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One of the hottest things in betting right now is entertainment betting, which allows us to enhance our favorite movies, TV shows and events.

If you’re new to entertainment betting, it’s really a terrific find, as it only adds to live events, your weekly guilty pleasure or major events. From Game of Thrones death odds to game show winner predictions, entertainment prop bets are slowly taking the betting world by storm.

The only problem is there aren’t always a litany of entertainment prop bets to take advantage of. Perhaps because the market is often difficult to gauge and correctly handicap, not every betting site is always overly giddy to put up bets for users to act on.

While that’s the unfortunate reality, there do remain some fun entertainment betting opportunities online right now. We scoured the web for the best ones that you may want to consider wagering on:

Miss Bumbum Brazil

Beyond the betting aspect, let’s just stop and think about this for a second; there is a contest in which women are judged on their butts.

I’m not sure if there has ever been a more subjective and objectifying contest in history, but either way, this is pretty weird. Regardless of your take on the ethics here, we can still make some coin if we put in the time and research.

That’s a real chore for some dudes out there, I’m sure.

The main Miss Bumbum Brazil bets we can find online are over at Bovada, where you can bet on the age of the winner (Over 26.5 EVEN, Under 26.5 -140) and the size of the winner’s rump (Over 103.5 cm -120, Under 103.5 cm -120). No, you read that right.

The other big bet (I literally almost typed butt right there) takes a look at what appears to be a loaded field. We’re not sure which way to go there, but it’s worth noting that Gabriella Araujo (+800) is listed as the main favorite.

Donald Trump Prop Bets

From one butt to the next, am I right? Kidding aside, there is a ton of interest in Political betting, but more specifically anything involving the man with the orange face.

Donald Trump is quite the character, but he’s also the POTUS, which opens the door to a litany of interesting prop bets. Some might not agree that betting on politics falls in line with entertainment betting, but at this stage how can it not?

Bovada has put up their fair share of Donald Trump prop bets, and they have a bunch of them that have nothing to do with Trump, as well. BetOnline is ruling the Donald Trump betting scene at the moment, however.

Just check out the various Trump bets you can wager on right now:

  • Will Trump Win 2020 Election?
  • Field Odds For 2020 U.S. President
  • Trump to Be Suspended on Twitter?
  • Term Bets
  • 25th Amendment Section 4 Bet

The current pace makes the bet dealing with Trump winning the 2020 Election really fun (+250 for yes) but the safe money lies on the “no” side (-300).

More interesting could be gauging who rises up and takes the torch from Trump, though. It’s a large field and includes Michelle Obama (+1600), Joe Biden (+2000), Paul Ryan (+2800), Hillary Clinton (+3300) and other viable contenders.

Making it more engaging for fans of entertainment betting are some celebrity names being tossed into the ring:

  • Mark Zuckerberg +2000
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson +2200
  • Mark Cuban +5000
  • Oprah Winfrey +5000
  • George Clooney +6600
  • Leonardo Dicaprio +8000
  • Will Smith +8000
  • Bill Gates +12500
  • Kanye West +15000

Fun stuff, right? We’re not here to handicap these bets, as there is still so much time to go, but this feels like a pretty wide open (and loaded) field.

O.J. Simpsons Futures

There were a ton of O.J. Simpson prop bets before he was up for parole and ultimately released, so you definitely missed the boat on some fun entertainment betting if you’re just hearing about this now.

Fortunately, Vegas likes the chances of the aging Simpson to somehow stay relevant. They’re currently offering a fun prop bet at Bovada that asks if O.J. will violate his parole and end up back in prison:

  • Yes +400
  • No -700

I know most of the betting public would love the idea of Simpson going back to jail for his past crimes, but odds are he’ll actually keep a low profile for the most part. We’d lean toward the “no” side of this bet.

Emmy Awards Betting

The 69th Emmy Awards arrive on September 17th and while we won’t get to see who wins for a while yet, we can look at the current Emmy odds and place our wagers.

There are actually a lot of options to work with here, as some of the best shows and actors in television get honored. There seem to be some pretty obvious favorites this year, but there could be a few spots where we could chase some value.

Bovada looks to be the main betting site at the moment that is actively offering Emmy odds, and they’ve had them up for almost a month now. We’re not anticipating any huge surprises in the seemingly straightforward categories, however.

Star Wars Betting

Several entertainment betting sites are activating the inner nerd in all of us, as we get numerous chances to make money betting on Star Wars.

Bovada specifically has four different Star Wars prop bets, which focus largely on whether the new film (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) will be nominated for an Oscar or how much money it will bring in at the box office.

The really interesting bet is whether or not Luke will be revealed to be Rey’s father. Here are the odds at Bovada for that Star Wars prop bet:

  • Yes +250
  • No -400

Again, Bovada is far from the only betting site taking advantage of the Star Wars love out there. Bookmaker.eu also offers a slew of Star Wars box office bets, while we can also find some Star Wars special wagers over at MyBookie.ag.

As you can see, we have a lot of interesting betting opportunities in the entertainment industry right now. We’d like to see even more. There are several things going on right now that demand prop bets, ranging from Game of Thrones to the upcoming The Walking Dead season, as well as America’s Got Talent and the return of other high profile competition shows.

This will have to do for now. Hopefully, some of these suit your fancy and you can find an edge to make some cash. Happy betting!

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