Conor McGregor Aims to Fight Frankie Edgar in December

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Like some of TV’s greatest soap operas, the latest installment of Conor McGregor’s reality series known as his life has seen another bump in the ratings as it appears that the UFC’s top box office attraction has an opponent in mind for his return fight. Well, that’s if you believe the McGregor is returning to the octagon this year.

On Wednesday, McGregor tweeted out an agreement to fight Frankie Edgar in December. It’s a fight that Edgar wants, as well. Both men are now publicly lobbying UFC President Dana White to make the bout happen.

With both men on board, according to Twitter, the question now comes down to if the UFC wants to make this fight happen.

Would the UFC Make This Fight?

When it comes to McGregor, the UFC would pretty much bend over backward to make a fight happen other than an immediate rematch against Khabib Nurmagomedov. McGregor is still the biggest draw in the UFC and holds all the records for top PPV buys and live gates.

Frankie Edgar is still enough of a name that this fight would be marketable. When last we saw Edgar, he lost a featherweight title fight to champion Max Holloway. His stock is still high, and he could move up a division to fight McGregor, or they could agree to a catchweight.

In short, with no other real prospects for McGregor, other than maybe Justin Gaethje, the UFC would be foolish not to make it happen.

When Could McGregor vs Edgar Take Place?

McGregor has repeatedly said he would return in December. However, he also said that he wanted the fight to be in Dublin, Ireland, which we know won’t happen. The UFC currently has the following events booked for December:

  • UFC Fight Night Washington on December 7th
  • UFC 245 PPV from Las Vegas on December 14th
  • UFC Fight Night South Korea on December 21st

Right off the bat, you can eliminate any UFC Fight Night event as these shows are too small for UFC’s top PPV attraction. He hadn’t fought in a UFC Fight Night card since January 2015 when he defeated Dennis Siver via TKO in the 2nd round.

Next, I highly doubt that Conor McGregor wants to play second fiddle to another main event fight on UFC 245. He would probably get bumped down to 4th on the card with how stacked the lineup is. UFC 245 is loaded with three world title fights that feature some of the sport’s top stars:

  • (c)Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington for UFC Welterweight Title
  • (c)Max Holloway vs Alexander Volkanovski for UFC Featherweight Title
  • (c)Amanda Nunes vs Germaine de Randamie UFC Women’s Bantamweight Title

I don’t see McGregor being placed on a PPV card that already has three premiere world title fights. McGregor is a main draw himself, and UFC 245 doesn’t need him to elevate these PPV numbers.

More than likely, McGregor’s return fight would be pushed back to January 2020 where he can headline a PPV and make a boatload of money for the UFC, Edgar, and for charity. McGregor stated in his Tweet above that he wants to donate his portion of the purse to charity.

That’s a great sentiment by Conor, but we all know McGregor won’t be fighting for free as the real money is with the PPV buys and other endorsements.

Who Would Win Between McGregor and Edgar?

Despite being out of the octagon for a year now, McGregor would be the betting favorite. Edgar is coming off a loss to Holloway, which isn’t a terrible thing since Holloway is arguably the greatest featherweight of all-time. However, Edgar has lost two of his last three contests.

Edgar has also lost to some of the sport’s top stars in his weight class like Holloway, Ortega, Aldo and Henderson. He will be giving up a few inches in height and reach to McGregor as well.

McGregor is a better striker than Edgar and could potentially finish off Frankie where Holloway didn’t. Furthermore, McGregor’s overall size and power could be a huge difference as we saw that Holloway’s height and length were too much for Edgar to overcome.

With that said, I would handicap this fight with Edgar as the clear underdog in a range of +200 to +250, which is close to what his odds were against Max Holloway in July.

For McGregor, I would list him as a betting favorite of -225 to -275. In his last fight against Nurmagomedov, McGregor closed at a +130 underdog. Before that, he was a -195 favorite over Eddie Alvarez in November 2016.

I don’t see much betting value in this rumored matchup. McGregor is just too big and too difficult of a striker for Edgar to defeat. I think the more intriguing wager would be a prop bet on when the UFC will schedule McGregor’s next fight.

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