Could These Potential NFL Super Bowl 52 Matchups Be Extremely Profitable?

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Betting on sports can be a real catch-22 at times. On one hand, sports like pro football release a slew of early bets to wager on, but they do so months before the first meaningful game is played.

It’s even worse when you look at Super Bowl betting, as we already have odds strewn out across the internet as to which NFL teams will run the table. The New England Patriots won last year despite falling in a 28-3 hole against the Atlanta Falcons, and are predictably the favorites going into the 2017 NFL regular season.

There are other Super Bowl bets you can already take advantage of, however, and one of them can get you in on the action without actually making a pick. That’s right, Super Bowl 52 matchup betting at allows for fans to merely wager on which two NFL teams face off in 2018, rather than asking you to bet on who will win the game itself.

That understandably leaves the door wide open for risk, but it also cracks it open for major reward, just as easily. gets the ball rolling with a very friendly Cowboys vs. Patriots title game fielding +1500 odds. That could turn a tiny $10 bet in May into $150 once we learn Dallas and New England will indeed face off in Super Bowl 52.

There are other perfectly viable Super Bowl 52 matchups to consider, such as the Seahawks vs. Patriots (+1800) and a slew of other combinations involving New England (the first 7 matchups include the Pats). While a lot of these options are possible and some are more likely than others, this is a great time to consider which Super Bowl 52 matchups could offer the best combination of logic and upside.

We took a look at all of the options over at (there’s quite a few) and came away with our five favorite Super Bowl 52 matchup bets:

Green Bay Packers vs. New England Patriots (+2300)

Of all of the Super Bowl 52 matchups involving Tom Brady and the Pats, this one might offer the most value. The New York Giants (+3000) bring a little more bang for your buck to the table, but after Green Bay housed the G-Men in the playoffs last year, they probably trump them here.

Aaron Rodgers was a bad man in 2016, too, while the Packers took calculated measures to improve defensively. If the defense is better and A-Rod is as good as ever, the Packers could take the next step and advance beyond the NFC title game after getting there two times in the last three years.

New England is a Super Bowl betting staple – as they should be – as Brady remains ageless and will be ready to let it rip for yet another title game run. The best part is you don’t need to pick a side here. If the Packers and Patriots simply get to the final game, you’re making money.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (+4500)

It’s hard to repeat as a Super Bowl champion, so we might want to think outside the box before biting down on one of many Patriots-sided Super Bowl bets. The Pittsburgh Steelers fell to the Pats in last year’s AFC title game and are blessed with one of the best offenses in the league, so it’s perfectly understandable to envision them in the NFL title game.

On the other side, we could easily see the Cowboys meet up with the Steelers, as they were the top team in the NFC (if not the NFL) last year before narrowly falling to a red hot Packers team. Dallas could be back and better than ever and considering you’re only picking them to get to the Super Bowl, this isn’t much of a reach. Predicting they’ll be taking on the Steelers instead of the Patriots is a mild gamble, but with these +4500 odds, it could be worth it.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Oakland Raiders (+6500)

The value only gets better if you shift over to the Raiders from the Steelers, as Derek Carr and go boarded Marshawn Lynch onto their offense and could be ready for a “super” run. If you’re a Dallas backer you can hang tight with the ‘Boys, but aim a little higher with this matchup with Oakland.

The Cowboys remain a very strong bet coming out of the NFC, while the Raiders made enough moves during the offseason to go from a playoff team to a title threat. Oakland may have already fully arrived there a year ago, had Carr not broken his leg. Beast Mode could put this offense over the top, though, while an aggressive defense could potentially sneak the Raiders past the Steelers and Patriots.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Oakland Raiders (+7500)

What about some unfinished business? Atlanta could easily crater after losing Super Bowl 51 in horrific fashion, but that feels like a lazy notion given just how talented this team is. Matt Ryan fuels a well-oiled offensive machine, while Dan Quinn’s defense could be nastier than ever.

The Falcons march right back through the NFC playoffs in an effort to finish what they started against the Patriots, only to be blessed with a more favorable matchup in the Raiders. That doesn’t necessarily guarantee them a win, but it doesn’t have to in order for you to take advantage of these sick +7500 odds.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Bengals (+40000)

As you can see, there are a lot of viable Super Bowl 52 matchup bets to consider and there are plenty we haven’t touched on.

The combinations seem endless at, but as we trickle down the line, one of the best “logical” matchup plays could be the Cardinals and Bengals reaching the big game.

It seems we get a new team breaking through to have a shot at their franchise’s first Lombardi Trophy quite often these days, as the Falcons and Panthers both failed to make it happen over the last two years. What if two teams busted through and made sure a new title winner was born?

That’s not impossible, as both the Cardinals and Bengals looked like strong playoff teams and legit title contenders just two years ago. Cincy flamed out behind an Andy Dalton injury, while the Cardinals bowed out in the NFC title game. Both teams were severely banged in down 2016 campaigns, but if they can get/stay healthy and work their way back to prominence, an otherwise unlikely Super Bowl 52 matchup could quickly become rather profitable.

You’re getting into scary territory when you look at Bears vs. Browns Super Bowl ideas, but the Bengals and Cardinals actually give us a reasonable shot and insane +40000 odds. A mere $10 bet on that pairing wouldn’t be safe by any means, but it carries some logic and would bring back a ridiculous $4,000 if they both made it to the final game of the year.

It’s up to you to gauge which bets are way too silly to take fliers on and which logical bets are the most worth your time. Multiple tries are probably in order given the upside with even the most predictable bet, but if we keep it to the Patriots, Steelers, Raiders, Packers, Falcons, Cowboys and Seahawks, we’re likely betting on safe ground.

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