Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 10 Preview

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Dota 2 ESL One Hamburg 2018 was a thrilling contest with quite a few surprises right off the bat. Even though some fans were left disappointed with their teams going out right after the group stage, the general feel of the tournament was nothing short of brilliant!

The same is to be expected from the 10th installment of the Dota 2 DreamLeague series. This time around, the first minor tournament of Dota Pro Circuit 2018/2019 season kicks off with a blast in roughly a day or so. Just like last year, Stockholm (Monster Energy DreamHack Studios to be more precise) is the location for the hottest Dota 2 action in late October and early November. That’s why hold onto your Mountain Dew guys because in the next couple of sections we will give you an in-depth look at Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 10 preview!

Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 10 Preview

Here are a couple of quick facts about this tournament that you might want to know:

  • All 8 competing teams on DreamLeague Season 10 played their way through the online qualifiers. DL S10 is set to feature 2 teams from EU and NA alongside 1 from SA, CIS, China and Southeast Asia.
  • The total prize pool is identical to last year’s DL installment – $300,000. However, Dota Pro Circuit points pool is slightly bigger; it went from 300 in DL S9 to 500 in DL S10. Keep in mind though, that’s mainly because of Valve’s new regulations for the Dota Pro Circuit.
  • Monster Energy DreamHack Studios is going to be the venue yet again. This charming location in Stockholm, Sweden definitely has that charm to its name since it’s holding esports events quite often nowadays.

Where to Bet on DreamLeague Season 10?

Dota 2 fans are known for their thirst for betting. And it’s nothing new… After all, Dota 2 (along with CSGO) is what paved the way for esports betting as we know it nowadays. That, plus the fact we are a fully-fledged betting site, means that we have to combine 2 and 2 to give you a few good places to bet on DreamLeague Season 10. Here they are:

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Tournament Format

Ever since DreamLeague 8 introduced the new format with a higher number of competing teams, DreamLeague tournament series started flourishing. We’re now going to enjoy the third installment with 8 competing teams starting the tournament from quarterfinals.

As far as the actual format is concerned, what we are looking at here is a single-elimination bracket system. Quarterfinals and semifinals matches will be played as best of 3 while the grand finals are reserved for a spectacular best of 5 matchup. Like we already explained in the introduction, the winner of this tournament doesn’t just get $125,000 but also 120 Dota Pro Circuit points. That’s because DreamLeague Season 10 is the first minor of the 2018/2019 Dota Pro Circuit season with a total DPC pool of 500. As you all know, Dota Pro Circuit points count towards Valve’s invitations to The International 2019.

With all that in mind, here is a where you can find the tournament bracket.

DreamLeague Season 10 Group Stage Predictions

DreamLeague’s 10th season is well underway and even though it’s a relatively small tournament, we’ve seen some great games with more to come. It is a minor pro circuit tier tournament but it still has a hefty $300,000 up for grabs. If you’re just joining us, the first stage of the tournament has just finished up.

The purpose of this article is to figure out what betting prediction is the best regarding the remaining teams (of which there are 4). The grand finals are on the 4th of November so be sure to check it out!

Tigers vs NaVi

Pitting a very young team against an experienced and respected one such as NaVi is always an interesting proposition. Tigers have formed just recently, only 2 months ago yet they’ve achieved great success in the qualifiers for the tournaments (including this one). NaVi, on the other hand, is an organization that has been around for years. They’ve achieved numerous success over the years. Tigers are looking to leave a mark in the world of DotA 2 so we shouldn’t rule them out just yet.

As far as performance is concerned, Tigers have had a pretty great run! They won the Southeast Asia Cyber Arena 2018 Finals and in the Season 10 of DreamLeague they’ve achieved straight victories (2:0 against ROOONS and 2:1 against RNG). On the other side, NaVi, even though beating Vega 2:0 hadn’t managed to pull off a win against compLexity. They lost 2:0 but won the decider match against Infamous.


A tough one for sure; NaVi isn’t performing at top level and Tigers, a new team, are doing great. I have to go with Tigers on this one because first of all, who doesn’t love underdogs? And secondly, they’re battle tested against RNG and with 0 losses to their name, the momentum will keep going.

compLexity vs Royal Never Give up

Ahh yes, the face-off between the US and China. This is tough. RNG is a big unknown here because, similarly to Tigers, they’re a young team. Registered in September, RNG are looking to shake things up, but are they skilled enough at this moment in time to do so? They finished second in group and have lost a match against Tigers, but they redeemed themselves facing TFT. The final decider match was a gruesome one; lasting for an astonishing 73 minutes and 10 seconds, RNG took the win away in the end.

CompLexity on the other hand, isn’t a new team, but their last major tournament win was on February 8th, 2016 (almost 3 years ago!). They haven’t seen major success since then but have been racking in prizes and some consistent performances. But this Season 10 of DreamLeague has shown us that dreams do come true, and compLexity have gone out of the group with wins over Infamous and NaVi.


In all honesty, I think compLexity will take this one. Sure, they aren’t exactly up in form but they have experience and team coherence on their side. RNG is still rather new and, unless they do something absolutely crazy and unexpected, I can’t see them winning. So yeah, compLexity go through in my opinion!

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