CS:GO Betting Tips and Tricks: How to Bet on CS:GO

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Despite being relatively straightforward in nature, the esports betting industry can often leave newcomers puzzled. With a plethora of bookies to choose from, plenty of esports titles to explore, and complex esports betting markets to conquer, it’s not that surprising to see many newcomers give up on esports betting before even giving it a proper chance.

Its straightforward nature and complex internal mechanics undoubtedly make esports betting a thrilling activity. It’s one of the most rewarding hobbies.

However, it does have its dark side. You see, the majority of people who indulge in online betting on CS:GO (or any other esports title) end up losing money. Some lose big, some lose small. Either way, they’re on the losing end of the deal, and that’s not good.

That said, it’s no surprise the demand for high-quality CS:GO betting tips is at an all-time high. People from all around the world want to enjoy betting on CS:GO without the risk of losing money.

Some pursue CS:GO betting for entertainment. Others pursue it thinking they’ll make a quick buck on it. Whatever your case may be, this CS:GO betting tips and tricks guide ought to be of service.

Throughout the next few paragraphs, I’m going to tell you basically everything you need to know to improve your CS:GO betting endeavors and increase your chances of winning those juicy returns. There are several sections I’ve got in store for you, each of which tackles a specific set of problems.

Beware — this is a lengthy guide, so you’d better get up and make yourself some tea. Or, better yet, a good cup of coffee to sharpen your focus.

You’ll definitely need every last bit of it by the end of this guide!

Best CS:GO Betting Sites | Where to Place Bets

The first part of this CS:GO betting tips guide is based on finding the perfect CS:GO betting site that fits all your needs.

After all, we’re all individuals with different preferences as far as payment methods, betting market, and bet types are concerned. We all need to find the bookie that ticks all the right boxes for us. There’s none of that one size fits all type of deal here.

However, you’ll still need a few starting points — a couple of bookies that are well-known in the esports betting industry and have a history of high user satisfaction.

The easiest way to find such bookies is to drop in on our comprehensive CS:GO betting sites guide. It features the most reputable names out there and offers many details surrounding the biggest virtues of these esports betting sites.

If you’re just starting out your esports betting campaigns and are in desperate need of a proper bookie, that guide will not disappoint! You can either use it as a guideline to assess the industry’s standards or pick one of the bookies listed in the table.

Either way, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with your final choice.

Understanding the Basics

Now that we’ve touched on the best CS:GO betting sites, let’s talk about the basic aspects of esports betting and all the details you need to know before you can start making your first batch of bets. We’re talking winning bets here, of course.

After all, this post is dubbed as CS:GO betting tips guide, so winning bets is sort of our focal point here.

There are three figures I want to point out here: understanding the odds, understanding the value, and experimenting with various esports betting strategies.

Even though they seem pretty straightforward, mastering them requires a lot of effort and can take quite a bit of time.

On the bright side, once you’re in the know, your betting success ought to improve.

Understanding Odds

The very basis of properly understanding esports betting is understanding the odds. After all, they are an integral part of all esports bets and represent the probability, value, and potential payouts of all esports wagers.

Of course, this is all basic info, and I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who don’t, here’s a quick betting odds 101.

CS:GO Character in Desert Wearing Camo

Odds are important for two reasons. First, they are used to calculate the returns of all wagers. The higher they are, the higher the return is.

Second, they represent the likelihood of a certain scenario/outcome. The more likely a scenario/outcome is, the lower the odds.

What you have to do is understand the value and find the perfect balance.

Understanding Value

If you’re betting for profit, mastering value is of utmost importance.

Yeah, yeah, I know what value is. I’m not a total noob at this.

First off, don’t be so sure about that! Value goes well beyond what most people think — betting on in-form underdogs. Yes, believe it or not, that’s what most esports betting enthusiasts think of when someone mentions good value.

Needless to say, there’s much more to it than in-form underdogs. Sure, that’s a good guideline for high-value wagering, but you’ve got to dig a lot deeper and learn how to recognize the positive value that can yield long-run profits. Learn how to carry out extensive research regarding the teams you wish to bet on, as well.

Assess more than just their last few matches and the individual qualities of their players. All of this is necessary to calculate the outcome probability, which is the basis of determining and understanding bet value.

When it comes to understanding and determining value, sports and esports are very much alike. That said, if you want more info on this topic, make sure you check out our probability and value guide.

Esports Betting Strategies

If you’ve hit a plateau and can’t seem to get back on a winning streak, perhaps you need to work on your esports betting strategy. It’s basically a delicate set of guidelines to keep you going forward and maintaining your betting bankroll in the green.

Furthermore, betting strategies also dictate additional “rules,” some of which can help shape you into a successful bettor.

Of course, the biggest issue with all this is keeping yourself in check. As long as you keep betting the way your strategy tells you to, you should be on the right track.

If you want to experiment with all this, try checking out our esports betting strategy guide. With a whole heap of details meant for people who are just starting out, it ought to shed some light onto the topic.

CS:GO Betting Tips | Most Common Mistakes

This section of our CS:GO betting tips post will be all about the most common CS:GO betting mistakes out there. I’m sure most of you will be well-familiar with certain specimens listed here, so let’s not waste any more time and dive right on in!

Having Unrealistic Expectations

The first thing I’d like to emphasize here is definitely the most common mistake as far as CS:GO betting is concerned. In fact, it’s not just related to CS:GO betting but to online betting in general.

If you’ve fallen victim to some of these mistakes, there’s no need to feel ashamed. After all, you’ve taken a step in the right direction by taking the time to read this CS:GO betting tips guide. It ought to help you deal with this issue for sure!

As the above subheading suggests, I am referring to dreaming of big money and having unrealistic expectations. Even though these two mistakes don’t necessarily have the same basis, they are, in essence, very similar. The problems start when people get the idea they can easily start making money just because they’re in the know regarding a certain discipline. In this case, CS:GO.

That said, these people are wrong! Knowing the ins and outs of the discipline won’t get you as far as you may think. Sure, you may win a few bets here and there, but your overall success rate will not be at an admirable level.

Additionally, you need to know that the majority of esports betting enthusiasts end up losing money. Their desire to make a quick buck usually gets the better of them and, more often than not, puts them in a tight spot.

Despite that, being profitable in the world of online esports betting is still possible. It’s difficult, but it’s possible or even probable if you know what you’re doing and dedicate a ton of time to each and every one of your betting tickets.

Not Cashing Out in Time

Once you do accumulate some funds, the best thing to do is always cash them out as soon as you can. That’s one of the most valuable CS:GO betting tips you’ll get! Go ahead, cash the money out, spoil yourself, and be done with it.

While betting itself is entertaining, cashing out your hefty winnings and spoiling yourself with something like a luxury weekend sounds much better, right?

That’s because things can easily go downhill if you don’t cash your money out in time. Greed often gets the better of us. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about here. You finally win a hefty pot, but instead of cashing it out, you try to double your profits with another bet.

Needless to say, this is not the optimal course of action here. Instead of forcing big money, try to take things one step at a time and cash your winnings as soon as you get them.

The temptation is a difficult thing to handle, so as one wise man said once upon a time, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Using Bad Esports Betting Sites

Using bad CS:GO betting sites is another very common mistake worth pointing out here. As stated previously, finding good esports bookies can be tricky. Searching for the top names is a time-consuming process, but in the end, it’s definitely worth the hassle. How come?

Well, for starters, using a proper bookie will yield much greater returns. The betting margins will be much lower, enabling you to recognize proper value more easily and lead to a significant increase in your potential payouts.

CS:GO Esports Tournament Team Playing

Furthermore, going with a bookie that checks all the right boxes means you don’t have to stress about nasty issues such as inadequate payment options, ineffective customer support, unresponsive platform, and the list goes on and on.

All in all, if you want to make sure you’re using a top-flight bookie, our CS:GO betting sites guide is definitely worth checking out!

Lack of Bankroll Management

Our CS:GO betting tips guide is moving on, and the next topic we’re going to discuss here is the lack of bankroll management. This is another very dominant name as far as the most common CS:GO betting mistakes are concerned. In fact, not only do people lack bankroll management skills, but some of them don’t even know what bankroll management represents.

Long story short, bankroll management is a set of processes that ensure proper allocation and handling of your betting funds. Bankroll management is basically what differentiates casual from professional bettors, successful from unsuccessful ones. You might think I’m overexaggerating here, but I’m being 100% serious.

The lack of proper bankroll management can lead to a loss of foot in the game. Often times, you’ll find yourself with nothing to bet in and even reaching for your personal budget to try and get back on level terms.

Obviously, this is a terrible practice and cannot lead to a constant profit flow.

That said, if you’re looking for CS:GO betting tips and tricks that can potentially turn you into a profitable bettor, know that this is a big one. Make sure you check out our in-depth bankroll management guide!

Don’t just focus on avoiding these four specific CS:GO betting mistakes. There’s a whole heap of additional ones that haven’t made it onto this list. Mistakes can happen, so in essence, they’re not the problematic part.

The trick is, as long as you don’t get too annoyed/emotional when mistakes happen, you’ll be all right. If you don’t treat your mistakes as a learning opportunity, though, chances are you’ll keep making the same mistakes over and over again, forcing yourself into a wicked losing streak and risking a lot of money in the process.

Placing CS:GO Bets | Picking an Option

You came here for valuable CS:GO betting tips, right? Well, in that case, this placing CS:GO bets section will do you a world of good. It will go through five important factors you need to keep tabs on when placing your bets, all of which have equal importance as far as making informed predictions is concerned.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into the first one!

Inspect Past Head-to-Head Matches

This is the first thing you should do as soon as you find a match that tickles your betting senses. Past head-to-head matches can tell you a great deal of information on both teams.

More importantly, they can tell you how each team comes into the match, how their map pools stack up, how they execute sites, rotations, and all sorts of additional factors.

The best way to explore teams’ past head-to-head matches is on HLTV.org. Go to the Stats page of a team, select matches, and then use your browser’s search function to find their past matches versus the selected team.

However, pay close attention to any potential roster changes as they greatly affect the value of past head-to-head matches. If two or three new players were added to the roster since their last head-to-head match, I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Investigate Roster Changes

The importance of roster changes is often overlooked, even by the most experienced CS:GO betting enthusiasts. Sure, they might acknowledge them, but rarely do I see people effectively using them to their advantage.

Roster changes are more than just an addition of one or two players, or even a complete revamp, for that matter. When assessing roster changes, the majority of people check out the individual player stats and call it a day.

However, the matter is much more complex. There are several other factors you can take into account, some of which will greatly affect your final betting decision. Players’ map pool depth, preferred positions, preferred roles, and spoken languages are a few of those factors.

Don’t think of players as individual pieces that’ll try to fit into the team puzzle as best as they can. Think of them as dynamic assets that will, with their unique set of skills and preferences, shape the team one way or another.

Sure, stats are important. However, they never paint the full picture.

Take in-game leaders as the perfect example. Their stats might be the lowest in the entire roster, which makes them the perfect blaming targets after bad performances, but they are still the base of their teams. They’re the one setting the gameplay tempo and calling rotations, retreats, and aggressive pushes.

Long story short, think of them as Luka Modrics of the CS:GO world.

Assess Series Type

The types of series at play greatly affect CS:GO betting tips. They can either make the match a lot more upset-prone or bring forth a marathon that’ll test both teams’ skills, teamwork, tenacity, and consistency.

The most popular types of series in CS:GO are Bo1 (best of), Bo3, and Bo5. Other esports titles (those with much shorter match durations) often use Bo7 as well, but that’s not the case with CS:GO.

CS:GO Gameplay Screenshot

But why are these best of series so important betting-wise? Well, the biggest impact is between Bo1 and Bo3 series. As its name suggests, Bo1 features only a single map. One map means less room for mistakes and a trickier map banning phase, which results in a greater upset potential.

Bo3, on the other hand, means teams can still lose a map and come out as the victors.

While upsets can happen in Bo3 series too, especially if the favorite team’s map banning phase doesn’t go according to plans, they are typically easier to predict.

And finally, Bo5 series offers a completely different perspective. The teams’ map pool depth is of crucial importance here. Being consistently good at five(ish) maps is a trait only the best CS:GO teams have.

Fatigue/Jet Lag Issues

Another thing worth inspecting is the schedule of each participating team. The CS:GO competitive scene is tightly packed, featuring top-tier events on a bimonthly basis, with a whole swarm of supporting ones happening in between.

Needless to say, such a packed season often results in teams performing below their standards due to fatigue.

Another thing to keep in mind before the initial round of matches on a certain event is the amount of flight and rest the players will have. Teams that travel at the last minute will often have little to no time to rest, and the jet lag ought to plague their performances.

It’s these little things that people often overlook, yet they can be of crucial importance for deciding which wager to place.

Check Recent Form

This is similar to the first factor I explained earlier. However, instead of checking out the past head-to-head matches of the teams in question, you check out a specified number of latest matches of each team.

Look at not only the match results but the played maps, starting rosters, the total number of rounds, and all that good stuff. All these stats can help you make the final decision, either going for a match-winner bet or one of those high-profit props.

Once again, beware of recent roster alterations as these can greatly affect the dynamic of the upcoming matches. Synchronization has to be taken into account here.

While this is not crucial for later stages of events, it can definitely come in handy for the initial round of matches, similarly to fatigue/jet lag issues.

Explore Specials

Last but not least, exploring specials is the last thing we’ll discuss in this CS:GO betting tips guide. If you’ve already done everything mentioned above, and yet you still aren’t feeling confident about a certain wager, perhaps it’s time to check out the specials. You know, those popular proposition bets that often yield sick returns.

However, there’s no need to spend your entire bankroll on chasing big payouts via specials. Sure, some might seem to possess incredible value, but they’re often created in a way to attract attention.

That said, the likes of total rounds over/under, correct map score (bo3 and bo5 only), and player-based specials are the best options to pursue, especially if you’re new to prop bets.

Truth be told, specials can seem a bit over the top for most newcomers. Some of them aren’t exactly easy to predict, but thanks to their entertaining nature, they can easily lure players to keep trying them out. Having great odds is just the icing on the cake.

That said, check out our CS:GO specials betting guide which features a wide variety of prop bets. That ought to fill you in with all the details.

Final Thoughts on CS:GO Betting Tips and Tricks

To sum everything up, every CS:GO bet you place should be data-driven and come as a result of long, extensive, and logical research.

Luckily, CS:GO is already a well-established esports title with pages dedicated to stats crawling, recent team forms, past head-to-head matches, and more. Accessing all these details is quite easy, making CS:GO the perfect esports platform to thrive and prosper in.

With those words, let’s wrap this CS:GO betting tips guide up.

Until next time. We wish you the best of luck on your CS:GO betting endeavors!

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