DAZN Boxing: Edwards vs Moreno Betting Preview, Odds and Picks

by Rick Rockwell
on March 19, 2019

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On Saturday, March 23rd, Matchroom Boxing will host a heavily regional British boxing event at the Copper Box Arena in London, England. This boxing card is headlined by a WBC flyweight title fight as London’s Charlie Edwards makes his first title defense against Angel Moreno from Spain. The co-main event will be for the vacant British light heavyweight title as Joshua Buatsi takes on Liam Conroy.

Also on the card is Ritson vs Benitez in a junior welterweight fight, Okolie vs Camacho for two regional cruiserweight titles, and the professional debut of Shannon Courtenay. Local fans can view this event on Sky Sports, while the rest of the boxing world can see Edwards vs Moreno on DAZN.

Boxing betting sites only list odds on four of the scheduled fights. With that said, let’s take a look at these bouts, see if there is any betting value, and KO our picks.

Lewis Ritson (17-1, 11 KOs) vs German Argentino Benitez (21-3, 9 KOs)

  • German Argentino Benitez (+900)
  • Lewis Ritson (-1610)

Ritson comes into this contest as the betting favorite. However, his boxing betting odds are the lowest of all the betting favorites on the main card. Ritson is looking to bounce back from a loss while Benitez is hoping for the upset. German Argentino Benitez will be fighting outside of Argentine for the first time and isn’t as big of an underdog as I would’ve expected. Nevertheless, there’s no betting value in either fighter.

Ritson vs Benitez Preview

Boxer German Argentino Benitez Lewis Ritson
Age 27 25
Height 5’10”
Total Fights 25 18
Record 21-3 17-1
Knockouts 9 11

This bout is scheduled for 10 rounds and it marks Ritson’s first fight at the 140 pound weight class. Ritson fought 5 months ago and lost via Split Decision to Patera. That fight was for the vacant European lightweight title. This matchup is more of a bounce back fight for Ritson, but at a new weight class. However, according to Ritson, he believes that he should’ve gone up a while ago:

“Now is the right time to move up to 140 pounds. I probably should have moved up in weight a while ago but I was determined to test myself on the European scene which is why I carried on. There’s no excuses from me though about the last fight.”

Ritson feels that he made too many mistakes in the Patera fight, but has learned his lessons. Will those lessons translate into a victory on Saturday?

German Argentino Benitez is only two years older than Ritson, but has dropped two of his last four fights. Additionally, none of his fights have been outside of his home country. And, now, he will head all the way to England for a fight against a rising local fighter who will have the crowd support.

Ritson’s Lessons Lead to Success

I believe that Ritson has learned a few lessons from his loss last October. And, we will see what he learned in this fight. Benitez isn’t a fighter tabbed for any real success. He certainly isn’t going to win this bout. I expect Ritson to outclass Benitez all night long. The only question is whether or not Ritson will stop Benitez early or if the fight will go the distance.

Prior to his loss, Ritson had 6 straight wins via KO/TKO. Benitez had 6 straight fights go to the judges. I believe Ritson will win via TKO in this bout.

Boxing Bet: Lewis Ritson (-1610)

Lawrence Okolie (11-0, 8 KOs) vs Wadi Camacho (21-7, 12 KOs)

  • Wadi Camacho (+1250)
  • Lawrence Okolie (-2000)

This fight is a regional champ vs champ bout in the cruiserweight division. Okolie holds two belts and is a large betting favorite. The former Great Britain Olympian from 2016, is undefeated has tabbed as a rising prospect. He’ll take on Camacho who also holds a belt. Coincidentally, it’s the belt that Okolie gave up last year. Camacho is older and has more losses than his counterpart, which is why he’s a significant betting underdog. Wadi isn’t worth a flyer and neither fighter has betting value.

Okolie vs Camacho Preview

Boxer Wadi Camacho Lawrence Okolie
Age 33 26
Height 6’3” 6’5”
Reach 82.5”
Total Fights 28 11
Record 21-7 11-0
Knockouts 12 8

This 12 round cruiserweight fight will be for Okolie’s British and Continental titles and Camacho’s cruiserweight title. Okolie comes into this contest having last fought 6 weeks ago and winning via TKO in the 3rd round. He’s on a quick turnaround and looking to capture all of the regional cruiserweight belts.

Lawrence is very confident in winning this fight. In fact, he believes that it’s just a mere formality that he will win and do so via knockout:

“He’s got the sort of style that will leave him open to me knocking him out. When it comes down to his skill against my skill, Wadi isn’t on my level, or on the level of the people that I’ve already beaten in the amateurs or the pros. I’m taller than him and I hit harder than him. If you break Wadi down as a fighter, I can see many different ways in which I beat him. This fight will definitely end in a knockout.”

Okolie doesn’t give his opponent any real chance of winning on Saturday. He’s actually looking at this bout as getting some “work” in against a southpaw.

Camacho comes into this fight having won four straight bouts. He picked up the vacant Commonwealth cruiserweight title last November when he defeated Iqbal via TD. It was a rematch from July 2017, when Iqbal won via TKO.

If you ask Okolie, Camacho has fought lower quality opponents than he has. After looking over Camacho’s record, other than Iqbal, Okolie’s assessment is accurate.

Will Okolie Remain Undefeated?

Okolie has won 73% of his fights via knockout. And, he’s poised to win this one via KO as well. Okolie feels that Camacho will provide a good stepping stone toward bigger fights against fighters at the caliber of Lebedev.

There really is no doubt as to who wins this matchup. Okolie is clearly the better all-around fighter. He also has the height and reach advantage over Camacho. Furthermore, he’s shown better technical skills than Camacho has at any point in his career. In fact, Okolie wants to showcase those technical skills before knocking out Camacho.

I expect Okolie to win this fight by stopping Camacho before going the full distance. Afterward, I would imagine that Lawrence steps up in competition and gets a bigger matchup for his next fight.

Boxing Bet: Lawrence Okolie (-2000)

Joshua Buatsi (9-0, 7 KOs) vs Liam Conroy (16-3-1, 8 KOs)

  • Liam Conroy (+1500)
  • Joshua Buatsi (-3000)

The undefeated light heavyweight Joshua Buatsi comes into this bout as a massive betting favorite at -3000 odds. His opponent Liam Conroy is one of the biggest underdogs on the night, according to boxing betting sites. Buatsi is a prospect on the rise. Both oddsmakers and pundits feel he’s going to be a star in this sport. The difference in these betting odds already prove how much better Buatsi is viewed compared to Conroy.

Buatsi vs Conroy Preview

Boxer Liam Conroy Joshua Buatsi
Age 26 26
Height 6’1” 6’1.5”
Total Fights 20 9
Record 16-3-1 6-0
Knockouts 8 7

Buatsi and Conroy are scheduled to go 12 rounds for the vacant British light heavyweight title.

Both Conroy and Buatsi are British fighters looking to make a name for themselves as professionals. Winning this title could help boost their stock and earn them bigger fights. For Conroy, winning this British championship belt has been a dream of his:

“It’s not about the opponent, it’s about my journey and the British title is my dream so I’m going to give it everything that I can and keep on going relentlessly till the final bell. I won’t stop until I have that belt. Like I say, it wasn’t about the opponent, it was about the title and I think no matter who the opponent was I would have taken the fight. People seem to think that I’ve been given something here, being in this fight, but I haven’t been given anything. I’ve kicked down all of these doors and I’ve made myself mandatory challenger to the British title.”

Conroy has won 9 straight fights and every eliminator bout he’s been involved in since September 2015. He’s definitely earned a shot at this title and more.

Buatsi is a former Olympic bronze medalist for Great Britain in the 2016 Olympics. He turned pro roughly 22 months ago and has quickly amassed a 9-0 record. Buatsi fought 6 times in 2018, winning all except one of them via TKO. For the former Olympian, he views this matchup as a stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities:

“It’s a title that I want to win, it’s part of the journey that I’m taking. Conroy is the man that’s been put forward and on March 23 it’s going to happen. I’ll be doing everything within my will and my power to win that title.”

Buatsi has won his last 3 fights in the 1st round. He believes it could happen again, but is prepared for going the full distance:

“I’ll be prepared, I’ll be there from one to 12 so whichever number it is, if I see the opening I’ll take it. If it’s the first round it’s the first round. Don’t be surprised it it’s the first, it could happen again.”

Who’s Journey Leads to the Gold?

Conroy has certainly earned the right to be in this fight. Anyone who disagrees with this is out of their minds. 9 straight wins is not something accomplished by accident, and he has faced some quality opponents. Nevertheless, Buatsi is a better overall fighter. His amateur success and quick rise up the pro rankings proves that he’s got what it takes to win this fight and more.

I expect Buatsi to outbox Conroy over the long-haul and eventually win by points. I believe that Conroy will avoid getting stopped, but won’t be able to outwork or stop Buatsi.

Boxing Bet: Joshua Buatsi (-3000)

Angel Moreno (19-2-2, 6 KOs) vs Charlie Edwards (14-1, 6 KOs)

  • Angel Moreno (+2500)
  • Charlie Edwards (-5000)

WBC flyweight champ Charlie Edwards is the biggest betting favorite on the card. The British fighter is making his first title defense of the WBC flyweight title and he’s a massive favorite according to boxing betting sites and pundits. Angel Moreno comes in on a winning streak, but is the largest underdog on the event. Needless to say, this is the biggest fight of his career. Moreno isn’t worthy of a flyer and neither boxer has any betting value.

Moreno vs Edwards Preview

Boxer Angel Moreno Charlie Edwards
Age 35 26
Height 5’4.5” 5’6”
Total Fights 23 15
Record 19-2-2 14-1
Knockouts 6 6

Moreno comes into this contest having won 9 straight fights. This is his first fight in the UK and he’s going up against his toughest opponent to date. Moreno and Edwards have actually spent a considerable amount of rounds sparring against each other in the past. So, they will both be familiar with each other come Saturday. Angel isn’t scared to fight in a hostile environment and he’s ready for this world title fight:

“I am not going to London for a holiday. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for me. We know each other very well having sparred on two occasions in the past. We’ve shared many rounds together and I think he knows that I will be too strong for him on the night. If his team thinks that this fight will be an easy defense for Charlie, they are very wrong. I am not scared about the hostile atmosphere that will greet me in London.”

Edwards pulled off the biggest win of his career last December when he defeated Cristofer Rosales for the WBC title via UD. He now turns his attention to a familiar foe who’s looking at the biggest fight of his career. Edwards acknowledges his opponent and respects what Moreno can do:

“First and foremost, I’ve got to focus 100% on Angel Moreno, he’s a top-class operator and a hard fight. He’s a very tough and game fighter who will be coming to steal my title from me. He’s a mature man and he doesn’t shy away from any opportunities. We’ve sparred 24 rounds together and on the night it’s going to heat up nicely.”

However, Edwards believes that it’s his time to shine and rise up the ranks among the flyweight greats. But, he won’t settle when he gets there. Edwards wants to be the best British fighter of all-time:

“I want to be a British great, and to be a British great I want to be a multi-weight World Champion, and this new book, it starts now. The hard work really starts now, and it’s about dedicating myself. I’m obsessed with the game, obsessed with getting better, day in, day out. I want to be known as an all-time great in British boxing.”

Will Edwards First Title Defense be a Successful one?

Angel Moreno will be a tough challenge for Edwards, but not one that Charlie can’t overcome. Edwards has won 6 straight fights and could really start positioning himself for bigger and brighter opportunities if he can win this bout on Saturday. I believe he will.

I think Edwards is just starting to reach the prime of his career and Moreno is on the downside. At 35, Moreno has already reached his ceiling. Edwards is still ascending and he will continue that rise this weekend. I expect this fight to go the distance with Edwards winning via UD.

Boxing Bet: Charlie Edwards (-5000)

Other Fights on the Night

The following fights, or fighters, are scheduled for the Edwards vs Moreno boxing event. However, as of this writing, there are no betting odds listed for these bouts:

Shannon Courtenay vs Cristina Busuioc

Although there are no betting odds for this fight, as of yet, it’s one of the most anticipated bouts on the night. Shannon Courtenay is a popular amateur fighter in the UK and she’s making her pro debut. Courtenay made the following comments as to why she’s making her debut now:

 “Now is the perfect time to turn pro, 100 per cent. Katie Taylor is leading the way over here at the moment and you’ve got Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer fighting soon. Women’s boxing has completely changed over the past few years and it’s getting bigger and bigger, that’s why I’m turning professional now. It’s only right that I strike while the iron is hot.”

Shannon will face Cristina Busuioc according to the promoter’s website. The fight is scheduled to go 4 rounds and will be contested in the bantamweight division.

  • Jason Quigley vs Mathias Eklund
  • Sean McGoldrick vs Sean Cairns
  • Lewis Syrett vs Danial Stoyanov
  • Tom Ansell vs Chris Adaway

Final Thoughts on Edwards vs Moreno Event

If you are a British boxing fan then this card is a must watch event. For the non-British, and non-diehard boxing fans, this event might be overlooked. If you already have DAZN then I would suggest checking out the card. The main thing to take away from this event is that there are a few boxers on the verge of global recognition and not just regional stardom. This card is a chance to catch these budding superstars before they make it to the PPV stage with the bright spotlights and the hype.

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