. The faulty slots and keno could’ve just been the result of bad programming.

At best, this provider is guilty of negligence. At worst, they’ve intentionally altered their slots to provide less-desirable results.

One incident that’s undeniably wrong is when Jason wasn’t paid his full jackpot win. He was seemingly forced to absolve Betsoft of any wrongdoing just to get part of the payout.

The developer should’ve covered the entire amount of the win. Instead, they only settled with the player to protect their reputation.

Worse yet, they changed the language in the pay table to state that Glam Life didn’t pay max jackpots during the bonus after the incident.

Every long-running game developer has a few incidents in their past. But Betsoft has more controversial episodes than most.

They seem less trustworthy than the average gaming developer.

The problem, though, is that they’re one of the few providers that’s available to US residents.

Betsoft serves a wide range of companies and territories. However, they likely make a good portion of their revenue by providing games for Americans.

Despite knowing Betsoft’s history, I myself occasionally play their games. They do, after all, have some well-designed slots.

But I only play their games for free or at the lowest stakes possible. I don’t trust them to make a large payment if I were to hit a jackpot.

You may have different experiences with Betsoft and be able to look past their previous problems. If so, you’re free to do as you wish — especially if you’re an American with limited options.

But I caution against placing max bets on their slots. Betsoft’s jackpots have proven too unreliable in the past.

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