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Early UFC 230 Betting Odds for Derrick Lewis vs Daniel Cormier

It didn’t take long before Derrick Lewis got his UFC heavyweight title shot after knocking out Alexander Volkov at UFC 229. However, the quickness of his title shot has left some MMA fans dazed and confused. Less than a month after defeating Volkov, Lewis will step back inside the octagon to take on Daniel Cormier who is currently the reigning UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion.
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UFC 230: Lewis vs Cormier Betting Odds

On Tuesday, UFC’s Dana White officially announced that a fight between Lewis and Cormier was finalized for UFC 230 in New York on November 3rd. It will be the main event of the night. Upon this announcement, betting sites released their opening odds for this fight. According to BetOnline, Daniel Cormier is a massive favorite over Derrick Lewis:

  • Lewis (+575)
  • Cormier (-800)

Why is Cormier Such a Huge Favorite?

In July, at UFC 226, Cormier upset the reigning UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic with a stunning 1st round knockout. He earned his second UFC championship belt and proudly holds two titles simultaneously. After the UFC 226 victory, Brock Lesnar came into the octagon and some shoving ensued. From there, the UFC made a title fight between Cormier and Lesnar for early 2019. We all thought that DC would not fight again until he stepped inside the cage against Lesnar. Well, we all thought wrong.

Cormier (21-1), widely considered by many to be the best pound for pound fighter in the world, didn’t want to wait until 2019 for another fight. He expressed to White and the UFC brass a desire to fight again in 2018. With that in mind, the UFC discussed with Lewis if he wanted to fight Cormier next month and the “Black Beast” certainly agreed.

Cormier has won 6 of his last 7 fights. The only fight he didn’t win was a rematch against Jon Jones in July of 2017, where the fight was ruled a No Contest. Jones is the only man to have defeated Cormier in his professional career. And that fight went the distance with Jones winning via UD.

Cormier is undefeated as a heavyweight and knocked out the previously #1 ranked heavyweight in the world. His impressive record, fight resume and fight skills have made Cormier a huge favorite in this next fight.

Is There Any Betting Value with Lewis?

Lewis is an underdog for a reason. He lacks the ground skills that Cormier possesses. Furthermore, Lewis is only looking to do one thing – knock his opponent’s head off. With that said, ask Volkov about Lewis’ fight strategy. With just 11 seconds left in a fight that Volkov was going to easily win via UD, Lewis landed a massive right and KO’d the Russian.

That victory moved Lewis up to the #2 heavyweight and a shot at the UFC heavyweight title. However, Lewis might have bitten off more than he can chew. A quick turnaround against the top fighter in MMA is an uphill battle for any combatant. White’s desire to stack the UFC 230 card might have put Lewis’ at risk for a huge loss.

However, since Lewis has a puncher’s chance, I think his +575 moneyline is worth taking a flier on. As proven, it only takes one massive shot from Lewis to win a fight. Cormier has shown his own ability to KO opponents, but I believe the striking advantage and punching power goes to Lewis. Derrick will also have the height, reach and size advantage.

Early Prediction for this UFC 230 Fight

I believe Cormier won’t be scared to exchange strikes with Lewis. But, at some point, Cormier will look to take this fight to the ground and impose his will on Lewis. The “Black Beast” has never been forced to tap out before, but 3 of his 5 losses have come via TKO/KO due to his willingness to exchange punches. Cormier will most likely win this fight via TKO in some form of a ground and pound attack. With that said, I will be rooting for the “Black Beast” to win the fight, so that he can give us another amazing post-fight interview like at UFC 229.

Stay tuned for more coverage on UFC 230 and this main event fight as we draw closer to November 3rd.

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