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Up until a few years ago, online slots featured stagnant grids. A five-reel, 20-payline game, for example, wasn’t suddenly going to expand into a 5,000-line slot.

However, the online gaming industry has changed greatly in a short time. Megaways and grid slots have proven that players love new formats.

Both of these game types can feature expanding grids. For instance, a six-reel Megaways slot can offer anywhere from 64 to 117,649 ways to win.

Infinity Reels slots appear to be the next type of game that could take online casinos by storm. I’m going to cover how these slots work, where they’re available, and if you should ultimately consider playing them.

How Do Infinity Reels Work?

Grid and Megaways slots feature a stagnant number of reels. While these games can expand upwards to include more rows, their paylines don’t change.

Infinity Reels slots differ in this regard. They add extra reels to the right side of the grid when certain conditions are met.

These conditions involve you either forming consecutive wins or extending an existing payout on the rightmost reel. Here’s an example:

  • You play on an Infinity Reels slot with a 3×3 grid.
  • You form a cluster of 5 matching symbols or more.
  • The winning cluster appears in the rightmost reel.
  • A fourth reel adds on the right side (4×3 grid).
  • The process continues until you don’t score any more wins or your existing payout stops expanding.

The infinity aspect refers to how you can theoretically unlock an unlimited amount of reels. Of course, your payout streak has to end at some point. However, the idea is that these games offer lots of winning possibilities.

Where Can You Find Infinity Reels?

Infinity Reels are a new concept at the time of this post. Two developers, including ReelPlay (in association with Relax Gaming) and NetEnt, have experimented with this category.

ReelPlay became the first studio to release an Infinity Reels game. Their El Dorado slot begins with a 3×3 grid that keeps expanding as long as you continue winning or building on the current payout in the rightmost reel.

NetEnt’s “Infinireels” feature the same general concept as ReelPlay’s invention. Their Gods of Gold slot starts with a 3×4 grid and sees reels added to the right.

Any Differences between Infinity and Infinireels?

Infinireels and Infinity Reels revolve carry the same basic theme. However, they also include slight differences.

First off, ReelPlay requires you to land a cluster of five matching symbols to collect a payout. Infinireels only makes you get three matching symbols.

Next, Infinity Reels slots force you to get a matching symbol in the right reel before expanding.

Infinireels, on the other hand, expand on any win or extended payout regardless of which reel it occurs on.

Again, these developers are dealing with the same concept. But NetEnt’s slot, which came out after ReelPlay’s game, incorporates a couple of minor differences in their engine.

Pros of Infinity Reels Slots

Infinity Reels provide multiple advantages over any other type of format. Below, you can see the main reasons for playing these games.

New Concept

Megaways and grid slots are both tremendously popular right now. But they also appear to be at their peak.

Infinity Reels, on the other hand, are just getting started. ReelPlay rolled out El Dorado in early 2020, while NetEnt released Gods of Gold just a couple of months later.

This format is drawing lots of publicity from gaming news sites. It’s also proven quite popular at online casinos already. Therefore, you should expect more developers to experiment with this engine.

Differs from Megaways

Megaways games can feature versatile setups. One slot may see its reels hold up to six symbols, for example, while another allows its reels to hold up to eight symbols.

Again, though, this format has been out for a few years. The industry is at risk of becoming saturated with Megaways slots at this point.

Infinity Reels offer a breath of fresh air. These games see their grid extend to the right rather than up like with Megaways.

You may ultimately prefer the latter in the end. However, Infinity Reels at least give you reason to try a new concept.

Win Multipliers

These games not only give you an opportunity to extend the reels but also build on a win multiplier. Your multiplier increases 1x for every additional reel.

This aspect allows you to win big through multiple ways, including additional payouts, more reels, and multiplied prizes.

You won’t win millions of dollars on a single spin through these games. But you can string together several large payouts in a row.

Cons of Infinity Reels Slots

Infinity Reels have the potential to become the next big thing in internet gaming. As you’ll see below, though, they’re not entirely perfect.

Few Reels to Start

The promise of Infinity Reels is that you can extend the grid for an eternity and keep picking up huge payouts. Unfortunately, this occurrence is more of a rarity rather than the norm.

El Dorado and Gods of Gold feature small grids in the beginning. They start out like classic slots with a few paylines.

You may become frustrated at the many times where are you lose on a 3×3 or 3×4 grid before adding extra reels.

High Volatility

Players have spoken and high volatility is in these days. Most gamblers would rather have the chance at multiple features and big wins than to earn a steady stream of payouts.

If you’re among this bunch, you should appreciate Infinity Reels slots. If you’re not, though, you’ll take exception with how quickly your bankroll runs out.

Most of your wins will be small. You also won’t have many active ways until you’re able to extend the reels.

Confusing to Some Players

I did my best to explain Infinity Reels at the beginning. However, you may need to actually experience this concept before fully understanding it.

At first, these games seem like a confusing mess of cluster pays, extending reels, and multipliers. You may even feel lost for the first 10 minutes.

I suggest reading the help screen and/or playing for free in the beginning. Doing either will help acclimate you to these games before risking real money.

Are These Games Set to Revolutionize Gaming?

The future of infinity Reels remains to be seen. However, I’m willing to bet that they become a very hot item in the gaming world.

The format is already gaining widespread attention throughout the industry. Many top online casinos have quickly rolled out these games and are measuring the results.

Infinity Reels lend themselves towards what’s popular today. As shown through Megaways and grid slots, gamblers love when the grid expands.

An expanding grid creates more potential winning opportunities. It also provides players with more action than a standard 20- or 30-payline slot.

Of course, there’s always the chance that players are exhausted of different formats and seek something more stable. But based on the current trend, Infinity Reels slots capture what’s big at the moment.

They also include other popular aspects, including unlimited win multipliers. This combination should draw countless gamblers and make these types of games extremely successful.


Every few years, a new slots feature comes along that revolutionizes the industry. Infinity Reels definitely have the chance to become the next game-changing concept.

It gives you an opportunity to add an unlimited amount of reels to the grid. This format also provides multipliers that can boost your wins significantly.

Therefore, Infinity Reels provide the perfect combination of a changing grid, more winning possibilities, and big payouts.

However, you should be careful with these games if you’re adverse to high volatility. Assuming you’re dealing with a small bankroll that you want to last, you might consider stick with payline slots for the time being.

Otherwise, you should certainly appreciate these slots. They figure to grow greatly in popularity and quantity over the next few years.

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