Early 2019 Dubai World Cup Predictions

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The Dubai World Cup is an annual thoroughbred horse race located at the Meydan Racetrack in Dubai. It’s grown to become one of the most-watched racing events in the world. Millions of fans tune in to watch the race on tv, and many choose to make bets on the outcome through different online sportsbooks. I’m going to break down some early 2019 Dubai World Cup predictions and explain the best site to bet on the race winner.

There are some amazing horses and jockeys competing this year. The odds are set, yet even the best horse race betting experts are torn on who will win.

Best Site to Bet on the 2019 Dubai World Cup

There are a huge number of online sportsbooks offering odds on the 2019 Dubai World Cup. Online horse race betting is now one of the most popular forms of gambling. I looked at a ton of online sportsbooks and came to the conclusion that Betway Sportsbook is the best option to place bets on the Dubai World Cup.

In case you’re unaware, Betway has quickly grown into one of the most popular online betting companies in the world. They’ve developed a massive fan base in the UK thanks to their extensive list of different sporting odds. Betway provides members with odds on just about every major sport including football, tennis, basketball, and more.

The horse race betting options at Betway are particularly good. Here, you can find odds on races taking place around the world. Members here have access to lines on hundreds of races every single day.

From what I found, Betway offers more racing odds than any other gambling site out there. Even races that won’t take place for several months are available to bet on here. The odds for the Dubai World Cup are fantastic.

Betway Sportsbook makes it extremely easy to sign up and make a deposit. They accept all major credit cards for deposits including Visa and Mastercard. There are several different withdrawal options as well, including e-wallets and cryptocurrency.

I can’t say enough good things about this site. To learn a little more of what they offer, make sure to check out our complete 2019 Betway Sportsbook review.

Okay, now let’s get into some 2019 Dubai World Cup predictions and betting odds!

2019 Dubai World Cup Predictions and Odds

This year’s Dubai World Cup will officially begin on Saturday, March 30th. The odds are already set, yet there’s a chance they could change as the event gets closer. For now, I’ll be breaking down the odds into two categories. Let’s get into it.

Dubai World Cup Betting Favorites

Thunder Snow: 4.00

This five-year-old Irish-bred horse has been racing since 2016. He’s already won the Maiden Stakes in his relatively short career, and more recently won in the Criterium International. By 2017, Thunder Snow was named as the best horse in Britain.

Thunder Snow is an easy pick for my 2019 Dubai World Cup predictions. This horse won the Dubai World Cup last year and has looked solid heading into the big day next March.

Out of 21 races, Thunder Snow has won seven, placed in six, and showed three times. If Thunder Snow manages to win again, he’ll likely be seen as one of the best horses currently competing. At the moment, this horse’s odds to win are set at 4.00.

North America: 6.00

It’s a little bit surprising to see North America now listed as the second highest betting favorite to win the Dubai World Cup. This horse is definitely accomplished, yet just a couple of months ago North America was considered to be somewhat of a betting underdog. That all changed after a big win at the Al Maktoum Challenge Round 2 earlier this month.

This seven-year-old Dubawi gelding is owned by Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov. According to the horse’s trainer, North America is looking better than ever heading into the big race next month. “He is a bit like his jockey—improving with age.”

North America is definitely looking like a good pick. Momentum is huge in horse racing, and the win a few weeks ago will be a big confidence booster for both the horse and jockey. Betway lists North America’s odds to win at 6.00.

Battle of Midway: 11.00

American Thoroughbred Battle of Midway is still riding high after an upset win at the 2017 Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile. This horse is extremely accomplished and is now at the top of many experts 2019 Dubai World Cup predictions to win. I think this horse has a good chance, but I don’t agree with the odds being so high here.

In 2018, Battle of Midway was retired from competition. When a horse hangs things up, it usually means things are winding down. In 2019, Battle of Midway came back to competition and looked good with a win at the San Pasqual Stakes.

Battle of Midway is a strong contender to win, but its age makes me think it won’t. There are younger, more accomplished horses currently in the running. Nevertheless, the odds here offer a good chance to cash out at 11.00.

Dubai World Cup Betting Dark Horses

Yoshida: 12.00

Yoshida has been racing since 2016, with a number of notable victories to his name. In 2017, Yoshida took first place at the James W. Murphy Stakes. Later that year, it took first once again at the Hill Prince Stakes at Belmont.

Not long ago, Yoshida was thought to be one of the top favorites to win the Dubai World Cup. That’s changed a little, and many 2019 Dubai World Cup predictions now feel this horse is somewhat of a longshot. Personally, I disagree.

I think Yoshida might be the best horse to bet on in the entire race. He’s young, accomplished, and has a fantastic trainer in William J. Mott. Betway lists Yoshida’s odds to win the 2019 Dubai World Cup at 12.00.

Gunnevera: 13.00

Gunnevera has been actively competing for a while, yet 2017 proved to be the breakout year for this horse. That year, it took first at the Fountain of Youth Stakes, and Tangelo Handicap at Gulfstream. Gunnevera only competed five times in 2018 but performed well enough to make it into the Dubai World Cup.

This horse has competed in 19 different high-level horses throughout its career. Of those, it’s won six.

Gunnevera is a very solid underdog pick this year. With odds of 13.00, this horse offers bettors a great chance to earn some money. As the race gets closer, Gunnevera’s odds may go up.

Mubtaahij: 34.00

Depending on how you look at it, Mubtaahij could be one of the best or worst underdog picks for this race. On one hand, Mubtaahij is massively experienced and has consistently performed well at a very high level. On the other hand, Mubtaahij is getting old and could struggle against the younger competition.

I think Mubtaahij has a real shot at winning this year. His experience should be enough to help him push through the competition. It might not be aligned with many other 2019 Dubai World Cup predictions, but I think this horse is worth betting on.

With odds of 34.00, this is one of the biggest longshots of the race. With that being said, a bet here could be massively profitable.

Full List of the 2019 Dubai World Cup Betting Odds

  • Thunder Snow: 4.00
  • North America: 6.00
  • Battle of Midway: 11.00
  • McKinzie: 11.00
  • Seeking the Soul: 11.00
  • Yoshida: 12.00
  • Gunnevera: 13.00
  • Axelrod: 15.00
  • Tenfold: 17.00
  • Gronkowski: 26.00
  • Mubtaahij: 34.00
  • Gold Town: 101.00

Other Races Available to Bet on with Betway Sportsbook

There are many amazing races still available to bet on this year. As I mentioned earlier, there are daily race odds available every single day. The odds are even available on major races that won’t take place for months. Check out what’s available to bet on with Betway below.

  • 2019 Cheltenham Festival
  • 2019 Grand National
  • 2019 Kentucky Derby
  • 2019 Belmont Stakes

There are literally hundreds of races available to wager on this year. Each of them offers amazing opportunities to cash out.

The 2019 Dubai World Cup predictions I listed should give you an idea as to which horses are favored to win. Let me know who you think wins this popular race in the comment section below!

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