Can You Use Software to Beat Esports Betting?

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Esports betting has emerged as a viable way to make profits through gambling. You can win in the long run, provided you’re able to consistently beat the oddsmakers.

When betting -110 odds, you only need to win over 52.4% of your bets to become profitable. Of course, this feat isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Bookmakers are good at setting lines that make it hard to figure out where the value is in each case. Most bettors lose over 50% of their wagers and suffer further losses due to the “juice” (house commission on losing bets).

You therefore need a winning plan in order to be successful with esports betting. Handicapping matches, managing your bankroll, and taking advantage of favorable odds are all ways to accomplish this goal.

But what about betting software? After all, many sports gambling pros use software to boost their win rates. Given that esports betting is quite similar to sports wagering, it seems like software would apply here too.

Keep reading as I discuss what exactly betting software does, its advantages, and whether it can help you win more often in esports.

What Does Betting Software Do?

Betting software is commonly used in sports gambling to track a variety of elements, including the following:

  • Weather
  • Injury reports
  • Lineup changes
  • Public betting percentages
  • Odds for different sportsbooks
  • Arbitrage opportunities
  • Steam moves
  • Reverse line movement

Most esports betting software also makes helpful recommendations based on these factors. The software isn’t always correct, but some of the better programs do show long-term winning percentages.

Of course, you can use the helpful information from these programs to make your own bets too. You’ll find it extremely useful to have sportsbook odds, potential arbitrage situations, steam moves, and reverse line movement in one place.

Knowing up-to-date odds for different sportsbooks allows you to quickly see when a line moves in your preferred direction. Furthermore, you don’t have to keep checking odds at different sportsbooks on your own with software.

Arbitrage opportunities arise when bookmakers have such different prices on the same match that you can bet on both sides and guarantee yourself a profit. Once again, software keeps you from having to visit multiple bookmakers yourself to find these opportunities.

Reverse line movement is when a line moves differently than what you’d expect based on public betting percentages. These moves usually indicate that sharp money (respected professionals) is betting on a certain side at specific odds.

Steam moves are when multiple sportsbooks move odds for a match in near unison. They do this to prevent a group of sharps (a.k.a. syndicate) from taken advantage of a certain price.

In summary, betting software makes it easier to place profitable wagers by putting a number of helpful stats and tools at your disposal. It also lets you capitalize on opportunities quicker than if you had to monitor everything yourself.

How Do You Use Betting Software?

You normally have to purchase betting software to get started. A number of companies sell these programs to sports gamblers.

You can look up reviews of different programs and even use free trials when available. Putting this work into the matter helps you find the perfect software based on your needs and budget.

Pricing on these systems varies based on the seller and which edition you want. Regarding the latter, some programs have different pricing levels (e.g. standard or pro) depending on the features you’re willing to pay for.

You can get access to some of these programs for as little as $50 or upwards of several hundred dollars. The key is to balance your budget with exactly what you want.

Once you’ve chosen a program, you’ll need to figure out how to use it. Most software works the same and features different tabs/options that are used to filter the stats and numbers you’re looking for.

For Example:

A program might offer tabs for news, injuries, statements, reverse line movement, arbitrage opportunities, and different sportsbooks. You need to select the tabs for the information you wish to view in the moment.

Learning how to use these programs can take time in the beginning. But you shouldn’t have much trouble mastering software in the long run.

Advantages to Betting Software

Bettors from previous generations only had access to limited information, including TV sports reports and newspaper box scores. Today, however, software has given gamblers access to more info than ever before.

This extra data is a key advantage to using betting programs. As you’ll see below, there are plenty of other benefits to using software as well.

Keep Track of Odds at Various Bookmakers

One of the biggest things you can do to improve your chances of winning bets involves getting the best price. You can take a big step towards making this happen simply by choosing esports betting sites that are well known for offering favorable odds.

However, you can’t always guarantee that you’re getting the best price in every situation. This is where tracking odds at different bookmakers comes into play.

By watching odds across the industry, you can improve your chances of making successful wagers. For example, getting -155 odds at one sportsbook versus -160 at another offers you a stronger chance to win.

As mentioned before, though, you’ll be hard-pressed to keep track of odds at a variety of sportsbooks. This process normally requires traveling back and forth between different sites and watching for line moves.

Betting software makes things easier by tracking odds at multiple sportsbooks for you. Most programs monitor over a dozen land-based and online bookmakers.

You, meanwhile, merely need to sit back and look at the software to see changes in odds. The lines usually flash when they change, thus making it easier for you to spot changes.

Get Updated News

Keeping track of updated news is another task that’s difficult to do by yourself. Many different media outlets provide information on sports and esports, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll always catch the latest news.

Betting software helps you out by tracking important news from a gambling perspective, including injuries, weather, and lineup changes.

These programs include tabs that allow you to check updates in these newsworthy areas. This up-to-date info helps you make speedy bets upon seeing news that could greatly affect a wager.

Of course, you can also follow Twitter accounts of reporters and media outlets. You’ll receive tweets on updated information when doing so. But nothing beats having the latest on injuries, lineup changes, and weather in one spot.

Receive Unbiased Recommendations

Placing bets without letting your own bias seep in is difficult. Everything from your favorite team to bad instincts can cause you to make biased wagers.

Betting software doesn’t have the same problem. It takes into account all of the variables and offers unbiased recommendations based on the stats and other crucial information.

No program is correct 100% of the time — otherwise everybody would be using it to win. But some of the best software does show a solid win rate over time.

The goal is to become such a great bettor that you can use relevant information to place your own winning wagers. However, software usually offers good enough recommendations for amateurs who are simply looking for a shortcut.

Gain an Advantage Over Those Not Using Software

Many recreational gamblers don’t want to spend the time or money on betting software. They’d rather simply use their own instincts to make wagers.

Nothing is inherently wrong with placing bets without the use of a program. After all, some gamblers just want to make wagers for their entertainment.

But using and mastering betting software can give you a leg up on other gamblers. You’ll have access to lots of helpful news, stats, and advice that the average bettor won’t.

Of course, a simple betting program won’t transform you one of the world’s greatest gamblers. It can, however, at least bridge the gap between you and the pros.

Make More EV Bets

Some factors are better than others at identifying wagers with positive expected value (+EV). Arbitrage opportunities, steam moves, and reverse line movement are all common identifiers for potential +EV bets.

An arbitrage betting opportunity, as previously discussed, guarantees you a profit when betting on both sides of a line. Betting software makes it easier to spot arbitrage situations.

Steam moves are a strong indication that the sharp money is heavily betting on one side. If you can catch at least one sportsbook before they move their line in the same direction as other bookmakers, you can bet at the same price as the pros.

Reverse line movement indicates when odds move differently than what you’d expect based on how the public is betting. Reverse line moves are another strong sign of where the sharp money is going.

Here’s an example:

  • 81% of betting tickets are on the New England Patriots at -9.5.
  • 19% of betting tickets are on the Miami Dolphins at +9.5.
  • The line shifts to the following:
  • New England -7.5
  • Miami +7.5
  • The sharp money appears to be on the Dolphins.

You can’t realistically track all of these moves in real-time across different sportsbooks. Software programs handle this burden for you.

Simply knowing what arbitrage, steam moves, and reverse line movement are doesn’t guarantee you winnings. But you stand a stronger chance of placing +EV wagers by combining your knowledge with a software program. The latter makes it easier to spot these opportunities and make successful bets.

Does Betting Software Currently Apply to Esports Gambling?

As you can see, betting software is extremely helpful to sports gamblers. Therefore, it only stands to reason that esports bettors can also benefit greatly from these programs.

After all, esports wagering is essentially the same as sports gambling. The main difference is that you’re wagering on video games, rather than athletic sports.

But can you currently use betting software to improve your chances of winning at esports? Unfortunately, no, not at this time.

One common software option is the ability to choose which sports you want to follow. For example, you might use a filter to select baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA), football (NFL), and soccer. The software will then track odds and other information for all of these sports.

The problem with esports, though, is that it’s not currently available as an option in these filters. I’ve yet to see a betting program that lets you select esports along with traditional sports.

This limitation is likely due to the newness of video-game gambling. Furthermore, esports gambling has only recently become more popular.

Many of the popular betting software programs were created years ago. While the companies update them from time to time, they haven’t changed a whole lot in terms of features and options.

I suspect that esports will eventually become an option in the near future. But at a time of this post, you aren’t able to use betting software for competitive gaming.

You Can Use Database Sites to Create Esports Betting Systems

Just because esports isn’t available on betting programs doesn’t mean you have to settle for basic information when placing wagers. You can still use database sites to find helpful stats that can help you win more often.

A database site compiles stats from various esports competitions. You can use these numbers to help make specific bets, or even develop a winning system based on a number of advanced stats.

For Example:

One popular esports prop bet involves wagering on the match length. You can refer to a database site to see how long the average match lasts in each tournament or league.

Some of the most-popular esports databases include GosuGamers, Liquipedia, and LoLking. These sites each offer a variety of stats on various video games.

Just like a betting program, you need to spend time with database sites to familiarize yourself with them. The more hours you spend on them looking up stats, the better able you’ll be to apply these numbers to esports gambling.

I mentioned how you could look at the average match length to help with these types of bets. But this is just one example of many.

When Will Betting Software Become Available for Esports Gambling?

Esports betting is one of the fastest-growing segments of the gambling world. Much like competitive gaming itself, esports gambling continues growing by leaps and bounds every year.

It’s not yet at the popularity level of major sports leagues like the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and Premier League. But video-game betting should definitely become a bigger force within the next few years.

At some point, major gambling software companies like SportsInsights will be forced to consider this activity. They may already be experiencing demand to add esports betting to their software.

Given that competitive gaming is featured at many major online sportsbooks, software companies could easily add it as an option. I estimate that you’ll be able to use these programs for esports gambling within the next three years.

You May Want to Begin Familiarizing Yourself With Software Now

You don’t have to wait until betting software adds an option to track esports odds and trends. You can instead start familiarizing yourself with these programs now so that you’re ready when esports gambling is added.

This process can be as simple as watching tutorials on how to use the software, or even paying for a program and using it on sports betting. Of course, the latter option is only feasible when you like wagering on sports in the first place.

In any case, it won’t hurt to get a leg up on the competition right away. Even if you don’t love traditional sports gambling, you can make low-risk wagers just to practice using software.

When/if esports comes into the equation, you’ll be more experienced at using betting programs than many other gamblers.


Betting software has proven very helpful in the sports gambling world. It allows bettors to track useful information like odds, injuries, weather, public betting percentages, arbitrage opportunities, steam moves, and reverse line movement.

You can of course track this info on your own. But you’ll find it especially hard to monitor odds, arbitrage situations, steam moves, and reverse line moves across multiple sportsbooks.

Software does a lot of the work for you by monitoring changing odds and other elements. All you need to do is look at the program to see when changes occur.

Unfortunately, esports betting isn’t yet included in these programs. Gambling on video games is a relatively new style of betting. It may very well find its way to software in the near future.

Esports betting’s popularity is growing at a rapid pace. You’ll probably see it featured in one or more software programs within a few years.

Until then, though, all you can do is practice with what’s currently available. You could use software to make a few sports bets just to get used to the process until esports become available on these programs.

Of course, you can also just wait as well. But whenever esports betting software is available, you should definitely take advantage.

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