CS_summit 4 Betting Preview, Value Bets Picks, and Betting Predictions

Well, hello there CS:GO betting enthusiasts! Today, we have a special treat for everyone looking to profit on hot CS:GO esports action. In just a few days, CS_summit 4 begins, and with it, four days of thrilling contests between six top-tier teams. That said, it’s only logical for us to do a series of CS_summit 4 betting picks for your convenience.

Just by looking at the participating teams it becomes clear what a high-quality tournament we have on our hands here. Five out of six competing teams are in the top eleven bunch according to HLTV world ranking, two of which (Team Liquid and ENCE) are in the top five.

With all that in mind, there’s no doubt the fourth installment of CS_summit is going to be a proper spectacle. With Astralis out of the picture (like many times in the recent few months), these teams will have much bigger chances of snatching another trophy. Plus, the prize pool is a total of $150,000, ensuring there’s enough money up for grabs for everyone.

As far as the betting side of the deal is concerned, CS:GO betting sites already have a plethora of options available. Nothing surprising about that, especially considering the fact that all group stage matchups are already known (more about that in the Tournament Format section below). For now, let’s focus on betting and check out the best CS_summit 4 bookies!

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CS_summit 4 Betting Preview | Interesting Facts

  • As usual, CS_summit 4 will be held at the Summit House in Los Angeles. The start date is set for Thursday, May 23rd, and the end date for Sunday, May 26th. It’ll be four days of thrilling CS:GO matchups, what more could we ask for?!
  • The broadcast talent for this event is pretty solid. Guest commentators haven’t yet been announced but the main commentating talent is more than enough to satisfy our cravings. HenryG, moses, stunna, just to name a few.
  • As stated above, CS_summit 4 will sport $150,000 in prize pool money. However, at the time of writing this article, the official distribution hasn’t yet been announced. However, if the third Summit is any indicator, the winning team will get a bit over $63,000, and the runner-up team a bit over $33,000, and so forth.

Tournament Format

These six teams will play a total of eighteen matches across four days: fifteen group stage matches alongside three playoffs. The group stage is played in a double round-robin format meaning all teams play each other two times.

All group stage matches are best of 1 which means we might see a fair share of upsets.

However, only the two worst teams are eliminated straight from the group stage.

As for the playoffs, they feature the four remaining teams in a single-elimination bracket. All playoffs matches are best of three, lowering the chances of potential upsets. However, we’ve already seen ENCE leniently defeating Astralis in both Bo1 and Bo3 matchups. With that in mind, everything is possible, so arm yourself with knowledge before you start slapping together your betting slips.

Talking about knowledge, this next section could greatly improve your chances of winning some extra cash.

Team Overviews

Before we start going through the CS_summit 4 betting picks, let’s talk about the competing teams first. As stated earlier, there are six contestants here and we’ll go through all of them. We’ll investigate their current track records, in-form players, and chances of snatching the CS_summit 4 trophy.

So, let’s kick things off…


EZ4ENCE!!! The spectacular Finns didn’t just stop at a brilliant IEM Katowice Major performance where they beat both NaVi and Team Liquid against all odds. Many people thought that’s the top of their performance, but allu and the boys had other ideas. Just last week, ENCE went on to create one of the biggest surprises after the Katowice Major. Need I remind you, they ended up beating Astralis in a Bo3 matchup to take the BPS Madrid trophy. And that’s after they’d already beaten them earlier in the group stage.

Coming into this tournament, ENCE players will be hoping for more of the same. Their recent successes won’t mean a thing if they don’t show up for the occasion in Los Angeles. Their desire for winning more trophies, their brilliant team play, and unpredictable strats are the main factors carrying them to great heights. And for that, they are surely one of the teams to bet on as far as CS_summit 4 is concerned.

Ghost Gaming

Let’s be realistic here, Ghost Gaming is the weakest team on this tournament. Not just on paper but in terms of recent track record, team cohesion, and map pool depth. With that said, it’s not surprising to see +2000 next to their outright winner betting option. They’re true underdogs when it comes to CS_summit 4 betting picks.

However, that could become a double-edged sword, especially if other teams underestimate them. Additionally, Ghost Gaming will be playing in Los Angeles with no pressure on their shoulders. With the likes of Team Liquid, NRG, ENCE, and Renegades, it doesn’t take a genius to realize just how thin their chances of reaching the playoffs are. However, knowing their tenacity, I reckon they might create one or two upsets in the group stage. With only Bo1 matches to play, chances are WARDELL and koosta could make a scalp in LA.

Team Liquid

Ah, Team Liquid, a highly-decorated NA team which has been the second-best CS:GO team for quite a while now. Right behind Astralis, mind you. Additionally, Team Liquid won the second iteration of CS_summit and will be looking to capitalize on the fourth one too.

Their current form is absolutely spectacular.

Nine wins in the last ten matches against difficult opponents Fnatic, MIBR, NiP, and BIG, just to name a few.

Needless to say, Team Liquid’s triumph in Sydney will be an extra motivator for this tournament. In other words, Stewie2K, Twistzz, and the rest of the boys will be hoping for another tournament win here. And we all know they have the quality required to lift the CS_summit 4 trophy. In fact, if you’re interested in CS_summit 4 betting picks, the safest team to bet on is definitely Team Liquid.

NRG Esports

Let’s start off by stating that NRG Esports won the last CS_summit tournament held last November. In a much easier competition, NRG emerged victorious after defeating OpTic Gaming in the grand finals match. Right now, their form is relatively good (nothing special, really). Six wins in their last ten matches aren’t that praiseworthy.

However, NRG already qualified for both ESL Pro League S9 and ECS Season 7 Finals. This will put a lot of wind in their sails and they could be a dangerous team to face for everyone else competing in Los Angeles. While I do expect them to struggle against Team Liquid and ENCE, this NRG roster has enough quality to advance to the playoffs and perhaps surprise us all with a grand finals finish.


This has been a tough week for Renegades. Despite their great efforts, the fierce Australians did not manage to qualify for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals. They were beaten by MIBR. The first map was a deserved triumph by the Brazilians, followed by a disheartening episode on Train that, in all honesty, left me quite saddened. I really wanted to see jks, jkaem, and the boys, go up against the world’s best in Montpellier.

But let’s not cry over spilled milk here. Renegades is still a great all-around team and I’m sure they’ll redeem themselves cometh the CS_summit 4 group stage. Even though most bookies don’t even see them as playoffs contestants, I think they could go all the way here. Perhaps they won’t win the trophy, but they definitely have great chances of reaching the grand finals. With a couple of good matches and a bit of luck, Renegades could bring a lot of joy to the electric crowds in the Land Down Under!

Team Vitality

At last, we’ve reached the final team here. Team Vitality, a pretty strong French side that’s on quite a roll. Ten out of ten is their current form, followed by a single defeat (against VP), and then another eight wins. Let me rephrase this—that’s eighteen wins and a single loss for Team Vitality in the last month or so.

Truth be told, the quality of their opposition isn’t exactly at the level of Team Liquid and other competitors in Los Angeles. But still, such a winning streak ought to bring a lot of positives to Team Vitality’s early group stage matches. However, despite all that, I believe the later parts of the group stage will cost them playoffs participation. Their last three matches are against Team Liquid, ENCE, and Renegades, all three of which will be tough competitors for scoring the big W.

We’ve finally reached the most important section of this article—CS_summit 4 betting picks. Right now, I’d like to emphasize three crucial matchups that could shape the entire group stage. From my perspective, the main favorites are Team Liquid (duh), ENCE, and, surprisingly enough, Renegades. With that in mind, let’s check out their crucial matchups and see how they’ll develop as the group stage rounds go on.

CS_summit 4 Betting Picks

ENCE vs Renegades

First, let’s talk about the first-day match between ENCE and Renegades. Coming into this tournament, ENCE is right behind Team Liquid in terms of outright betting odds. Renegades, on the other hand, are right behind Ghost Gaming as the second-lowest rated team. Despite that, Renegades could be a potential dark horse of this tournament.

That said, I actually give them the upper hand in this match. Even though ENCE is on a roll at the moment, I firmly believe Renegade’s playstyle won’t suit them. Depending on the chosen map, this could be quite an intense matchup. However, either way, I expect Renegades to perform at their best. This is going to be their first match in Los Angeles and that’s another reason why I think Renegades will show up in the best way.

It might not be a popular belief, but Renegades could easily reach the grand finals. With a bit of luck and a few spectacular performances, the tenacious Australians could surprise everyone (everyone except me, because I expect them to). You heard it here first!

Team Liquid vs ENCE

Needless to say, this will be the most intense group stage match. Not just because these two teams are neck and neck in terms of roster quality, map pool, and recent form, but also because they’re the main favorites for taking the trophy. Whichever team wins this match will get extra winds to their sails for the remainder of the tournament, especially in later stages (playoffs) where there’s a high chance of coming into the same matchup once again.

In all honesty, I really can’t tell the winner here. On paper, Team Liquid is the better team and they should see this one through. However, ENCE went from being a laughingstock to easily defeating Astralis on three maps (two matches), meaning their upset potential is big. In fact, I can’t even describe their spectacular performances as upsets, especially considering the fact they’re currently ranked as the third-best team in the world.

That said, if you’re interested in CS_summit 4 betting picks for this match, I’d suggest avoiding match-winner options. Instead, go for maps over/under. Over 26.5 seems like a great choice and something I’ll probably go with when I start betting on CS_summit 4.

NRG vs Team Liquid

Here we have a wicked North American clash between two best teams from the new continent. Of course, Team Liquid is a much better side to pick than NRG on paper. But NRG has its fair share of successes too, especially in recent months. As mentioned above, they’ve already qualified for both ESL PL S9 and ECS which will definitely work in their favor cometh the crucial matches.

Despite NRG’s recent successes and the fact that NRG won three out of five head-to-head matches against TL, I still believe Team Liquid will emerge victorious out of this match. However, before you go and bet your money on Team Liquid here, you should wait and see how the first two days of matches unfold.

If Team Liquid is in a safe position (first or second place), it’s likely that they’ll hold back since NRG match is their last one. With that said, I’d either avoid this bet altogether or wait to see the outcomes and the table after the first two group stage days.

Outright Betting on CS_summit 4

Moving forward with betting on CS_summit 4, let’s check out the outrights.

Obviously, Team Liquid is the heavy favorite here. Even though they’re still struggling against the likes of Astralis (more so than ENCE), they’re still considered the second best team in the world. And, with Astralis not competing on this tournament, Team Liquid’s chances of winning CS_summit 4 are pretty high. Bookies’ response to this is relatively reasonable, having them at solid +130.

ENCE’s aggression, in-game strats, playstyle, and team cohesion are improving with each passing tournament. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that, really. Their recent spell of performances at the BPS Madrid have shown everyone that they’re deservingly in the top five CS:GO teams. Defeating Astralis on three consecutive maps is a praiseworthy accomplishment to say the least. In fact, they’re the only team with such bragging rights. With that in mind, placing a small to medium stake bet on ENCE to win outright at +255 is a pretty good move. EZ4ENCE!!!

If you’re looking for a dark horse, I’d suggest checking out Renegades to win outright.

On BetWay, they’re currently at +700 which is great value considering their recent performances. Jks, jkaem, and the company are playing like a top-tier team, well-deserving of their spot on the top 10 CS:GO teams list on HLTV.org. Even though they’re likely to have problems with Team Liquid and ENCE, the rest of the bunch shouldn’t be too big of a hassle for the tenacious Australians.

That’s about it for this CS_summit 4 betting picks article. Thank you for sticking until the very end! If you plan to bet on CS_summit 4, hopefully, some of the insight explained above will help you with making the perfect CS_summit 4 betting slip!

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