DreamHack Open Summer 2019 Preview, Team Overviews, and Match Betting Predictions

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Yep, we all know you’re probably too busy checking out the Astralis vs Team Liquid head-to-head matches ahead of the upcoming ESL PL S9 Finals. However, there’s a smaller tournament just around the corner. It’s the good old DreamHack Open Summer in Jonkoping, Sweden, and it starts on Saturday. Why is it important? Well, if you play your cards right, it might yield a solid boost to your ESL PL S9 Finals’ bankroll. Heck, our DH Open Summer 2019 betting predictions could help you out as well.

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DH Open Summer 2019 | Interesting Facts

  • Traditionally, both Summer and Winter DreamHack Open events are held in the Swedish city of Jonkoping. The venue of choice is the Elmia Convention Center, a mesmerizing hall well-used to holding esports spectacles.
  • DH Open Summer 2019 starts on Saturday, June 15, and ends on Monday, June 17. During these three days, we’ll get to experience a total of 13 matches.
  • Saturday and Sunday, the first two days of the event, are reserved for group stage matches. Monday, the final day, will be the playoffs—the semifinals and grand finals, to be precise.
  • Earlier this week, Valiance transformed into CR4ZY. It’s basically the same thing with the same flock of players, just a rebrand of their franchise.
  • Even though OpTic Gaming is considered to be the biggest team in Group B, their recent spell of performances is raising red alerts. In fact, if they don’t get up from their slump, they might end without a playoffs finish in Jonkoping.

DH Open Summer 2019 Prize Pool Distribution

Let’s quickly go through the official PP distribution before indulging into tournament format and team overviews!

Place Prize Money
1st $50,000
2nd $20,000
3rd – 4th $10,000
5th – 6th $3,000
7th – 8th $2,000

Tournament Format

DreamHack Open Summer 2019 kicks off, as usual, with the double-elimination group stage. It’s set to take up the first two days of the tournament and consist of 10 matches in total. Four of which are going to be played as Bo3 fixtures.

As for the playoffs, we’ll only get to see four matches: two semis and one grand final. Obviously, all of them are going to be played as Bo3 fixtures on the last day of the event on Monday, June 17.

Position GROUP A Position GROUP B
1ST Aristocracy 1ST Chaos Esports Club
2ND AVANGAR 2ND OpTic Gaming
3RD Tricked Esport 3RD Team Ancient
4TH Winstrike 4TH Valiance

Team Overviews | Who to Bet on?

Since most of you are here for those juicy DH Open Summer 2019 betting predictions, that’s exactly what we’re going to focus on from now on. Let’s start with the most basic question, which teams should I bet on during this tournament?

Well, I’ve got two names for you here, two teams that will most likely win their groups. Group A is a tough Kazakhstani side led by an up-and-coming AWPing hope, AVANGAR. Group B is a newly-rebranded Balkan side with aspirations to lift the trophy in the first event under their new colors, CR4ZY.

It’s going to be a tough contest all across the board, so let’s roll up our sleeves and check out exactly why you should bet on AVANGAR and CR4ZY in the group stage.


There’s no doubt AVANGAR is one of the most successful teams from the CIS region, alongside NaVi, of course. Even though this is a Kazakhstani team we’re talking about, they’re led by a Russian AWPer. Jame is the name, and he’s a proper force to be reckoned with. The 20-year old AWPer had a blast in Katowice and is still managing to keep his form at a remarkably high level.

Regarding roster changes, AVANGAR had a minor tweak in April when they signed SANJI as a stand-in. Besides the transfer, AVANGAR’s roster has been pretty solid throughout the years. There aren’t many changes to talk about. Their team cohesion is not an issue, and that’s something their opposition could have problems with.

As far as AVANGAR’s title aspirations are concerned, the math is pretty simple. Assuming they qualify as the top seed of Group A, they’ll be going up against (presumably) either OpTic or CR4ZY. Truth be told, either of those teams will stand as true tests for this AVANGAR lineup. On paper, they should be able to defeat both challengers. But CS:GO matches are rarely won on paper, as we’ve witnessed on numerous occasions.


A few days ago, Valiance—the best Balkan team—decided to rebrand. Meet CR4ZY, who is basically the exact same team but with a different logo. The reason for this change is because the CEO wanted a name that better reflects them. And rightly so, this set of players are real showmen. They’re known for sporting a dynamic playstyle, lots of flair, and their willingness to go up against the big guns. Right now, they’re aiming down the sights for that sweet Top 10 glory.

Who knows, perhaps DreamHack Open Summer 2019 is just enough to soothe their cravings. Their past success at DreamHack Open events is pretty good: a semifinals finish on DreamHack Open Rio and a grand finals finish at DreamHack Open Tours. Lifting the trophy in the iconic esports city of Jonkoping would be icing on the cake.

As far as their talent is concerned, nexa is the man to talk about. His recent StarLadder EU Minor Closed Quals performance helped his team grab a ticket and potentially enter the Major race. All in all, CR4ZY is going to be a difficult team to face, and I can’t wait to see their first-round match against Team Ancient.

DH Open Summer 2019 Betting Predictions | Group Stage

Now, let’s talk about the actual matches. After all, what kind of a DH Open Summer 2019 betting predictions blog would this be if we don’t talk about the fixtures themselves?

As mentioned above, this event sports a double-elimination group stage. Unfortunately, this means we only have the first round of matches to talk about. It’s the so-called “Initial Round.” We got two fixtures in each group, so let’s dig through the stats and use some common sense to decide which bet to go for!

AVANGAR vs Winstrike

The first match of DreamHack Summer 2019 kicks off on Saturday, June 15, at 12 noon CEST. It features one of the best CIS sides against their less successful region colleague, AVANGAR vs Winstrike. On paper, AVANGAR is a much stronger team with some proper experience in their stride.

By looking at the team compositions, it doesn’t take a genius to realize AVANGAR is a lot stronger on each of the fronts, especially in the AWPing role. Their start player Jame has risen to the occasion more than a few times and is now rightly labeled as one of the hottest AWPing prospects in 2019.

There’s no need to go into further depth here. After all, it’s a Bo1 match, so overanalyzing isn’t really necessary. As for the actual DH Open Summer 2019 betting predictions, I’m afraid I can’t really recommend anything good here. Yes, AVANGAR is likely to win this one but at -455, it’s not really worth your while. Perhaps in a lengthier accumulator, if you fancy it. Otherwise, I’d stay away from this one.

AVANGAR to Win at -455

CR4ZY vs Team Ancient

Here, we have the very first match of the newly rebranded CR4ZY (formerly Valiance). They’ll be going up against Team Ancient in the first match of Group B. According to the bookies, CR4ZY should take this one without too much of a hassle. However, is that really going to be the case here or will the tenacious Swedes pull a fast one on us? Let’s dig deeper, shall we?

The best individual on CR4ZY’s side is definitely nexa. His killing contributions and brilliant game sense are what makes him an invaluable asset of this CR4ZY roster. He’s followed by his Serbian brothers LETN1 and huNter (FaZe NiKo’s cousin), who’ve been pretty consistent lately. Overall, their team is well-rounded, their playstyle is aggressive, and I don’t see how Team Ancient can outperform them. Of course, this is a Bo1 matchup and there’s a solid dose of upset potential. Despite that, I believe nexa and the boys have what it takes to overcome Team Ancient and snatch the first W as CR4ZY.

Unfortunately, the best esports betting sites are ahead of us on this one. CR4ZY to win is at -286 which isn’t half bad. It’s not that good either, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

CR4ZY to Win at -286

Tricked vs Aristocracy

This is going to be an interesting matchup. On the other hand, Aristocracy will be playing without Loord next to the sidelines. The Polish strategist is unable to travel to the event and his replacement hasn’t been announced. Who knows, if the rules allow it, perhaps Aristocracy won’t have a coach in Jonkoping. Could that affect their odds of beating Tricked in their initial match? Well, BetWay still fancies the Polish side to take this one.

Even though Tricked managed to qualify for the ESL One New York Closed Quals, their overall spell of performances hasn’t been on a desirable level. In fact, they just got knocked out of the StarLadder Minor Quals. It’s not exactly a solid run for the Danish side.

On the other end of the line, we have Aristocracy. Despite lacking a coach, their star player dycha is bound to make a stance in Jonkoping. Mouz and MINISE aren’t too far off either, but the 21-year-old Polish prodigy is definitely the toughest wheel of this Aristocracy bus. Considering all that, -167 on Aristocracy is a solid option if you’re into accumulators. If not, then I advise you to skip this one as the specials are pretty much non-existent at least, at the time of writing.

Aristocracy to Win at -167

OpTic vs Chaos

Even though OpTic is the favorite in this match, I kind of think they’ll end up failing to close it out. And it wouldn’t be that surprising, to be honest. Their lackluster performance at the StarLadder Minor Closed Quals as well as ESL One New York 2019 EU Open Quals speak a lot. And even though Chaos isn’t exactly in the best of form either, I still think they’re more likely to take this one home against such a lethargic OpTic roster.

K0nfig has been the only somewhat consistent player in this OpTic roster. With a solid set of performances throughout their last couple of tournaments, the 22-year old Danish is the only real threat for Chaos here. The Swedish side looks up to the man in charge, FREDDyFROG. He’s been quite clinical in the last month or so. He sports a 1.17 K/D with +115 difference across the last 42 matches. Relaxa is up there with Freddy, too. This duo is bound to cause headache to OpTic.

At the moment, Chaos to win sits at +175. OpTic, on the other hand, is at +250. If you ask me, I’d put it the other way around. I’m not trying to bash on OpTic, since they’re already all over the esports news, I’m just trying to be realistic here. In all seriousness, Chaos at +175 will be my pick here.

Chaos to Win at +175

Outright Betting on DH Open Summer

As mentioned above, the biggest contestants (in my book, at least) are CR4ZY and AVANGAR. Yes, AVANGAR is not exactly a concrete favorite in the eyes of esports betting sites, but their solid spell of matches and overall good form could see them lift the trophy in Jonkoping. At the moment, BetWay has AVANGAR to win outright at +375.

The only team whose outright winner odds are lower than AVANGAR’s is CR4ZY. They’re going to be a fierce competitor, that’s for sure. However, with all the fuss regarding the rebranding deal, I doubt they’ll lift the trophy right off the bat in their first competitive event bearing the new name.

It’d be a great story and these boys surely have the talent, but I think they’ll choke under the pressure, assuming they even go as far as the grand finals. BetWay has CR4ZY to win outright at +280. It’s worth a shot, but I’d personally go with Jame and the boys.

AVANGAR at +375
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