CSGO ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals Sleeper Picks

by Pavo Jurkic
on November 30, 2018

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The second installment of ESL Pro League Finals in 2018 – Season 8 – is just around the corner! Only a few days are left until the last Premier CSGO event of 2018 kicks off… and if you want to be in the know as far as the betting side is concerned, I am happy to inform you – You are in the right place! Welcome to my ESL Pro League S8 Finals Sleeper Picks article in which I’ll present you with my thoughts surrounding the not-so-obvious favorites. While talking about favorites, here are my favorite CSGO bookies that are bound to sweep you off your feet with their fine array of available ESL Pro League bets!

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The Main Favorites

Let’s eliminate the main favorites right off the bat since we won’t be focusing on them here. Obviously, I am referring to Astralis, the dominant team in CSGO at the moment. They have been enjoying that status for quite a while now and ESL Pro League Season 8 will give them a chance to cement their spot in the history books yet again. Why? Well, let me elaborate on that real fast:

Potential Intel Grand Slam Winners?

For those of you who don’t know, Astralis needs just one more ESL-organized or DreamHack Masters win to be crowned as the Intel Grand Slam Season 1 Winner. Need I remind you, there is a lot of money on the line here.

The winner of 4 Premier events (out of 10 attempts) will win the so-called Intel Grand Slam Season1.

We are talking about a special type of contest which is set to award the winning team with a whopping $1,000,000. Needless to say, that sum is definitely a huge motivation for Astralis… but for their opponents too.

You see, there’s a catch – a team which stops their opposition in their 4th tournament win in the Grand Finals match wins $100,000 as a spoil bonus. This means if Astralis gets to the Grand Finals and they end up losing it, the winners will not only get the biggest share out of ESL Pro League’s $750,000 prize pool but an additional $100,000 on top of that.

Big Trio Earning Green…

With their recent successes across the board, 3 Astralis members have already made it into the history books. How? Well, the big trio (dev1ce, dupreeh, and Xyp9x) have won their first $1,000,000 by playing CSGO on a competitive level. Believe it or not, they are the first CSGO players to go past that magical number. Of course, we all know the highest earning esports athletes are all Dota 2 players… Even my parents must know about that by now.

Astralis Outright Winner Bet Not Profitable Enough

Let’s be realistic here, betting on Astralis to win this tournament just isn’t profitable enough for me. We’re talking single bets here, none of that multiplier stuff. As far as single betting is concerned, Outright Winner on Astralis sits on approximately -110 which is absolutely insane if you ask me. Not because I think Astralis won’t win this but because the odds are not that good at all, especially if we’re only focusing on singles. I for one would never risk $110 just to get a $100 in return.

I’m usually the type of guy who looks at alternative options. Perhaps going in with a much smaller stake but aiming lower down the food chain. I’m talking sleeper picks here! Teams that bookies tend to overlook or underestimate… Teams that can yield more money than 3 of those Astralis bets I’ve talked about above. Well, now that I got you all stirred up, allow me to present you my ESL Pro League S8 Finals Sleeper Picks:

ESL Pro League S8 Finals Sleeper Picks

Now comes the fun part! Apart from Astralis, there are several other teams that I believe have a shot at taking this one home. Like I’ve just explained above – I won’t bet my money on Astralis simply because the odds are too low for my taste. Instead, I’ll test my luck with one of these 3 musketeers.

Don’t get me wrong, this tournament is the perfect occasion for Astralis to win the Intel Grand Slam. Plus, they are right at home where their fans will serve as the 6th man to help them clinch the victory. But still, a big part of me wants to see another one of those heartwarming Cinderella stories… Luckily for me, that part of me is usually the one making all the bets so here’s what I’m thinking as far as ESL Pro League S8 Finals Outright Winner bets are concerned:


Okay, NaVi isn’t exactly the best definition of a sleeper pick. Still, considering we live in an era dominated by Astralis, giants such as NaVi actually come pretty close to the rest of the sleepers. This is even obvious if we take a look at what bookies suggest. Outright Winner on NaVi amount to roughly +550 which is a lot better than -110 on Astralis… at least in my books.

Currently ranked as the second-best CSGO team, NaVi players will surely fancy their chances of winning this one. S1mple, probably the best fragger in the game at the moment, will definitely want to show his prowess in Odense. Over the course of the last 3 months, S1mple’s K/D ratio stands impressively high at 1.54. The closest players are dev1ce and coldzera, both of which are at 1.30 at the moment.

The rest of NaVi’s lineup should not be taken for granted either. Sure, Edward and Zeus might not have had a great time recently, but electronic and S1mple are there to create that balance. Overall, NaVi definitely has good chances of winning this so I will probably consider going with a small/medium Outright Winner bet on them.

They’re sitting at +550 at the moment which is a pretty good number in my books.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is another great team which has finally started showing signs of maturity. Their recent performances were absolutely spectacular although that ECS show left a bitter taste in their mouth. Still, if they play as they did on IEM Chicago, I’m sure they can go far.

Despite poor ECS Season 6 Finals performance on their end, I believe this Team Liquid roster has what it takes to win a big tournament such as this one. Their map pool is looking stronger and stronger and they finally have enough experience as choke-insurance. Their SuperNova Malta run has been good so far. Wins against Virtus.Pro and NRG will see them through the group stage and give them a lot of confidence. If they secure the big W in Malta, their confidence and morale will be through the roof… just in time before ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals.

Team Liquid’s base is looking quite strong at the moment. NAF, EliGE, and nitr0 have been looking quite good in recent months. Twistzz and TACO aren’t half bad either, despite the latter being somewhat in and out of form lately. Still, if they manage to win SuperNova Malta, Team Liquid could easily transition their form to this tournament and shock us all. They are currently sitting at +600 to win this tournament… So, considering that, I got to admit Team Liquid is among my favorite ESL Pro League S8 Finals Sleeper Picks!


This MIBR team has had plenty of time to regroup and get through the main strats with their (relatively) new coach YNk. He joined back in August this year and won his first tournament with MIBR in less than a month (I’m referring to ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018). Besides that, MIBR was also successful on BLAST Pro Series Istanbul (lost vs Astralis in the finals) and the most recent ECS S6 Finals (also lost to Astralis in the finals).

First, let me state the obvious – Yes, Astralis does seem to be the softest spot of this MIBR team. In the last 7 matchups between these 2 teams, Astralis took 6 of them. However, quite a few of those were neck and neck matches, and Astralis is very much aware of this. Stats-wise, each MIBR member has been in a positive K/D ratio during the last 3 months of competitive play.

Up top, we have coldzera and fer, players who are always up for a challenge. Let’s not forget FalleN and Stewie2K either! The latter perhaps wasn’t as impressive lately, but he’s still the man to have when clutches are concerned.

With all that in mind, a small bet on MIBR (currently sitting at +800) seems like a pretty good deal, don’t you agree!?

Want More Info?

If you want to know more about this tournament, I’m happy to inform you we have a special ESL Pro League S8 Finals Preview waiting for you. It tackles everything from the most basic info to comprehensive betting picks for the Group Stage matches.

So, with that in mind, make sure you take a closer look at it if you want to be in the know.

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