DreamHack Winter 2018 Tournament Preview

Hello and welcome to my special DreamHack Winter 2018 Preview article in which I aim to give you a comprehensive picture on what to expect from the last DH event in 2018. There are just a few days left before the start which means teams are already in full-on preparation mode. G2 Esports especially; they are here to make a statement just a few days ahead of their big competition – ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals. So, without much further adue, let’s jump straight to the betting side of the deal since there’s probably a ton of you interested in exactly that.

Where to Bet on Dreamhack Winter 2018 | Best Esports Bookies

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DreamHack Winter 2018 Preview

Here are a couple of interesting facts about this tournament for all your fact-lovers out there:

  • This year’s host remains the same as last year’s – Tres “stunna” Saranthus with a mixture of international commentators and analysts. As was the case with previous iterations of this tournament, DreamHack Winter 2018 is set to feature 8 teams that will play 13 matches across 3 days. DH Winter 2018 kicks off on 30th November and is set to last till 2nd
  • DreamHack Winter is scheduled to be held in Jönköping, Sweden, as a part of the DreamHack Open series. The venue of choice is the gorgeous Elmia Convention Center which is the go-to place in Jönköping for all things esports. This tournament will have $100,000 in prize pool money, half of which goes straight to the winning team. It will consist of 2 parts – Group Stage and Playoffs, but more on that in the Tournament Format section below.
  • G2 Esports is the only team competing in DH Winter 2018 that’s also going to compete in ESL Pro League S8 Finals. This means that they’ll use this tournament to test out their newest and freshest plays. From the tactic’s perspective, their potential ESL Pro League opponents will surely be watching these games in order to pull as much info from them as they can.

Tournament Format

My DreamHack Winter 2018 Preview wouldn’t be complete without a proper look at the tournament format. No worries, things are pretty straightforward with this one since there are only 8 competing teams.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, DreamHack Winter 2018 will consist of 2 parts – Group Stage and Playoffs. Only 4 teams will advance to Playoffs so the Group Stage matches are, as always, of crucial importance. There’s no room for silly errors early on, that’s for sure!

Group Stage

Just like last year, DreamHack Winter 2018 will start off with 2 double elimination format groups, each with 4 teams onboard. Of course, only 2 of them will find their way through to the Playoffs. Opening and Winners’ matches will be played as Best of 1 while Elimination and Decider matches are scheduled for Best of 3 series.


On the other hand, all Playoffs matches will be played as Best of 3 to further increase the pressure for both teams and their respective fans. Bo3 series will be rocking the grand finals match too, with just one team taking the $50,000 grand prize home.

DreamHack Winter 2018 Group Stage Predictions

Since we already know both groups’ teams as well as their respective opening matches, here’s how I expect they’ll both unfold. Keep in mind that these are just my personal opinions based on the current state of affairs on the competitive scene. With that in mind, here goes nothing:

Group A

compLexity vs X6 Galaxy

The end of 2017 was nothing but a tough time for compLexity. With several roster changes down the road and several more to come, compLexity dropped to the 72nd position on HLTV’s global CSGO team ranking. Luckily, with ShahZaM and Stanislaw joining the bunch a couple of months later, things started to look a lot better. Fast forward to today, even though they haven’t qualified for ESL Pro League S8 Finals, they can still say they’ve had a solid season. ANDROID, yay, and dephh are looking impressive at times, but the consistency is still something they need to work on if they want to make a bigger impact out there.

The Swedish side, on the other hand, is nowhere near the caliber of compLexity. Sure, they are, generally speaking, in a good form lately. We are talking about tier B tournaments here but their form is still pretty solid. Unfortunately, their most recent matches against more reputable teams were rather unimpressive. Tough losses against teams such as OpTic, Vitality, and Chaos speak for themselves. That’s why I can’t really see them making too much trouble for this compLexity team… but they could cause an upset and go through to the playoffs though!

LDLC vs Heroic

In all honesty guys, I’d straight up avoid this bet. Why? Well, LDLC and Heroic are both in tough situations in their own right. In fact, this tournament is the last chance for both of these teams to make a notable achievement in 2018. A proper start for each would be to win in this opening match… but from the looks of it, it’s going to be neck and neck all the way through.

If I had to pick a winner here, I would say LDLC has slightly better odds of seeing it through. They’ve been on a solid run lately, getting closer and closer to that #10 global rank. Their roster has been playing consistently over the course of the last few months whilst Heroic made several roster changes in recent months. Most recently, they set peacemaker as their coach for TOYOTA Masters Bangkok but it’s unsure whether or not he’ll be coaching his team during DH Winter 2018 too. All in all, I give a slight advantage to LDLC but, as I said in the beginning, I’d rather avoid this one altogether.

Group A Outcome

All things considered, compLexity Gaming should snatch the first place in this group away from LDLC come the Winners’ Match. The question now is – who will be the second placed team? Well, I believe Heroic will be a major flop here and will be eliminated after just 2 matches. However, assuming compLexity takes the pole position, Decider Match against LDLC and x6tene could be a great contest. Since I have to choose, I’d say x6tence will go through to the playoffs, simply because they’ve been a better team last time out.

Group B

OpTic vs Bravado

Bravado Gaming is entering this tournament as the biggest underdog. We are talking about a South African team which just recently relocated to North America region in pursuit for greater international recognition and success. However, I can’t see them doing anything notable in this tournament. They are in a tough group, going up against the likes of G2, OpTic and ENCE, all of which are considered to be among the top 20 best CSGO teams at the moment.

As far as their Opening Match against OpTic Gaming is concerned, I firmly believe they’ll go out without a proper contest. The Danes are on a solid run winning 10 of their last 15 competitive matches. That list has some big names too; the likes of compLexity, Ghost, and BIG were all defeated by this OpTic team. With that in mind, placing a medium handicap bet (-6.5 at -120) seems like the best option for this particular matchup.

ENCE vs G2

Out of all 4 Opening Matches on Dreamhack Winter 2018, the second Group B match (ENCE vs G2) will be the best one. Bookies see ENCE as slight favorites but we all know kennyS’s brilliance comes to life in the most important moments. That’s why, I have to say I’d rather test my luck with a bet on G2 instead of going with petty -200 on ENCE.

At the moment, most bookies have G2 to win this one at roughly +150 which is a great value considering the matchup. Of course, the map is going to drastically affect this one, especially since we are talking about a BO1 match. Still, from my current point of view, I can’t agree with bookies on the favorites here. G2, even though they are having a tough run of form lately, should see this one through!

Group B Outcome

In all honesty, G2 and OpTic should see this group out and qualify for the Playoffs. However, it won’t be due to a lack of competition. Sure, Bravado Gaming probably won’t get a hold of the third match, but ENCE Esports, on the other hand, is no pushover. In my personal opinion, the Decider Match will most likely be the rerun of ENCE vs G2 Opening Match. Yup – that means I believe OpTic will be victorious against ENCE/G2 in the Winners Match. Still, as far as the Decider Match is concerned, it’s going to be a tough one, that’s for sure. If there’s a single individual that can make it or break it here, it’s definitely going to be kennyS.

Outright Betting on DreamHack Winter 2018

At the end of the line, one thing is certain – there will be no lack of entertainment and fast-paced matches during DreamHack Winter 2018. Not just because it’s the last DH Open tournament in 2018 but also because of a strong team lineup. We’re all in for a treat with this one, I’m sure!

And now for the final few sentences of my DreamHack Winter 2018 Preview! As for the betting side of the deal, bookies seem to be favoring ENCE to win this one. ENCE outright winner betting odds are sitting at roughly +275. However, if you’re like me and you’d like a bit more risk to your game, then perhaps betting medium on OpTic at +350 or small on G2 at +800 might be better worth your while.

Pavo Jurkic

Pavo Jurkic has been in the esports betting industry since 2015, actively writing content related to this rapidly growing industry. A dedicated father by day and an avid gamer by night, Pavo Jurkic aims to bring you the freshest esports news and betting predictions.

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