DreamHack Open Tours 2019 Betting Preview, Value Bets, and Predictions

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Let’s move away from the glamorous Intel Extreme Masters, ESL Pro League, and Esports Championship Series events! Let’s focus on a smaller tournament that could put one or two lesser-known teams into the spotlight. In less than 48 hours, DreamHack Open is making its fifth stop in Tours, France. This eight-team tournament with $100,000 in prize pool money stretches out over the weekend and aims to bring proper CS:GO action in a recognizable DreamHack style. That’s why, today, we’ll be giving you a closer look at DreamHack Open Tours 2019 betting tips, value bets, and match predictions, all of which can help you slap together a few winning slips.

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Where to Bet on DreamHack Open Tours 2019 | Best Esports Bookies

Even though the esports betting industry has been active for quite a while already, there are still new people coming with every new tournament. Following the rapid development of the industry itself, esports betting sites have also grown. Not just in quality but quantity as well.

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DH Open Tours 2019 Preview |Interesting Facts

Before we start digging through DreamHack Open Tours 2019 betting tips, let’s skim through three interesting facts!

  • Once again, this is the fifth iteration of DreamHack Open Tours, the first one dating all the way back to 2015. The prize pools have more than doubled over the course of its existence. The first tournament sported just $40,000 while the 2019 installment boasts $100,000 in total. $50,000 of which goes straight to the winning team.
  • Betting on this tournament will surely be a blast. The mixture of teams looks great. There are a few big names (Mousesports, G2, and North) accompanied by one or two potential tier B dark horses. Both outright and match-winner betting ought to have great value, so stick with me and I’ll be sure to tell you more about it.
  • Vertigo, the newest map in CS:GO’s competitive map pool is going to be featured on DH Open Tours 2019. I personally can’t wait to see pros trying out their skills on this map. It has great potential so, hopefully, they won’t avoid it.

Tournament Format

As mentioned above, DH Open Tours 2019 is an eight-team tournament that’s set to start on Friday and end on Sunday, 19th of May. Throughout these three days, it will host thirteen matches played as Bo1 and Bo3 matchups.

Of course, DH Open Tours 2019 kicks off with the group stage. Two groups with four teams in each, and only the two best teams from each group advance to the playoffs. The group stage is played in a double-elimination system. Opening and Winners’ rounds are Bo1, while Decider and Elimination matches are Bo3. This is the usual DE group stage system which we’re all already used to seeing on all sorts of CS:GO events.

As for the playoffs, they’re all set for best of three contests. They are all scheduled for the final day of the event (Sunday) and will hopefully exceed our expectations. In terms of quality and tight contests, of course.

DreamHack Open Tours 2019 Betting Tips

As mentioned above, DH Open Tours 2019 group stage is played in a double-elimination system. This makes only the first round of matches available before the start of the tournament. All following rounds will be decided by the first round results.

That said, let me guide you through the DreamHack Open Tours 2019 betting tips for the four initial group stage matches!

Mousesports vs Instinct

DreamHack Open Tours 2019 kicks off with an interesting matchup between Mousesports, European CS:GO legends, and Instinct, a brand-new French roster consisting of ex-LDLC players. On paper, these two sides are miles apart. Mousesports’ new roster has been in quite a good form lately. They’ve earned themselves several big scalps and have already qualified for the ninth season of ESL Pro League. Additionally, they’re also in touching distance of the ECS S7, marking a great first half of 2019.

Instinct, on the other hand, can be happy they made it all the way through to the main event. However, due to the fact they are in Group A with Mousesports, Windigo, and Valiance, I really can’t see them going through. The same goes for this match, too. I reckon woxic and the boys will teach Instinct a proper lesson. That said, betting on Mousesports is the way to go here.

However, -1000 on them to win isn’t worth anyone’s time, effort, or money. Instead, perhaps try betting on Mousesports To Win Both Pistol Rounds at -134. It brings a much higher value than the standard match-winner bet, that’s for sure. As an alternative, you can always go with Mousesports handicap (-7.5) at -124.

Windigo vs Valiance

The second match is a really interesting one. It features Windigo, a stellar Bulgarian team, and Valiance, an up-and-coming Serbian sensation. Realistically speaking, both of these teams don’t belong to the top of the CS:GO competitive scene. At the moment, Windigo is ranked 17th and Valiance is ranked 20th on the HLTV Power Ranking table.

Even though Windigo is on a slightly higher position than Valiance, I still think the resilient Serbs will take them down. For starters, Valiance puts a lot of hope into their top fragger, huNter. Fun fact, NiKo (FaZe Clan’s lethal fragger) and huNter are related. They’re cousins, mind you…

Back to the DreamHack Open Tours 2019 betting tips, though. In the last two months or so, these teams have played three head-to-head matches. Valiance won two of them. Additionally, Valiance is coming into this tournament with five consecutive defeats, and they’ll be looking to build on that cometh the first-round match.

Unfortunately for all you esports betting enthusiasts reading this, bookies also noticed Valiance’s stellar track record. At the moment, the Serbian team is at -167 while Bulgarians are at +120. Even though -167 isn’t exactly the greatest value, I’d still recommend it as a part of an accumulator. It’s definitely worth it, that’s for sure!

G2 vs FrenchFrogs

Here we have a battle of two French teams. G2, of course, is a better standing team in the grand scheme of things. With players such as kennyS, shox, and JaCkz, they are a force to be reckoned with. When they’re performing at their highest levels, G2 is capable of defeating even the strongest teams. They cracked open NaVi just two weeks ago, while also defeating Fnatic just a day before that.

However, their consistency isn’t exactly great. Losses against Mousesports, OpTic, and Vitality show their ugly side. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying G2 is a bad team because they lost to these three teams. I’m just saying that they have to deal with their consistency if they want to reach the next level.

As far as the second team, FrenchFrogs, is concerned, I’m afraid there’s not that much information on them. Their first ever match was just ten days ago. Since then, they’ve played six matches in total, winning only two of them. That said, I really can’t see them making an upset against G2. In fact, -124 on G2 -6.5 rounds handicap is great value in my books.

AVANGAR vs Ghost

Last but not least, we have a splendid matchup between AVANGAR and Ghost Gaming. On paper, AVANGAR should close this one out, I’ll tell you that right away. With in-form Jame, their superstar AWPer, there’s not a lot that Ghost can do.

Currently ranked as the 29th team in the world, Ghost Gaming is not in the greatest of forms. Six wins in their last ten matches aren’t really praiseworthy. On the other hand, AVANGAR has just two defeats in their last eighteen matches. Sure, the level of teams isn’t exactly fair, but you have to understand that wins bring more wins. Four out of five just this week, against teams such as Virtus.pro, North, and HellRaisers speaks for itself.

With all that in mind, I expect a lenient victory for Jame and the boys. Furthermore, -358 doesn’t seem like a good option for a single, but a hefty accumulator will surely spice it up big time. However, if you are looking for higher value from this matchup, then I’d recommend -4.5 handicap at -124.

Outright Betting on DreamHack Open Tours 2019

For the final part of this DreamHack Open Tours 2019 betting tips article, I’ll be giving you my outright winner betting predictions. Driven by those four initial matches and potential matchups for the remainder of the group stage, I’ll do my best to present you with the most reasonable outright picks.

So, let’s not waste more time and head straight to business!

Mousesports Are the Heavy Favorites at +200

For starters, all esports betting sites favor Mousesports to take this one home. And why shouldn’t they? This relatively fresh Mousesports roster packs quite the punch. They are coming into this tournament with high spirits too. Need I remind you, ropz, woxic, and the boys have already qualified for the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals and have solid chances of qualifying for the ESC S7 as well. At the moment, odds on Mousesports to win DH Open Tours 2019 are at +200. Not bad at all, especially if you’re making a big accumulator covering a number of CS:GO bets over the weekend.

G2 Esports at +350 Is Also a Viable Bet

Mousesports is followed by the mighty French team G2 Esports; kennyS and the company are sitting at +350 and could snatch this one away from mouz. However, their last two matches (against Mousesports and OpTic) on ECS events ended up in disheartening defeats. That said, G2 Esports will be going against the stream coming into this tournament.

Valiance Is a Potential Dark Horse Sitting at +600

If you’re looking for a dark horse to bet on, may I suggest Valiance? BetWay has them at +600 at the moment and that’s a high-value bet in my books; huNter is on a roll, and if he can transition his recent form onto this tournament, I reckon Valiance has a good chance of taking this one home. It would be a great Cinderella story for a team that almost got to play in the Challengers Stage of the IEM Katowice Major in February.

All in all, this tournament has all the ingredients of a proper spectacle. If all eight teams come into it in greatest forms, we’ll be in for quite a few crackers!

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