Donald Trump Betting: 5 Fun Prop Bets to Consider

by Taylor Smith
on November 16, 2017

A whole heck of a lot has happened since November 9, 2016, when Donald Trump was inexplicably elected President of the United States. His campaign is currently under investigation by a special prosecutor for potentially colluding with a foreign power in an effort to influence the aforementioned election. President Trump has not stopped tweeting his standard old attacks on the “fake news” media or political rivals, despite holding the most important elected post in the United States, if not the world. He also seems to wake up at 4 am every day and watch approximately 6 consecutive hours of TV news before really starting his day. Let’s not forget that he started a fight with the National Football League, for some reason. It’s been a ride, and we’re only a year into this.

Paddy Power has been all over the Trump presidency. The famed Irish bookmaker has an entire section of betting odds dedicated to America’s 45th president alone. Some of them are serious (Will Trump be impeached? Will he attend an NFL game this season?), while others are clearly meant as a joke.

With everything in the news cycle taking such a serious tone in the Trump era, why not take a deep breath and have some fun in the meantime? Let’s roll through a few of Paddy Power’s more lighthearted props and break them down.

Trump To Be Filmed Having a Physical Altercation with a Caddie While Playing Golf

  • 80/1

Somewhat surprisingly, the odds on this bet aren’t even that long. Sure, 80/1 is certainly a longshot, but some of these props are in the 500/1 range. Apparently, the folks at Paddy Power don’t think the idea of Trump getting into a kerfuffle with a lowly caddie is all that crazy.

In case you haven’t heard, the president likes to play golf in his spare time. Despite repeatedly taking to Twitter during his days as a private citizen in order to attack his predecessor, President Obama, for golfing, we hear about Trump taking to the links just about every weekend.

In fact, Politifact is keeping tabs on Mr. Trump’s golf excursions. As of November 15, POTUS has hit the golf course 35 times since taking office in January. Obama, by comparison, had golfed 24 times in the same time span.

Ironically enough, the man that now runs Trump’s social media accounts used to be his golf caddie. That’s right, Dan Scavino Jr., who will sometimes tweet from Trump’s personal account, caddied for Trump as a teenager in the early 1990s. Scavino apparently impressed Trump enough that he has since been able to climb the corporate ladder through Trump’s various business endeavors.

While Trump has been known to get into verbal altercations with members of his own staff, unfortunately, Scavino is no longer the president’s golf caddie. So, Trump fighting Scavino wouldn’t count for this particular prop. Unless Trump endures a particularly poor round of golf and decides to blame his caddie, it’s tough to imagine the 71-year-old president actually engaging in fisticuffs on the golf course.

The bet payoff at 80/1 sure is tempting, but, unfortunately, we’re unlikely to actually see a presidential brouhaha take place.

White House to Confirm That Donald Trump Has Had a Hole-in-One

  • 50/1

While the caddie battle is a near impossibility, this is a bet that could theoretically pay off. As mentioned above, Trump’s affinity for golfing is no secret. According to some reports, the president may actually be a decent golfer, to boot. While Trump may not look like the most athletic person on the planet, you don’t exactly have to be chiseled like a Greek god in order to play golf at a decent level.

Considering how often Mr. President plays golf, it should come as no surprise that he’s not a complete hack with the sticks. Golf Digest even wrote about Trump’s skill level earlier this year. While his technique isn’t necessarily pristine, his swing gets the job done more often than not.

Rather than taking the time to take lessons in order to improve his game, Trump says that he’s essentially taught himself how to play. The article in Golf Digest says, “Trump’s swing contains some flaws, but he does most of the important things right.” The author, Jaime Diaz, went on to say that the most impressive part of Trump’s golf game was his ball-striking off the tee.
Since No. 45 is evidently impressive off the tee, might he bag a hole-in-one at some point? Well, if he is to be believed, he has already hit one in the past. While attending a meeting with several manufacturing CEOs earlier this year, Trump was recorded asking General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt to re-tell the story of Trump hitting a hole-in-one. So, if that’s true, we know Trump is at least capable of hitting one.

The key to this bet is whether the White House will actually confirm Trump’s glorious golfing moment. The bet itself is clearly a tongue-in-cheek jab at the idea that Trump wants to run a totalitarian-style regime similar to that of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.

Kim Jong-Il loved golfing too, and the bet is evidently a reference to the famed “round” that the ex-North Korean leader played back in his day. The North Korean government claims that he shot a 38-under-par 34, which of course, is insane. He allegedly shot the round at Pyongyang Golf Course where professionals struggle to crack 90. Kim Jong-Il’s round of 34 was clearly false and never happened. It was just fabricated by a guy that used to be called “Dear Leader.”

That story aside, the odds on this Trump hole-in-one bet are favorable enough to where we would consider wagering on it. The White House hasn’t been bashful about trying to prop Trump up at every turn, so why should we put it past them to praise his golf achievements?

Donald Trump to Walk Out with Tyson Fury Ahead of Anthony Joshua Fight

  • 300/1

There’s a backstory with this one. Tyson Fury is a British professional boxer and he took to Twitter to ask the president if he would consider walking into the ring alongside Fury as a part of his entourage ahead of a fight against Anthony Joshua. Fury clearly meant the tweet in jest, but it would be quite a sight to see the POTUS walking out alongside a boxer as a part of a pre-fight ritual.

Unfortunately, Fury has yet to hear back from the commander-in-chief regarding the invitation. The fight with Joshua has not even been officially scheduled yet, but Fury says that he wants to make his return to the ring to fight Joshua sometime in 2018. Will Trump be president when the fight goes down? Who knows? If Trump is back to being a private citizen and has nothing else going on that night, who’s to say he won’t make his way to Las Vegas to be a part of the festivities?

Ring entrances are intended to be over-the-top, and it’s hard to think of a more over-the-top entrance than one that includes a sitting president. We appreciate Fury’s hustle on this one, but, sadly, it sounds as though Trump will not be RSVPing anytime soon.

Trump to Paint the White House Gold

  • 500/1

It seems as though Donald Trump likes gold. Before he decided to enter the world of politics, Trump was known to most as a rich guy that lived in New York City and hosted a reality TV show on NBC. Much of that show, The Apprentice, took place in Trump’s NYC home/office, Trump Tower.

Before moving into the White House in January, Trump lived in a penthouse apartment on the 66th floor of Trump Tower with his wife, Melania, and their son, Barron. Let’s just say that Trump’s home looks a little bit different than yours or mine. It’s a little more lavish, to say the least.

To say Trump lives in your stereotypical rich guy type of home would be accurate. The three-story home has dazzling views of Manhattan, including a sweeping view of Central Park. There is also no shortage of gold. Lots and lots of gold. The Trumps are (allegedly) so rich that Barron’s toy cars are miniature limousines. Seriously!

Over the summer, Trump lamented in an interview that he misses his “old life.” He’s a New York guy, and it’s easy to understand why he might miss his old lifestyle in the Big Apple. Living in the White House has to be a weird experience for anybody.

So, in an effort to make himself feel a little more at home, why shouldn’t he paint the White House gold? In fact, he’s already added a little bit more Trumpian flair to the old house. He had part of the house’s interior redecorated, which included the installation of some gold walls and a golden chandelier.

There would be a massive public outcry if Trump were to take the bold next step and paint the exterior gold, but since when has the 45th president been wary of sparking outrage? Paint that thing gold, Mr. President.

A Donald Trump Sex Tape to be Released in 2017

  • 14/1

Please, no. Please.

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