CSGO ELEAGUE Invitational Announcement; Esports Tournament Info

The CSGO community has already gotten used to this huge drought period at the end of the year. Ever since BLAST Pro Series Lisbon came to a close, we had no real esports thrills to talk about. But, now that the holidays are all gone, now that we’ve stepped into the new year, we are just days away from the first proper CSGO tournaments.

That said, no one really expected CSGO ELEAGUE Invitational announcement the other day. Not a single soul! ELEAGUE came seemingly out of thin air and shocked the community. In a good way, of course!

Needless to say, CSGO ELEAGUE Invitational announcement will in no way jeopardize ELEAGUE’s Premier series. Instead, it will serve as training grounds for the participating teams and ELEAGUE itself.

By creating a smaller tournament with just a few competing teams, ELEAGUE can assess the current state of affairs in the industry and kickstart the 2019 esports competitive scene with style.

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Best Esports Bookies

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Interesting Facts

Now let’s talk about the actual tournament before moving on to the participating teams. As far as CSGO ELEAGUE Invitational announcement is concerned, it shed light on basically everything related to the tournament. The prize pool, the format, the talent, the teams – everything! That’s why I suggest we head straight to the actual facts:

  • CSGO ELEAGUE Invitational is a much smaller tournament than ELEAGUE’s Premier series. It will still feature a splendid prize pool of $150,000. And that total amount is being shared by four teams in total – wicked!
  • Yup – there will be just four teams participating at CSGO ELEAGUE Invitational. On a side note – all four teams are set to participate at the IEM XIII Katowice Major which means this tournament will serve as some sort of a training.
  • This tournament is scheduled to be played in double-elimination bracket system. Yup, this means teams get a second chance after their first defeat. There will be a total of six matches throughout the three tournament days. Keep in mind though – only the final two will be played in front of live studio audience.
  • ELEAGUE’s well-known talent has also been announced for this tournament. The fan favorites Sue “Smix” Lee, Daniel “DDK” Kapadia and Alex Goldenboy“ Mendez, just to name a few. CSGO ELEAGUE Invitational announcement also noted the tournament will receive coverage from their own website, Twitch and B/R Live. Talk about splendid organization, huh?

Participating Teams

Here’s a closer look at the participating teams. As explained earlier, all four of them will be competing at the IEM XIII Katowice Major in February, meaning this will be one of their final training sessions prior to the spectacle in Poland.

FaZe Clan

What a wonderful roster FaZe Clan had in 2018. Yet, they’ve underperformed significantly, resulting in karrigan, their former IGL, getting kicked off the team. In all honesty, there was no free agent available that could fill karrigan’s shoes properly so FaZe Clan decided for a temporary stand-in – Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev.

Additionally, RobbaN has stepped aside for YNk to take his spot and cement his coaching prowess from MiBR. Overall, even though this FaZe Clan roster isn’t the best one they’ve had thus far, it should still be enough to see this tournament through with a win.


BIG is turning into a proper top tier team, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Last year, they’ve had four podium finishes, with one of them being a premier-tier tournament of all things! However, late December brought bad news for the German side.

Nex had to undergo medical treatment for wrist pains and BIG was forced to sign XANTARES. That said, we hope nex gets up to speed soon… and we hope XANTARES makes a name for himself under BIG colors in the matches to come.


Let’s face it – Cloud9 is just a shadow of its former self. It’s really sad to see everything that’s happened to the NA giant over the course of 2018. Sure, they’ve kicked the year off with style winning ELEAGUE Major Boston… but after that, they went into a slump which they’re still having problems getting out of.

Numerous roster changes, flusha, Golden, Skadoodle, kioShiMa, Zellsis, just to name a few. On a brighter note, no one expects anything from them so they’ll be going into this tournament head first, that’s for sure!


What’s the biggest accomplishment of compLexity in 2018? Well, their win at the Americas Minor Championship for FACEIT London 2018, of course! While compLexity still is a notable team, they’re far from their best years. Most recently, they’ve mixed things up a bit, hoping for a surprise in Poland.

Struggling ANDROID and yay have been benched, with Rickeh and n0thing taking their first-team positions. CompLexity starts off their Katowice journey in the New Legends Stage, but I guess ELEAGUE Invitational will show us what kind of things we can expect from their new roster…

Outright Betting on CSGO ELEAGUE Invitational

When it comes to outright bets on this tournament, I’d honestly stay away from it. But, since I have to pick something here, I’ll have to settle with FaZe Clan. Yes, they are the favorites to win this tournament… but it’s not going to be easy for them.

Their roster mix (karrigan out, AdreN in) couple together with coach change will definitely leave a mark, at least during the first couple of matches.

But, if they managed to pull out of their slump early on (and let’s face it, they’ve been in a slump for the greater part of 2018), I believe they can go ahead and win this one.

Of course, they’ll have one more tournament to participate in before this one – iBUYPOWER Masters. That one starts in just a week or so from now and features the likes of Astralis, Fnatic and FaZe Clan. Undoubtedly, it’s going to be a great one to watch!


Yes, FaZe Clan should finally close out a tournament… just as I should close out this article. I believe that we’ve gone through everything there is to know about CSGO ELEAGUE Invitational announcement. No worries, as the start approaches, I will most likely do a dedicated tournament preview as well. However, that’s a story for another time…

That said, thank you all for reading and hope to see you again soon!

Pavo Jurkic

Pavo Jurkic has been in the esports betting industry since 2015, actively writing content related to this rapidly growing industry. A dedicated father by day and an avid gamer by night, Pavo Jurkic aims to bring you the freshest esports news and betting predictions.

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