Different Types of Dealers You Encounter at Casinos

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Different Types of Casino Dealers

When gambling, a dealer’s quality can be the difference between a great time at the casino or an unpleasant one.

The more you gamble, the wider variety of dealers you’ll come into contact with. At some point, you’ll probably come to prefer a certain personality type dealing you cards.

While most dealers you’ll come across might not merit a second thought, there are bound to be a few that will stick with you. Whether that’s for better or worse is the question that looms large.

Here are 7 different types of dealers you will most likely encounter at casinos.

1 ‒ The One Who Has Seen it All

Dealers often say they become desensitized to the things they see on a daily basis. Over time, something that the average person would deem noteworthy might not even draw a second glance from dealers.

One of the most prominent types of casino dealers is the one who has worked the tables for years and years. In that time, thousands of people have crossed paths with them while gambling in the casino, so nothing surprises them.

The casino regulars most likely know their name and might even make a point to seek them out if they’re on the clock. Meanwhile, gamblers who are still green behind the ears are in for a treat if this type of dealer starts telling stories.

For the most part, this kind of dealer is one of the best around. They are usually great at their job and are excellent conversationalists.

Plus, if you make a fool out of yourself, they usually don’t judge because they’ve seen worse.

2 ‒ The Overly Enthusiastic Cheerleader

On the rare occasion, you might sit down at a table where the dealer is more easily excitable than the players.

When someone at the table wins big, they’re the first to offer praise and congratulations. Following losses, they will offer condolences and encouragement to try to cheer you up.

This type of dealer is one of the better ones for newer gamblers. Their constant praise and jubilation will make some of the inevitable losses sting a bit less.

Casino Dealer

Plus, it’s always great to hear words of affirmation coming from someone who works for the casino.

At some point in your gambling career, you might come to the realization that most savvy vets already know. Dealers are at the casino for one reason: to make money.

So, of course, the dealer is celebrating when people win big. Bigger wins lead to bigger tips.

But until that day comes, you can continue to enjoy the pep talks and unmitigated enthusiasm.

3 ‒ The Snail

If you’re an experienced gambler, you’ve most likely been on a heater. Once in a blue moon, you’ll have that stretch where you just can’t seem to lose.

The gambler and dealer are in perfect lockstep, matching each other’s energy and pace of play. Everything is grooving, and then seemingly out of nowhere, it’s time for the dealer to take a break.

You momentarily break the concentration you’ve held for the last half hour or so and allow the new dealer to get comfortable.
Then, to your horror, they start dealing cards at a pace that would make a sloth jealous.

This kind of dealer seems to relish the opportunity to build suspense by taking an unnecessary amount of dramatic pauses. Whereas you were averaging a hand a minute with previous dealers, now you’d be lucky to average even half of that.

Dealers who operate at such a slow speed typically have unremarkable personalities and frequently appear aloof. They’re not the worst type of dealer at the casino, but they are certainly up there.

4 ‒ The Gracious Guide

Some may find the prospect of gambling for the first time to be a terrifying experience. It’s one thing to play cards with friends, but playing for real money next to strangers can be unnerving.

Let’s face it; casinos can be intimidating places if you don’t know what to expect. Many are massive, with countless sources of sights and sounds.

So it’s understandable that beginners who want gambling experience might feel completely out of their comfort zone.

The best thing that can happen to you if you’re experiencing the emotions I described is playing with a helpful dealer. If you’re playing a table game like blackjack, craps, or roulette, there’s nothing wrong with telling your dealer that you’re new to casinos.

If you’re lucky, the dealer will help guide you through the proper etiquette and even explain some of the basic rules. Always remember that most dealers want you to succeed.

If you’re successful, you’ll gamble longer and tip them better.

5 ‒ The Momentum Crusher

One of the most unfortunate kinds of dealers to come across is the type who kills any momentum.

Typically this kind of dealer makes their appearance at the worst possible time. Either you’re seemingly winning every hand, or the energy around the table is almost perfect.

But, eventually, the house switches dealers and the feel of the table completely flips. Whereas you were catching every break imaginable a few minutes ago at real money blackjack, now you can’t seem to string any wins together.

At some point, you might begin to overthink things and blame the fact that your lucky dealer left you in the dust.

Casino Games

All the chips you won with the previous dealer begin to vanish. At some point, you might contemplate taking a break and waiting for your dealer of choice to come back.

But against better judgment, you push through and subsequently blow your bankroll.

It’s not this type of dealer’s fault that you can’t seem to win a hand. But, it’s still a terrible situation for everyone involved nonetheless.

6 ‒ The Disinterested Buzzkill

Gambling is supposed to be an exciting and enjoyable experience. Most people go to the casino to get away from the daily grind and blow off steam.

That fact makes the disinterested buzzkill the worst dealer in the casino.

This type of dealer comes in a few different forms. The most common variation is the one who seems to have been working for 12 hours straight. They probably have 30 minutes left on their shift, and they can’t be bothered even to feign attentiveness.

Another kind is the one who is strictly business and will go out of their way to not converse with gamblers. In their mind, they get paid to deal cards, not to be amicable and approachable.

Running into a dealer who’s standoffish and even rude is a terrible feeling. It can derail a gambling trip quickly, especially if you are losing money.

If you find yourself at a table with a dealer who doesn’t want to be there, jump ship as quickly as possible.

7 ‒ The Newbie

Everyone has been the new guy at work, so it’s easy to empathize with this type of dealer.

However, that empathy might vanish quickly if the beginner makes boneheaded mistakes while dealing cards.

No one can deny that dealing cards seems to be somewhat of a demanding job. Dealers have to be sharp, quick-witted and aren’t afforded many false moves.

Having said that, when a dealer commits more than 1 or 2 rookie mistakes, things might get dicey. Especially if those mistakes are potentially costing you money or distracting you.

Most casinos are good at making sure a dealer is ready to hit the casino floor. Occasionally though, a few might slip through the cracks.

These dealers often fumble cards, make simple mathematical errors, and can’t seem to get it together. They’re usually apologetic, but at some point, the apologies will wear thin.

Once again, if a dealer is making careless mistakes, it’s best to color up your chips and find a different table.


For the most part, casino dealers are competent and capable of handling everything thrown at them.

The dealers who have worked at the same casino for decades are among the best kind of dealers to gamble with. They’ve seen pretty much everything in the past and are generally good at running a fun, potentially profitable table.

Meanwhile, younger gamblers might enjoy the type of dealer who seems to be more excited about wins than you do. They might be putting on a facade to rake in more tips, but who can blame them?

The best dealer for completely inexperienced gamblers, and one you’ll run into frequently, is the helpful guide. Regardless of your level of playing experience, they will make you feel comfortable and help walk you through games.

While most dealers are dependable, occasionally you’re going to have an unpleasant experience.

The worst types of dealers are the ones who kill winning streaks and seem like they don’t want to be at work. Those kinds, together with clumsy beginners, are sure to put a damper on your evening.

Encountering these types of dealers happens to everyone if you gamble long enough. Just be sure to shake it off; don’t let it ruin your experience.

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